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80 Years Ago

Archives 03-11-2009

70 Years Ago

Limited amount of quail available for distribution in state

The game and fish division has received a limited number of the Farmer’s Bulletins titled “Game Management on the farm.” It is the purpose of this office that these bulletins be distributed to individuals who have in their ownership at least 40 acres of farm land, on which land they want to establish the Bobwhite Quail, according to Howell Buntin, Director of Game and Fish.

”There will be a limited amount of quail available for distribution on areas that have been adequately prepared to receive them. Quail will in no case be released to any individuals who cannot show proof to the satisfaction of the Game and Fish office that he or they have made ready a place to receive the birds and care for them over a period of two years, as the contract specifies.

No plantings of quail can be made where hunting is not permitted after the two year period. It is the policy of this Department that no birds will be released on lands that are not sufficiently supplied with feed and cover to insure full protection through the nesting and rearing period. And, of course, no shooting will be permitted on these lands for two years in order to give these birds a chance to reproduce. The landowners will be required to give notice to the public that the particular area is closed by signs stating NO HUNTING! in three inch letters.” Mr. Bantin said today.

Albert Gore makes statement on public questions in formal announcement

•To the voters of Overton County:
I hereby formally announce my candidacy for the democratic nomination for Congress from the Fourth Congressional District of Tennessee subject to the primary election on August 4th.

Since my forefathers as pioneers came across the mountain and stopped in Overton County my people have been identified with you. I place my cause before you who are my friends, relatives and neighbors with the hope that I may have your united support.

A brief statement of my positon and belief on certain public questions follows:

Agricultural Program
“Having been a farmer all my life, thus having an active and material interest in agricultural problems and programs I feel that; I am qualified to represent the farming interests of this district in Congress. As a representative in Congress, I will earnestly endeavor to perform a material service in the formation of a National Farm Program which will bring better prices and more stable marketing condtions for farm products, soil conservation, and an upbuilding of farm homes and rural communities.”

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