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80 Years Ago

Archives 09-17-2003




Multi-vehicle wreck blocks Hilham Hwy
City Council chooses Cumberland River site
Man jailed, guns seized in assault case



Multi-vehicle wreck blocks Hilham Hwy

Dewain E. Peek/OCN staff

A mutli-vehicle wreck on Hilham Highway blocked traffic Wednesday morning, Sept. 10. According to reports, a dump truck belonging to Livingston Gas Department was stopped to make a left turn onto Tennessee Drive around 7:45 a.m.

A dark green 1995 Dodge Neon, driven by Kendra Heath, 20, of Hilham Highway, behind the dump truck was struck in the rear by a white Kia Sportage, driven by Elizabeth Lawson, 22, of Gainesboro.

The Neon went past the dump truck and struck the passenger side front of a white 1999 Grand Prix, driven by Jeanette M. Brown, and grazed a blue 1995 Dodge Ram pickup, driven by Terry Douglas Melton, of Livingston.

No serious injuries were reported.

Tennessee Highway Patrol investigated the incident.

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City Council chooses Cumberland River site

Livingston City C

ouncil chose an area for the new water plant during the Monday, Sept. 8 regular monthly meeting. The aldermen decided on an area at Butler's Landing on the Cumberland River instead of taking water from Dale Hollow Lake. The Butler's Landing site appears to be a lower cost site than Dale Hollow.

The Council considered developing an ordinance to control the sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, which is used in the making of methamphetamine. Cookeville's ordinance was presented as an example.

Among the restrictions to retailers would be a limitation on the age of buyers of certain cold and flu medicines.

Police Chief Roger Phillips said, "It would require merchants to ask the ID for anyone under 18 years-old, and I think that would unduly put a strain on our merchants."

Alderman Bill Winningham asked if a photo identification would be required. Chief Phillips answered, "Yes. It would require a Tennessee driver's license or a Tennessee photo ID, some kind of photo ID."

Alderman Winningham asked who would enforce the ordinance.

Chief Phillips said, "If it were to be a misdemeanor, then the Livingston Police Department would enforce it. If it were to be civil penalties, then we would act through our city attorney."

City Attorney Kelly Williams commented on further restrictions in the ordinance.

"They will have to keep a log of who has bought this substance," Williams said, "and then the police would have to, sort of, police the sale of it, and check to see if they were, in fact, keeping a log of the substance being sold and keep a log of every single package they had sold of it, which that's going to take some inventorying and keeping track of those retailers.

"So, there's going to be a lot of work involved in it."

Alderman Curtis Hayes asked, "So this is going to affect not only the drug stores, we're looking at convenient quick stop stores here also?"

Williams answered, "Right. They're just going to have to take the time to make up a log of who purchases that and the quantities that they purchase."

Alderman Winningham commented, "If you think that beer is bad, you'll have you a nightmare with this."

Display of the product may be no farther than six feet from the cash register, or the product must be kept under glass or under the counter.

Alderman Winningham said, "To me, it's putting a big burden on the retailers the convenience stores and the grocery stores."

Chief Phillips was asked what he recommended.

"My recommendation would be to look at it across the state to see who's passed more ordinances," he said.

"We don't want to unduly burden the merchants."

Alderman Hayes asked Chief Phillips to check out other ordinances around the state.

Alderman Johnny Halfacre said, "We need to do it in the right way."

A resolution was adopted to purchase four police cars. The cars to be purchased are 2004 police package Chevrolet Impalas, at a cost of $68,800 for the four.

Mayor Hosea Winningham announced that the annexation of an area on the east side of town is now final and will take full effect in 60 days.

A public hearing for annexation of an area along Elm Grove Road was set for 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25.

A resolution was adopted to allow transfer of the cable franchise from James C. Bilbrey, operating as Overton County Cable TV, to Celina Cable Communications with a 5 percent franchise fee, the same as Comcast. The resolution was approved pending verification that the franchise agreement is transferable.

Mayor Winningham announced that the city's vehicle auction brought in $11,445.

The aldermen voted to allow three former employees to buy back into Consolidated Retirement Systems, provided they pay the money before the Town of Livingston makes the request.

Representatives of Mediation Services of Putnam County asked the Council for funds to help the organization receive a matching grant. The aldermen agreed to look into giving funds in next year's budget.

A letter from Overton County Board of Education rejected a settlement of a dispute over gas bills at a school. Some of the aldermen suggested setting up a meeting with the School Board to try to resolve the matter.

Alderman Halfacre reported to the Council about the trees on the square. He said the Courthouse Square Committee agreed that something will have to be done about the trees.

Alderman Halfacre said, "They are in favor of removing the trees, because they realize now that they are going to get even bigger."

The meeting adjourned.



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Man jailed, guns seized in assault case

A Hilham man has been arrested and jailed in a domestic dispute in which he allegedly fired five shots outside a family member's home. An assortment of guns described as an "arsenal" were seized following his arrest.

Ricky A. Carr, 44, was arrested Friday, Sept. 5, after an alleged altercation that began at a residence where his wife was staying and proceeded to his daughter's home.

According to testimony, Carr's daughter was visiting her mother when he arrived at the residence and repeatedly rammed the daughter's car with his vehicle.

The two women reportedly fled the scene and locked themselves in the daughter's home. Carr followed, according to testimony, and tried to kick down the door. Then he allegedly fired a shot outside the home, left, then returned and fired four more.

Deputies arrested Carr following the incident, and transported him to Overton County Jail, where he was held without bond.

A bond hearing was held Thursday, Sept. 11 in Overton County General Sessions Court, Judge John Officer presiding. Attorney Steve Daniels represented Carr. Assistant District Attorney Owen Burnett represented the state.

An investigator who searched Carr's premises testified that 17 guns were discovered. The guns were described as .22s, 12 gauges, a .44 magnum, assault rifles, hunting rifles, and handguns.

Judge Officer asked if the guns were loaded. The investigator said they were.

Judge Officer asked what the assault rifles looked like.

"Like a little machine gun," the investigator replied.

According to testimony, Carr said if he got out of jail he wouldn't be coming back alive. He also allegedly said he would take a few with him.

Judge Officer asked what the investigator thought Carr meant by "a few". The investigator said he believed Carr was referring to deputies.

Attorney Daniels asked that Carr be released on a reasonable bond.

ADA Burnett said, "If there's any bond set, the state asks that it be a million dollars."

Judge Officer denied the request for bond.

Judge Officer said, "The fact that the artillery has been removed doesn't remove the threat. The public's safety needs to be protected."

Carr is scheduled to return to General Sessions Court on October 16 for a hearing on three counts of Aggravated Assault and violation of an order of protection.


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