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80 Years Ago

Archives 04-09-2003






Truck seized, five arrested in Saturday night drug bust
Local woman dies in Algood auto crash
Man charged with raffle ticket fraud


Truck seized, five arrested in Saturday night drug bust

Becky Meredith/OCN staff

Dep. Jacob Boswell, of Overton County Sheriff's Department, looks through some papers in the truck that was seized on Saturday night on Highway 111.

Five persons were booked and incarcerated on drug charges at Overton County Jail this weekend after drugs were discovered in their vehicle during an investigative traffic stop conducted by Dep. Jacob Boswell of Overton County Sheriff's Department.

In connection with another case the department is investigating, Dep. Boswell had his eyes peeled for a 1999 Dodge dually pickup on Saturday night.

Not long after the department's corrections officer had told Dep. Boswell to be on the lookout for such a vehicle, he spotted a truck matching the description headed southbound on Highway 111. The vehicle had five occupants.

"When I got one of the guys out of the vehicle to question him, there was a crack pipe in plain view," Dep. Boswell said. "So I started searching the vehicle; that's when I located some crack cocaine rocks, also some more crack pipes, and some other pills.

"Inside the vehicle, we also located some Schedule II narcotics – it's Diazepam – and we also located some other narcotics," Dep. Boswell continued.

The five individuals were arrested on charges of Drug Possession.

"They were all from towards Nashville: two black guys, two white guys, and a white female.

"They've been charged with Possession of a Schedule II Drug from the crack cocaine possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, another charge of Possession of a Schedule II for Lorazepam, and also a Schedule II for some hydros that were found in the vehicle.

"A lot of the pills, we have an idea of what they are, of course we have to send them off to the lab to be tested to get the confirmation of what they are. Most of them we pretty well know what they are," Dep. Boswell explained.

The truck was seized and was also taken back to the Sheriff's Department.

"The vehicle is being seized because of the narcotics and the drugs located in the vehicle.

"Sharon Cantrell is the owner of the vehicle. Also in the vehicle was a James Robert Story of Nashville, a Jerome Maney – it doesn't tell where he's from, a Dewitt Kennard of Nashville, and a Charles Hall out of Center Towne. A total of five," Dep. Boswell said.

"Their ages ranged from like 25, I think, to 60-something."

Cantrell will not have very much luck retrieving her truck, Lt. Keith Smith implied.

"The truck will go before a seizure hearing with the State of Tennessee sometime in the near future, and it will determine whether or not the person gets to get it back, which in order for them to get it back, they're going to have to file some kind of an appeal for it to be heard. Other than that, it will be awarded to the department," Lt. Smith said. Apparently,

Cantrell will have to come up with about $350 to appeal the seizure of her truck.

"You know, some people pay it, but most of them will just let it go," Lt. Smith added. "You're taking a chance on spending your money and still not getting the vehicle back."

Dep. Boswell did not disclose any details connecting the five individuals with the initial case the department was working on for fear of jeopardizing that case.

Dep. Boswell told OCN Monday, "Right now, they're still incarcerated at the Sheriff's Department. They'll go in front of the General Sessions judge tomorrow. All of them have $5,000 bonds on them except for the female, and she has, I think, a $7,000 bond on her."

Evidently, Cantrell's bond was higher because she was the owner of the vehicle.

Others assisting in the case were Dep. Johnny Arney, Sgt. Gary Murphy, and Corrections Officer Johnny Seagraves.


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Local woman dies in Algood auto crash

An Overton County woman was pronounced dead after a two-vehicle auto crash in Algood Saturday morning, April 5.

According to reports, Evelyn C. Shirley, 55, was driving a 1990 Dodge Shadow south on Highway 111 when her car struck a 2000 Honda Civic in front of her. The left front tire of the Dodge apparently went into a concrete section and caused the car to flip end over end before coming to rest in the median.

The Honda, driven by Rebecca Thurman, 27, of Sparta, spun around and came to rest in the median also. Shirley and her passenger, Christy Vaughn, 17, were both ejected from the car.

Shirley reportedly was dead at the scene. Vaughn was transported by helicopter to Erlanger Hospital.

The report of Trooper Jeremy Austin, of Tennessee Highway Patrol, stated that neither of the two were wearing seatbelts, and that the restraints would have made a difference.

Thurman was apparently unhurt.

Along with Trooper Austin, the fatal crash was also investigated by THP Sgt. Tony Wilson and Trooper David Roark, a member of the Critical Instant Response Team. The incident is still under investigation.


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Man charged with raffle ticket fraud

By ROBERT FORSMAN, OCN court reporter

An Overton County man was arrested and jailed last week in connection with an alleged raffle ticket scam.

Gary F. Stevens, 43, was charged with theft of less than $500 for selling tickets to a raffle at an alleged non-existent benefit.

According to an arrest report, Stevens entered a local business April 1 and told the manager he was selling raffle tickets to a benefit for a lady with three or four children whose house had burned down.

The manager reportedly gave Stevens a $100 bill. Stevens gave the manager 19 tickets and said he would return with the change, according to reports. When Stevens didn't return, the manager called Livingston Police, who located Stevens, arrested him on a charge of theft under $500, and transported him to Overton County Jail.

Stevens appeared before General Sessions Judge John Officer Thursday, April 3 for a bond hearing. Public Defender Art Johnson was appointed to represent Stevens.

Livingston Police Captain Tim Emerton testified that Stevens had sold raffle tickets for a gun and a recliner, which didn't exist. Emerton said Stevens told prospective ticket buyers the money would be used to help a woman whose house had burned down, and to help pay the funeral expenses of another woman.

Assistant District Attorney Owen Burnett told the court that Stevens was on probation when the alleged offense occurred. Burnett also said Stevens had been out on bond for prior charges pending in Overton County General Sessions Court.

Stevens was arrested in March and charged with two offenses unrelated to the raffle ticket incident.

Judge Officer set a $25,000 bond and scheduled the combined cases for a hearing April 24.

Livingston Police Chief Roger Phillips urges residents to use discretion in contributing to charitable causes.

Chief Phillips said, "There are many worthy causes that depend on the generosity of our citizens, and cases such as this can hurt those legitimate causes."






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