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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-11-2005



School Board changes sports restriction
Sunspot photographed by Livingston resident
Annual Iris Show held over weekend



School Board changes sports restriction

Two items were added to the agenda at the onset of the Tuesday, May 3 monthly Overton County Board of Education meeting, one was a failed action from the previous month's meeting and the other was a reminder of a requirement concerning booster clubs.

Board member Joey Smith asked that "grandfathering" current 5th and 6th graders into the new "no repeat" sports policy be placed on the agenda. The item was added to the agenda, with two Board members opposing the addition.

Board member Tim Vaughn asked that an item concerning the submission of booster clubs' financial reports to the School Board be added to the agenda. No one objected.

Later in the meeting, Smith made the motion, and Melody Williams seconded, to amend the policy restricting 5th through 8th grade basketball players to one year per grade level to allow the current 5th and 6th graders to repeat in the 2005-2006 school year. This action failed in the previous monthly meeting by a 5-5 vote. This time, without discussion, it passed 6-4 in a "show of hands" vote. Board members Smith, Vaughn, Melody Williams, Dolphus Dial, Tim Coffee, and Tonia Sells voted for the exclusion, and Board members Patricia Bowman, Michele Williams, David Langford, and Lenard Ledbetter voted against.

Board member Vaughn made the motion concerning the booster clubs' financial reports, reading the policy, "All booster clubs shall complete and submit their annual reports to the Board on or before the end of the school year according to Board Policy 4.503 item 6."

The motion passed unanimously.

A surplus sale was approved to be held Saturday, June 4.

Quarterly reports for the quarter ending March 31 were approved for General Purpose, Federal Projects, Central Cafeteria, Education Debt Service, and Education Capital Project Funds.

The 2005-2006 school calendar, that has Veterans Day as a holiday, was approved.

Tenure was granted to the following teachers: Brian Scott Coles, Jennifer Dillon, Kimberly Dillon, Cynthia Hinson, Christie Jenkins, Ethan King, Valerie Maynord, Jodi McDonald, Karen Newport, Candy Reeser, Rebekah Sims, Anna M. Brown Smith, Dusty Watts, Dustin Whitaker, and Rhonda Wright. Board member Melody Williams voted against the granting of tenure.

Director of Schools Bill Needham said, "It's a big day when you receive tenure. That shows that you've had three years of successful teaching in Overton County schools, successful evaluations, and a recommendation from your principal."

A new music teacher position was created.

Director Needham said of the need for a third music instructor, "For the past two years, we've had a music instructor working at the elementary level, and we've got quite a few students participating in that in two different schools where the new instructor works.

"Also, our current high school instructor goes to other schools. He doesn't even have a planning period during the day this year. So, it's stretching his day pretty good."

According to Needham, the plan for building the music program called for having a third instructor.

"This person will work with the two elementary schools and with the high school band programs," Director Needham said. "Eventually, all three of these will work with the high school band and the elementary bands to some extent. This should complete what is necessary to restore our music program to its proper status. We've seen results already."

According to Director Needham, the music program has about 200 students.

The retirement of Ann Sieffert, librarian at Wilson Elementary, was accepted. Her retirement will take effect at the end of the 2004-2005 school year.

Director Needham said, "She's done a very good job there."

Retirement of Barbara Qualls, Wanda Thurman, and Bobbie Thurman was accepted, taking effect at the end of the 2004-2005 school year.

"That's three of our very good cooks at Livingston Academy," Director Needham said. "They've all served the school system well for a number of years."

The "Blanket Adoption Option" for the Computer Education/Vocational Education textbook was approved, as recommended by the high school textbook committee.

The following trips were approved:

Hilham Elementary's 8th grade to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, KY, on May 7.

Hilham Elementary's 3rd grade to Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga on May 17.

Hilham Elementary's Accelerated Reading kindergarten through 8th grades to Celebration Station in Knoxville on May 20.

Rickman Elementary's 7th and 8th grade Honor Club to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, KY, on May 20.

Director Needham issued the Director's Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

Principals were placed for the 2005-2006 school year: A.H. Roberts Elementary - Teresa Johnson; Allons - Melissa Savage; Hilham - Vickie Eldridge; Livingston Academy - Gary Ledbetter; Livingston Middle School - Rick Moles; R.E.A.C.H. - Gary Beaty; Wilson Elementary - Harold Watson; and Rickman Elementary will be announced later.

Judy Goodpasture was hired as a Special Education teacher for Wilson Elementary School for the 2005-2006 school year.

Shirley McDonald was hired as a half-time guidance counselor at C.L.U.E. and R.E.A.C.H. for the 2005-2006 school year.

Vanessa Farris was hired as a guidance counselor for Rickman Elementary School, and Melissa Trent was hired as a guidance counselor for Livingston Middle School, both for the 2005-2006 school year, then Vanessa Farris was voluntarily transferred to Livingston Middle School as was Melissa Trent to Rickman Elementary.

Andrea Gore was hired as a substitute nurse.

Hired as non-certified substitute teachers were Beverly Smith, Shannon Green, Amanda Tompkins, Aimee Jones, and Amanda Hammock.

Tenured teachers were placed at their current locations.

The meeting adjourned.



Sunspot photographed by Livingston resident

This photograph of sunspots was taken by Bob Shartrand in Livingston around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 4. Sunspots, some as large as 50,000 miles in diameter, move across the surface of the sun, and are the result of turbulent eruptions of energy on the surface. They appear dark because they are cooler than the surrounding photosphere, according to Shartrand.



Annual Iris Show held over weekend

Beth Underwood/OCN staff
Top winners in the annual Joanna Ferrill Memorial Iris Show are, from left, Sherry Wilson - Best of Show, Reba Flatt, Buffey Key, and Jackie Winningham. Not pictured is Jean Hammock.

The annual Joanna Ferrill Memorial Iris Show, sponsored by Livingston FCE Club, took place Saturday, May 7 at Overton County Courthouse Annex.

In the White Iris category, Buffey Key took 1st place, Brigham Robbins took 2nd, and Sherry Wilson placed 3rd.

Buffey Key also placed 1st in the Yellow Iris category, followed by Sherry Wilson for 2nd, and Reba Flatt for 3rd.

The Blue Iris category had Sherry Wilson taking 1st place honors, Jean Hammock placing 2nd, and

Reba Flatt in 3rd. Reba Flatt won 1st place in the Pink Iris category, followed by Jean Hammock for 2nd, and Sherry Wilson for 3rd.

The Bi-Color Iris division had Sherry Wilson taking 1st and 3rd place and Orion Feaster coming in 2nd.

In the Purple Iris category, Jackie Winningham won 1st place, Sherry Wilson was 2nd, and Reba Flatt took 3rd place honors.

Sherry Wilson won 1st place in the Red Iris division, Jean Hammock placed 2nd, and Jackie Winningham was 3rd.

The Orange Iris category had one entry, Jean Hammock, who received a 1st place ribbon.

At the end of the event, a Best of Show entry was selected. Sherry Wilson won with her purple and yellow bearded iris, which was a Knock 'Em Dead variety.

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