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Archives 09-17-2008



Tuesday fire destroys Poplar Springs home
State revenue down 4.7% in August
Rolley Hole Championship held at Standing Stone

Homeland Security honors Overton County EMT Roy Gore

Tuesday fire destroys Poplar Springs home

Betty Aronson photo
The home of Shelley Clark Groce at 1147 Poplar Springs Road was destroyed by fire on Tuesday, Sept. 9. According to reports, Groce had left to take her mother to a doctor’s appointment and returned to find the home completely engulfed. Hardy’s Chapel and Rickman fire departments responded. The home was a total loss.

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State revenue down 4.7% in August
State revenue collections for August were $771.2 million, or 4.7% below August 2007 collections.

Finance and Administration Commissioner Dave Goetz said, “While we budgeted zero growth in franchise and excise taxes and 2.37% in sales tax collections for the year, the month of August was well below the estimates. With one month of collections coming in at negative growth rates, we hope collections for the rest of the year can balance the poor collections in August.”

On an accrual basis, August is the first month in the 2008-2009 fiscal year.
August collections were $56.5 million less than the budgeted estimate. The general fund was undercollected by $50.1 million, and the four other funds were undercollected by $6.4 million.

Sales tax collections were $21.3 million less than the estimate for August. The August growth rate was negative 1.27%.

Franchise and excise taxes combined were $25.7 million below the budgeted estimate of $41.2 million.

Gasoline and motor fuel collections decreased by 4.20% and were $4 million below the budgeted estimate of $71.3 million.

Tobacco tax collections for the month were undercollected by $2.7 million.
Inheritance tax collections were $1.1 million over the budgeted estimate.

All other taxes were under collected by a net of $ 3.9 million.

The budgeted revenue estimates for 2008-2009 are based on the State Funding Board’s consensus recommendation adopted by the second session of the 105th General Assembly in May of 2008.


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Rolley Hole Championship held at Standing Stone

Betty Aronson photo
Molly Kimmel, left, and Brooklyn Cherry compete in the Rolley Hole Championship on Saturday, September 13.

Homeland Security honors Overton County EMT Roy GoreTennessee Department of Safety’s (TDOS) Office of Homeland Security on Thursday, Sept. 11 honored the commitment and sacrifice of 25 Tennessee law enforcement officers and first responders, as well as members from three organizations, at a recognition ceremony held at the Old Supreme Court Chambers in the State Capitol.

Department of Safety Commissioner Dave Mitchell said, “Tennessee’s law enforcement officers and first responders have selflessly and without hesitation put the lives of hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans before their own.

“On this seventh anniversary of 9/11, I am honored to recognize the courageous spirit and heroic efforts of all of Tennessee’s first responders. The daily sacrifices they make to keep the citizens of Tennessee safe are worthy of recognition.”

Law enforcement and first responders actively promote emergency preparedness within their communities on a daily basis. Whether by responding directly to an emergency, creating policy and procedures or training staff and volunteers, Tennessee’s state and local police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and emergency management officials work daily to ensure the safety and security of the state.

The 25 first responders honored at the First Responder Award ceremony were selected by officials within the state’s Homeland Security Districts and by the leadership of Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Those honored at the ceremony included Overton County EMT Roy Gore, of Homeland Security District 4.

Roy Gore is a member of the Overton County Emergency Services organization. Serving the county and its citizens as a dedicated public servant for more than 25 years, Gore currently works as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Overton County Ambulance Service.

In the past year, he has worked diligently within the community to educate the residents about the importance of emergency preparedness. His dedication to that effort has enabled him to build alliances with many partners, including local Department of Education representatives, Boy Scouts of America, and Air-Evac. Through these partnerships, Gore has cultivated an environment that encourages the citizens of Overton County to remain alert, be prepared, and stay informed about potential disasters.

A Homeland Security release stated, “Education is an important effort in the state’s Homeland Security activities. Roy Gore’s efforts to increase awareness about emergency preparedness and response are to be commended.”

Brandon Smith of Putnam County Emergency Medical Services was also honored in Homeland Security District 4.

Also honored during the ceremony were members of three organizations for their collective efforts to contribute to the safety of the state. The eight Tennessee Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Strike Teams were recognized, along with members of Tennessee National Guard and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency’s three regions.

Mitchell added, “Tennesseans all across the state have benefitted from the brave and skillful actions of these law enforcement officers and first responders. Some folks may not notice the contributions they make on a daily basis, but their commitment to the safety of our state is a top priority.”

The ceremony is one of the Office of Homeland Security’s National Preparedness Month activities. National Preparedness Month is a nationwide effort encouraging Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies. Critical to the preparedness process are the men and women who serve our state and citizens as first responders.

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