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80 Years Ago

Archives 01-16-2008


Storm ends with a dramatic glow
New ordinance approved on temporary structures

School Board meeting held
Investigation focusing on jail releases


Storm ends with a dramatic glow

Valerie Brown photo

Carson Oliver photo

The sky over the west side of Livingston still looked menacing just after thunderstorms rolled through Overton County on Thursday, Jan. 10. Electrical power was knocked out in some areas of the county, and winds accompanying the storms damaged trees throughout the area.
A large pine tree fell across Carson and Vicki Oliver’s driveway (at right), blocking the entrance to their home.
Electrical power was restored to homes and businesses soon after the storm passed.



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New ordinance approved on temporary structures

OCN staff

Livingston City Council held the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Jan. 8, with all aldermen present. The meeting date had been changed from the usual first Monday of the month.

The aldermen approved the first reading of an ordinance to amend the Livingston zoning ordinance general provisions concerning temporary structures, and a public hearing was set for 6:45 p.m. February 4.

Alderman Robert Jolley, who was involved in the process of creating the new ordinance, said, “What you’ve got there in front of you took us eight months to come up with all of this. We have hashed, rehashed and cut and pasted and this is basically what we came up with. Our state planners helped us a whole lot on this.”

He said this should give Codes Inspector Darius Sims a reliable ordinance to go by.

“If we missed something, it’s by pure accident, because we tore the codes apart,” Alderman Jolley said.

Included in the ordinance is a provision for a temporary use permit of not more than 5 days for festivals, street fairs, non-profit fundraising events, or non-vending organizations.

The ordinance states, “The local event coordinator, board or designated representative organizing these events must come before the Livingston Municipal Planning Commission to obtain approval for the event and authorization to issue permits to participants within said event.”

This allows for vendors and exhibitors to deal directly with the event manager rather than each having to go before the Planning Commission for permits.

Christmas tree sales will be allowed in any non-residential district, but the permit will not be for more than 30 days.

Fireworks sales will still be allowed, with the open tent permits being for no more than 21 days prior to July 4, and no longer than 7 days afterward.

Businesses will be allowed to hold on-premise tent sales, but the sale can be for no more than 14 consecutive days, a minimum of 30 days must elapse between tent sales, and no more than 3 per calendar year are allowed.

Temporary use permits may be issued for a contractor’s temporary office and equipment sheds incidental to a construction project, but the office or shed must be removed upon completion of the construction project or upon expiration of the permit. The same applies for a real estate sales office in any new subdivision, but the renewal limit is different.

A temporary use permit may be issued for a tent or other temporary structure to house religious/non-profit activities in any residential or commercial district, but the permit will not be valid for more than 30 days in a calendar year.

The ordinance also has regulations for portable storage containers.

Livingston City Council hired Amy Hollars as City Attorney.Hollars replaces Kelly Williams, who will continue to be the Livingston Municipal Court judge. Williams will also continue to represent the city in actions already underway, such as the water line project, according to Mayor Curtis Hayes.

The first reading of the 2006 International Codes for fire and maintenance was approved. The appendix to the International Codes was not approved because it contains items city personnel do not have certification for. A public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. February 4 at City Hall.

Jay Mosley was transferred from the sanitation department to the gas department.

The City Council approved a grant to convert the city’s traffic control lights from incandescent bulbs to LED. The application is for a 100% grant with the city supplying in-kind labor, according to Mayor Hayes.

Mayor Hayes said, “Our city employees will be doing the work.”
The LED lighting is estimated to last longer and be much more efficient.

Fire Chief Rocky Dial said, “Right now, we’re replacing one to two bulbs
a week in our traffic lights, and they’re telling me these LEDs should be good for 9 to 10 years before we have any trouble.”

Mayor Hayes said he had been told the city would see a dramatic change in its electric bill after changing the bulbs.

“We’ve applied for it, and we haven’t received it yet, but we’ve been approved by them,” Mayor Hayes said of the grant.

On the subject of traffic lights, Alderman John McLeod asked about the state study of the intersection of Upper Hilham Highway and the bypass.

Mayor Hayes said the state conducted a study about a month ago, but no decision has been forthcoming.

The meeting adjourned.

