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80 Years Ago

Archives 02-18-2004



Flooding leaves mess to clean up
Primary draws 3,534 voters
Free radon kits being offered this month




Flooding leaves mess to clean up

Dewain E. Peek/OCN staff

A picnic table at Willard Winningham Memorial Park is still partially submerged more than a week after torrential rains flooded Overton County. The walking path is also a casualty of the flooding. Much of the walkway is still under water, and some patches will take time to clean up and repair. The walking path's bridge has not been accessible since early last year when rains raised the level of the pond. This is but one of the many areas in the county still requiring a cleanup in the aftermath of the winter storm.

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Primary draws 3,534 voters

Few Overton County voters turned out for the February 10 primary election, though more voted in this year's election than in the previous presidential primary. The election drew 3,534 voters, over 500 more than the 2,970 of 2000.

In a relatively close race, incumbent highway superintendent Joe Garrett won the Democrat nomination over J.D. Winningham, with Garrett garnering 1,818 votes to Winningham's 1,288.

Garrett will face Republican challenger Charles "Chig" Parrott in the fall general election. Parrott received 117 complimentary votes.

Incumbent tax assessor Larry King won the Democrat nomination with 2,199 votes. Challenger Billy L. Sullivan received 883 votes.

This year, the Tennessee presidential primary was held in February instead of March to weigh more heavily in the nation's political future.

With the Democrat presidential primary turning into a two-man race, Tennessee helped bid adieu to Wesley Clark, who campaigned widely in Tennessee, but ultimately failed to make enough of a splash in the state and in other primaries to justify staying in the race. So, he bowed out the next day.

Tennessee bolstered John Edwards in his quest to catch front-runner John Kerry for the Democrat nomination for president. Edwards also campaigned in the state and was rewarded for his efforts.

Overton County reflected the state voting by choosing Kerry first with 1,163 votes, Edwards second with 994, and Clark third with 706. The free-falling campaign of Howard Dean managed 120 votes in the county.

Overton County gave President George W. Bush 145 complimentary votes in his uncontested run for the Republican nomination. The ever-present "uncommitted" received 4 votes.


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Free radon kits being offered this month

As part of a study conducted by University of Tennessee, Overton County Extension Office is offering limited quantities of free test kits for radon, an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas.

While radon tests usually cost as much as $25 each, the tests are being offered in return for volunteers to place the kits in their home for an entire year. Participants will be asked not to tamper with the test once it is set up.

The purpose of the study is to attempt to develop data points and characterize radon levels throughout the county.

Those planning extensive renovations or additions to their home and/or ventilation system during the next year will not be eligible for the study.

According to Overton County Extension Agent Robbie Melton, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths.

Radon levels in all buildings and homes go up and down from day to night and from hot to cold, as well as with other environmental conditions.

"That is why two tests taken in the same house but on two different days may have different numbers," Melton explained.

Kits may be reserved by calling the Extension Office at (931) 823-2735.

"You do not have to call in advance to reserve it, but it is recommended you call so a kit will be held for you," Melton said.

Free testing kits will be distributed Friday, Feb. 20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 21 from 9 a.m. to noon at Overton County Extension Office, located in the basement of the Courthouse Annex on University Street.

More tests may be offered later in the month if needed.


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