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80 Years Ago

Archives 01-26-2005

70 Years Ago


January 19- January 25, 1935
70 Years Ago In Overton County (from the files of the Overton County Library)

For more information on 70 years ago contact Bob at forsman99@yahoo.com


Irvin Taylor left Saturday for Detriot.

Curtis Franklin made a business trip to Isolene Friday.

Baxter Smith and Blanchard Duke were in Nashville Tuesday.

Walter Stonecipher has returned home from Alabama.


Famous Partnerships

Tenoclock & Allswell,

One & Inseparable,

Laugh & Theworldlaughswithyou,

Weep & Youweepalone,

An Eyeforaneye & A.


A. Shortlife & A. Merryone,

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise,

Weeping, Wailing,

& Gnashingofteeth,

Earlytobed & Earlytorise,

Each & Everyone,

Hale & Hearty,

Alas & Alack,

Bigger & Better,

Life, Liberty, &


Thedevil & Thedeepbluesea,


Yesterday, Today, & Forever.


R.L. Mitchell, JR. Celebrates Birthday
A surprise dinner with all his children present at his home here Sunday evening greeted R.L. Mitchell, Jr., on his 75th birthday.

Mr. Mitchell has been a public official for many years of his life, and at one time knew practically every adult citizen in Overton County, where he was born, reared, and has spent all his life.

He was county court clerk for 20 years; clerk and master for 5 years; county election commissioner for 8 years; and was internal revenue agent for 16 years.

The 75th milestone he reached Sunday in no wise detracts from his activity or well being; and he is in truth merely 75 years young.

Covers were laid for twenty at the table, and those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mitchell, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell, and Irene, Lucy Price, and Ruth Mitchell; the Rev. S.D. Organ, Judge L.D. Bohannon, J.H. Estes, A.K. Lea, Mr. and Mrs. L.K. Bilbrey, and Mrs. Julia T. Cooke.



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