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80 Years Ago

Archives 07-06-2005



Independence celebrated over holiday weekend
Judge Turnbull vies for state Supreme Court
Guardsman injured in Iraq explosion



Independence celebrated over holiday weekend

Darren Oliver/OCN staff
The night sky above Willow Grove Resort was the canvas for streams of light and color on Sunday, July 3 when the resort provided a professional fireworks display for hundreds of boats full of people, as well as hundreds lining the dock, celebrating Independence Day weekend. The fireworks were set up on a barge placed a few hundred feet from Willow Grove Resort and were set off electronically.




Judge Turnbull vies for state Supreme Court

Circuit Court Judge John A. Turnbull of Livingston is among 8 applicants for a position on the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Frank Drowota recently announced that he will retire in September. Justice Drowota has been on the Supreme Court since 1980, and currently serves as the chief justice. He is the second longest serving member of the State Supreme Court in its history.

The applications will be reviewed by the Tennessee Judicial Selection Commission. A public hearing and private interviews with the applicants will be held Wednesday, July 20. The Commission will recommend three applicants to Governor Phil Bredesen.

The Judicial Selection Commission may be reached by writing to: Judicial Selection Commission, Administrative Office of the Courts, Nashville City Center, Suite 600, Nashville, TN 37243-0607.



Guardsman injured in Iraq explosion

A Livingston resident was injured in Iraq when an explosion reportedly shook his Bradley tank.

SSG Mark Poston, who has been stationed at Force Operation Base O'Ryan since December 2004, suffered a concussion and other cuts and bruises in the incident.

News of the soldier's injuries came Saturday afternoon, when Captain Paul Shannon phoned Poston's wife, Anna.

"My cell phone rang around 1:30 p.m. and it just identified the call by saying the word, call," Mrs. Poston wrote in an e-mail. "Normally I don't answer any calls that do not display the name, but for some reason I answered it. It was the voice of Mark's captain, Captain Shannon."

After a few moments of dealing with a poor connection, and fearing the worst, Mrs. Poston made out a word that lifted the despair.

"When I heard the word Bradley, I dropped to the ground and cried out of sheer relief that he had been in the Bradley and not the Humvee."

Because of the bad phone connection, however, Mrs. Poston was still unclear as to the extent of SSG Poston's injuries.

"The captain proceeded to go on and tell me what all had happened, and I could hear his voice but I could not tell what he was saying," she said. "I finally heard him say, ‘He is with your son' and the word ‘Anaconda'.

"Anaconda is the base where Matthew (the Postons' son) is. I began to cry even more because I know that the big hospital is there and I thought he must be hurt bad if they're sending him there."

Captain Shannon called the Poston residence shortly after the cell phone conversation, and was able to better relay information because of the clearer connection. As it turned out, Poston had been sent to Anaconda because of back pain. Mrs. Poston was later able to contact Matt, who is a Senior Airman in the Air Force.

"...He left work and went to see Mark," Mrs. Poston said. "He says that Mark is extremely lucky and that he is okay, just shook up pretty bad. He said Mark's face looks like he has been beat up and that he has a cut above his left eyebrow and that his neck is really stiff. He also has a concussion. Matt said he hit his head really hard and it jammed his neck into his shoulders."

SSG Poston was also receiving an IV.

Mrs. Poston heard from Matt late Saturday, who said his dad would be returning to O'Ryan the next day, where he would have a couple of days off to recuperate.

Mrs. Poston went on to say, "Once again, I thank you so much for your prayers. Mark is convinced that is the only reason that he is still alive."

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