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80 Years Ago

Archives 03-03-2004

70 Years Ago


February 24- March 2, 1934
70 Years Ago In Overton County
(from the files of the Overton County Library)

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Washington first - he arranged the finance;
Then came John Adams, who quarreled with France.
Thomas Jefferson, third - Louisiana he bought;
Fourth, Madison, under whom England was fought.
James Monroe gave the doctrine and let in Missouri;
Then Adams, whose tariff aroused men to fury.
Jackson, seventh, refused the bank a new charter
And made poor Van Buren to panic a martyr.
William Harrison died and by Tyler was followed;
Under Polk all the troops in a bloody war wallowed.
Taylor, eleventh, had trouble with slavery;
Fillmore put through the Clay compromise, with bravery.
Then Pierce struggled with the Nebraska division,
And Buchanan was in for the Dred Scott decision.
Abe Lincoln was wise in a time of depression,
When Souhtern states fought for the right of secession.
Andrew Johnson came next, was impeached and acquitted;
Ulysses S. Grant for two terms seemed fitted. Hayes followed;
then Garfield, whom Arthur succeeded;
Then Cleveland - who Congress by veto impeded.
Harrison's term gave the tariff a send-up,
And Cleveland again held the Democrats end up.
McKinley waged war with the poor Spanish nation,
And Roosevelt, T.R., upheld arbitration.
Then Teddy named Taft, and the G.O.P. split up;
Next Wilson, and the sky with the World War was lit up.
A popular vote gave the League a hard whack,
And Harding was picked to bring normalcy back.
"Silent Cal" Coolidge urged the saving of cash;
Hoover came in - and then the great crash!

Robert Oakley, 60, of the Fifth District of Overton county, died at the home of his brother, Aaron Oakley, Monday after an illness of some two years with cancer. He was a farmer and was held in high esteem by his neighbors. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ova McCowan Oakley, and two small children, and one sister, Mrs. Jasper France, of Glasgow, KY. Funeral services were conducted on Tuesday afternoon, with burial in the Oakley Graveyard.

Issued by H.C. Swallows, County Court Clerk, of Overton County,
from January 27 to Febrauary 28, are as follows:
Ernest Letner and Sofa Bowman;
Duncan Reece and Ruth Chilton;
Curtis Threat and Thoro Landers;
Denton Daniels and Vudie Norrod;
Hassel Reagan and Cloa Davis;
Waldon Paul and Mildred Mullins;
O.P. McDonald and Tennessee Norrod;
and Clyde Webb and Hattie Wiker.


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