School Board meeting held

OCN Sports

Overton County Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Jan. 8, with all Board members present.

In executive action, the low bids of TKO Electronics Inc. for computers were approved as follows: Optiplex GX260SFF at $459; Optiplex GX260 at $364; Optiplex GX270 tower at $364.

The Livingston Academy senior class trip was approved to Orlando, FL, on March 24-28.

Livingston Academy Honors Club was approved to take a trip to Philadelphia, PA, and to New York City, NY.

In new business, the second reading was approved on the following polices: 3.500 Food Service Management; and 5.105 Recruitment of Employees.

The School Board approved the application of the Drop-out Prevention Grant for Livingston Academy.

The following trips were approved for Livingston Middle School Beta Club: Adventure Science Museum, Nashville Zoo, and Circus World Family Fun Center in Hendersonville on Friday, April 25; and the national convention in Myrtle Beach, SC, on Saturday, June 14 through Tuesday, June 17.

The resignation of Tamara Crowder from A.H. Roberts Elementary School, effective January 7, 2008, was accepted.

Director of Schools Mike Gilpatrick issued the Director’s Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

Donna Elder was hired as Budget Director, effective January 7, 2008.

William Cody Newman was hired as a mathematics teacher at Livingston Academy, effective December 10, 2007, as recommended by Principal Gerald Maynard.

John C. Stults II was hired as a Special Education teacher at A.H. Roberts Elementary, effective January 8, 2008, as recommended by Principal Teresa Johnson.

Elise Kidder was hired as an educational assistant at A.H. Roberts Elementary, effective November 30, 2007, as recommended by Principal Teresa Johnson.

Billie Phipps was hired as a half-time bus driver to take over Ricky Dodson’s afternoon route, effective November 1, 2007, as recommended by Transportation Supervisor Howard Miller. Phipps is a county commissioner.

Maternity leave was granted to Jessica Bilbrey from January 7, 2008, through February 15, 2008.

Medical leave was granted to Marla Daily from January 7, 2008, through January 31, 2008.

Maternity leave was granted for Amy Loftis from November 26, 2007, through February 1, 2008.

Maternity leave was granted for Susanne Storie from January 28, 2008, through May 9, 2008.

The following were hired as non-certified substitute teachers: Sarah (Johnie) Webb, Jennifer Ledbetter, Sarah Carew, Melissa Reeder, Wesley Carr, Julia Ray, and Ashley Mitchell.

Phyllis Miller was hired as a substitute cook.

Stacy Vaughn was hired as a substitute nurse.

In the work session before the meeting, a suggestion to use an out of service bus as an equipment carrier for various school organizations was discussed. The proposal may be implemented in executive action.

The equipment bus would be one that has been mandated into retirement from passenger service but is still in good condition. The seats would be removed to give room for equipment and to insure the bus is not carrying passengers. School organizations would sign out the bus when needed.



Investigation focusing on jail releases

Overton County Sheriff’s Department, along with the District Attorney’s Office and Tennessee Department of Corrections, is conducting an investigation into why three Overton County Jail inmates were released early.

A release from the Sheriff’s Dept. states, “The Sheriff’s Dept. is very concerned that this happened and is making every correction needed to assure that it doesn’t happen again.

“The investigation is looking to see if this was human error, computer error, or intentional. If the Sheriff’s Dept. investigation finds anything that shows intentional, the accused will be brought to trial and prosecuted.

“The investigation is going through all aspects of the book-in process to the release process. There are tons of paperwork to be looked at along with the computer system.”

According to the Sheriff’s Dept. the following inmates were released early: Terry Holman, convicted of theft; Allen Marksberry, convicted of violation of Sexual Offender Registry and violation of probation; and Scotty Sells, convicted of theft.

“Mr. Marksberry and Mr. Sells are back in custody and will continue their time to serve,” the Sheriff’s Dept. release stated. “Mr. Holman’s case is still being looked into.

“At the time of this report, nothing has been found to prove intentional. The investigation is still pending.”

Nashville television station WTVF NewsChannel5 reported that the jail administrator resigned last week. The news report included speculation by coworkers that her sense of responsibility led her to feel responsible for any failings in the system at the jail.

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