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80 Years Ago




75 Years Ago
H.M. Mofield & Co.
Special Sale

Maxwell House Coffee 1 lb. can 26¢.
P-nut butter 2 lbs./22¢.
Tomato soup, Heinz, large 15c can 2/18¢.
Rolled oats, 20 oz., 3/20¢.
Washing powder, Star Naphta 3/10¢.
Green beans, No.2 can 3 for 29¢.
Coconut, 1/2 lb. pkg. 16¢.
Great Northern beans 10 lbs./51¢.
Prunes, large, meaty 5 lbs./52¢.
Prunes, 1 lb. pkg 2 /25¢.
Sun-Maid Raisins 2 pkg./16¢.
Hershey’s Cocoa, 1 lb. can 19¢.
Lettuce, large heads 2/15¢.
Soda, Arm & Hammer 3/10¢.
T-Bone Steak, nice and tender, lb. 13¢.
Ham, sliced, lean, lb. 15¢.
Loin steak, lb. 13¢.
Round steak, lb. 11¢.
Pork chops, lb. 15¢.
Meat, smoked, strip, lb. 11¢.
Macaroni, 4 pkgs. 18¢.
Pickles, quart jar 18¢.
Salt, 25 lb. bag 35¢.
Smoked salt, 25 lb. bag 50¢.
Jell-O, pkg. 6¢.
Soap, Palmolive, bar 5¢.
Post Toasties 2/15¢.
Navy beans 10 lbs./46¢.

 ~ Local Happenings ~
G.C. Carmack is digging a well.

National unemployment drops to 22 percent.

Mrs. Mary Neely spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Arley Norris at Alpine.

Little Clara Kimes, of Livingston, Rt 3, spent the weekend with her aunts, Nora and Pearl Kimes, of Allred.

Reported first sighting Loch Ness Monster

Mrs. James Todd, of Cleveland, spend last week in Livingston with her mother, Mrs. C.H. Reagan.

Gladys Gunter of Ivyton spent a few days with her cousins, Callie and Lucinda Brown.

Charlie Lawson, of near Aaron’s Chapel, was in Livingston Tuesday.

Shaw of Persia declares Persia now Iran

Stanley G Weinbaum, US science-fiction writer (Martian Odyssey), dies

J.Y. Spicer was in Nashville last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Copeland and son, Donald, were in Crossville last week.

Agnes Knight and Miss Rose Dale were in Nashville last week.

Mrs. E.B. Grey had as dinner guests last week, Mrs. Grace Tubbs and son, John, Mary Burgess,

Robert Walker, and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Birdwell and son, James Melvin.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Garrett were in Cookeville Tuesday.

Prof. J. Bradley Lea, principal of Hilham High School, was in Livingston Saturday on business.

Carl Copland was in Louisville, KY, Thursday to see the 1935 model V-8 Ford.

Pearl Eldridge, of Hilham, R.1, is real sick with the flu.

Darrell, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carr, of Howard Chapel, has been sick for the past few days.

Ray Maxwell, of Holly Springs, spent Wednesday night with his grandmother, Mrs. Zina Bilyeu.

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