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80 Years Ago

Archives 06-30-2004

70 Years Ago


June 23-29, 1934
70 Years Ago In Overton County (from the files of the Overton County Library)

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Sugar, pure cane 25 lb. bag $1.27
Sugar, pure cane 10 lb. bag 51
Sugar, pure cane 5 lb. bag 26
Post Toasties 2 for 15
Grape-Nut Flakes 2 for 15
Wheat Flakes 2 for 15
Jell-O 2 for 12
Baking Powder, Calumet, 1-lb. can 23
Oats, 55-oz. pkg. 2 for 34
Syrup, 5-lb. pail 29
Macaroni 6 pkgs. 25
Navy Beans 10 lbs. 39
Bubbling Over Coffee, 1-lb. can 25

The Boles generations, a family prominent in the history of Overton and Pickett Counties, will have a family reunion on the first Sunday in September, it has been announced, on the site where Jimmie Boles settled when he came to Tennessee from Virginia. A program is being arranged for the reunion, and the public is to be invited. All members of the Boles family are being urged to attend. The location of the reunion is Bolestown, in Pickett County, on the site where Jimmie Boles built a log cabin before the War Between the States. An old log house stands nearby, which his son, Capt. John Boles, of the Federal army built. The Jimmie Boles farm contained 209 acres and was part of the 40,000 acre tract granted by North Carolina to Stokley Donaldson and William Tyrell at one cent an acre. The land was purchased in 1832.

Miss Thomas Ada Hankins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hankins, of Livingston, received her Bachelor of Arts degree with the honor "Magna Cum Laude" from Tennessee College for women in Murfreesboro on June 5. Her high scholarship placed her on the College honor roll. During her senior year she served as vice-president of the honor commission; president of the Sunday; member of the staff of the "Dryad", the college year-book. Her artistic ability caused her to be made chairman of the YWA Poster Committee. She took the part of the "Notary" in the commencement play, "The Romancers", by Rostand, which was presented on the east campus Monday evening. She served as chairman of the stage committee for this play. In the college annual the prophesy concerning Miss Hankins read: "An artist, like whom there are but few; She lives by her brush, makes a picture live too. Watch the illustrations in the Pictorial Review."

John E. McCall, of Memphis, Republican, is the third candidate to qualify for the race for Governor, formally announcing his candidacy Monday. Mr. McCall made the race in the regular election against the nominee, Hill McAlister, in 1932.

G.C. McDonald has been appointed Overton County campaign manager for Governor Hill McAlister in his race for renomination this year. Mr. McDonald, a prominent Overton County Democrat, is making an active campaign in his candidate's behalf. His office is in the building formerly occupied by the CWA.


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