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80 Years Ago

Archives 07-21-2004

70 Years Ago


July 14 - 20, 1934
70 Years Ago In Overton County (from the files of the Overton County Library)

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Last call comes to Jacob Shelton, Confederate Vet
Unreconstructed "Rebel" was courageous fighter. Death leaves one other.

Jacob J. Shelton, 92, an ex-Confederate soldier and a resident of Booz, Fifth District of Overton County, commonly called "Uncle" Jake Shelton, died suddenly Friday at his home in the community where he had spent his long life. He was the oldest man in the county, and his passing leaves only one other Confederate soldier in the county, Arkley F. Christian, of Hilham.
Mr. Shelton was noted for his bravery as a soldier, was uncompromising when he took a stand, and was un-reconstructed so far as the Confederacy was concerned. He was noted for his fidelity, paying his debts and keeping his word, especially with regard to business matters. He was a loyal friend and a good neighbor.
He appeared to be in his usual health and was sitting up on his porch when suddenly he fell forward and was dead.
He retained his faculties remarkably well and enjoyed the society of his friends and discussed occurrences of fifty and seventy-five years ago as well as those of recent years. He enlisted as a Confederate early in the War Between the States and was a soldier until the surrender in 1865, serving under General G.G. Dibrell and other commanding officers. He received a furlough in 1863, for the purpose of visiting his family and before the expiration of the furlough the enemy got between him an his command so that he could not rejoin his army. He thereupon joined Capt. Franklin Hammock's Confederate company, consisting of only a few men and took part in a number of battles with Col. Tinker Dave Beaty, who was operating in Fentress and Overton county, principally with from seventy to one hundred and twenty-five men.
On one occasion an engagement was had with Tinker's seventy men and Hammock's company at the time consisted of nine men. This battle was fought on Raven's Bluff at the head of Puncheon Camp Creek, where Capt. Hammock with four of his men fell, having been surrounded, and died on the Bluff. Mr. Shelton made a miraculous escape by riding his horse off the Bluff and over falls, down ten to fifteen feet at one leap, until he came to the valley where he fought his way through the ranks of the enemy to safety.
Those visiting the scene of this battle look over the battle ground and pronounce his escape a most wonderful feat.
Three others, George Gullett, Ben Speck, and Abe Speck, followed him and made good their escape. Many people have visited and looked on the way of their escape with wonder. The story of the Raven's Bluff tragedy has been told in many homes and is still thrilling, and appears to be unreasonable to some people.
Among those killed on this occasion was James Ledbetter, a half-brother to Mr. Shelton. It was at this place that Capt. Hammock, after receiving fatal gun shot wounds pulled himself up to his horse's throat by the bridle rein and cut his horse's throat so that he would not be of service to the enemy, and so that he and his favorite horse would die together.
Mr. Shelton is survived by one son, Cleveland Shelton, of Ohio, and two daughters, Katherine Dickson, and Lucy Bilbrey, of Overton County. Funeral services were held at the Shelton home with burial at the Bilbrey graveyard at 11 a.m., Saturday by the Rev. John Phillips.

Odd but true: The letter "A" is used as the first letter of almost every alphabet in the world.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Parrott and children visited her mother, Mrs. Nettie Stover, recently.

Mrs. Milda Mullins is reported better.

Several from Allons, R1, are attending the meeting at Palestine.

Miss Odell Gibbons was the guest last weekend of Irene Verble, at Monterey.

Mrs. D.D. Smith, of Livingston, visited her mother, J.D. West, Monday.


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