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80 Years Ago

Archives 08-23-2006

70 Years Ago

Couple Remarry After Being Separated 50 Years

The wedding of Mrs. Edna Noe and Wiliam Abbett which took place last Monday, July 27, at the residence of Rev. John M. Brown who officiated, was one of unusual interest to a wide circle of relatives and friends because of the romance it carries.

The bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Andy Burgess and was born and reared near Livingston.

The bride-groom is a native of Wayne County, KY. They met and married on May 7, 1881, at the home of the bride's parents, under the name of Miss Permelia E. Burgess and William A. Abbett, with Rev. J.C. Jackson, a well-known Baptist minister officiating.

This marriage was held sacred for some eight years and three children, two daughters and one son, were born to them. Discord arose, resulting in a separation and a divorce.

Mr. Abbett returned to his native Kentucky, where he married a second wife and reared a family of several children.

Mrs. Abbett remained in the community of her childhood and was subsequently married to Mr. Noe, who died a few months ago.

Mr. Abbett's Kentucky wife having died also, he returned to Tennessee to find his first love and they were remarried, after a separation of 50 years.

At the time of their first marriage, the bride was 17 and the groom was 22. At their second marriage, the bride is 72 and the groom is 77.

First love, although surpressed for half of a century, has been rekindled and will doubtless brighten the remainder of life's journey until they reach the end of the way.

"All is well that ends well."


Of Interest To The Housewife....

Some folks use a small, round goldfish bowl with a small opening at the tip as a spatter-proof place to whip cream, beat eggs, etc.

* * * * *

Place a glass pie plate over the top of the kettle when making a stew. The stew may then be watched while cooking without lifting the cover or allowing steam to escape.

* * * * *

Custards may be cooked on the top of the stove when the oven is in use, and they are just as good as custards cooked in the oven. Put the dish in the kettle of water and keep the water boiling until the custard is set.

* * * * *

Do not wash art muslir curtains in warm water. Make a lather with hot water and when it is nearly cold wash the curtains. If the muslin is green, add a little vinegar to the water in which they are washed; if lilac or pink, add a little ammonia.

* * * * *

To wash feather pillos, soak in soap suds for several hours, changing the water as it becomes soiled. Then put them through a washing machine or wash them by hand. Rinse them well in clear water and hang them in a sunny place to dry. Turn frequently to change the position of the feathers in the tick.

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