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80 Years Ago

Archives 02-12-2003






Basketball Homecoming held at Livingston Academy
Cameras top issue at Board meeting, work session
Hilham area man dies in house fire


Basketball Homecoming held at Livingston Academy

Lyndon Johnson/OCN staff

Livingston Academy Basketball Homecoming was held Tuesday, Feb. 4. The 2003 Basketball Homecoming queen and her court are, from left, Freshman Attendant Amanda Gilliam, daughter of Kenny and Carla Gilliam of Rickman, escorted by Luke Eldridge, son of Ronnie Eldridge and Jackie Brown of Rickman, Junior Attendant Katrina Beechboard, daughter of Kenneth and Carol Beechboard of Allons, escorted by Jamie Gurley, son of Jill and Gary Sells of Monroe, 2003 Basketball Queen Christen Cates, daughter of Jamie and Connie Cates of Willow Grove, escorted by Rob Medley, son of Gene and Maura Medley of Livingston, and Kyle Copeland, son of Mike and Rita Copeland of Monroe, Senior Attendant Frankye Crouch, daughter of Carrie Smith of Alpine, escorted by Cody King, son of Terry and Deanna Melton of Rickman, and Sophomore Attendant Whitney Sells, daughter of Butch and Teresa Sells of Livingston, escorted by Dustin Ferrell, son of Ricky and Debbie Ferrell of Rickman.

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Cameras top issue at Board meeting, work session


Overton County Board of Education members met Tuesday, Feb. 4 for their regularly scheduled board meeting, immediately followed by a lengthy work session.

With no executive action items to be addressed, Board members voted to approve the purchase of land adjacent to Allons Elementary from Larry Spears in the amount of $32,000.

Also approved was the quarterly report for the second quarter.

Director of Schools Bill Needham said, “It’s still a little early to tell. By the end of next quarter, we’ll have a lot clearer picture of where we stand. Basically, things are about where we projected.”

Needham issued the Director’s Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director were as follows:

Medical leave was approved for Leta Wilson beginning January 13 until March 14.

Intermittent leave was approved for Charlotte Phipps beginning January 6 and continuing until March 1.

Maternity leave was approved for Traci Smith beginning March 7 and continuing until May 23.

The following non-certified substitute teachers were hired: Tonya Neal, Rhonda McCoin, Katie Bilbrey, and Pam Dunn.

Prior to adjourning the regular meeting, Director Needham recognized the attendance of several Livingston Academy sophomores – all members of the 2002-2003 Leadership Overton Youth Academy. Each student must attend a school board meeting as part of their class requirement for the program.

Wanda Krantz, Youth Leadership advisor, thanked board members for allowing the group to attend and giving them an opportunity for a question-and-answer session after the board meeting.

Derek Clemow of Upland Design Group Inc. in Crossville reported to Board members, “The subsurface investigation of the property that was favored (for the Central Education project), immediately next door, showed that five of the six holes dug revealed very, very soft subsurface conditions, the consistency of sour cream, frankly, and really not very good as far as a stable foundation for building."

He further stated that his company had evaluated what would have to be done on that site to make it feasible for building, and realizing that the board might want to look at other options, he would present preliminary reports during the work session on three other optional sites for the Board’s consideration. With nothing further on the

agenda, the meeting adjourned. After a short break for questions and answers to the Youth Leadership group, the work session began with two concerned parents from Allons Elementary addressing the Board with several questions regarding the investigation of the locker room camera incident at Livingston Middle School.

With a list of several questions, Kim Smith and Michelle Meadows asked Board Chairman Jerry Glasscock if the investigation had been completed.

Glasscock asked Director Needham to answer the question because he is working closely with Inquisitor Inc. of Memphis, the company conducting the investigation.

Needham replied, “It’s not totally completed. A good portion of it is complete. We’re waiting for some information back now to see if any additional investigation is required."

When asked if a computer forensics specialist had been hired to check out the computer, Needham indicated that one had not been hired as of yet, but it is still a possibility when he receives more information from the company performing the investigation.

“That’s not been determined completely at this point on how that would be done, but that’s certainly a consideration,” he said.

Meadows then asked Needham, “When this investigation is complete, will the findings of the report of the investigator be made available to the parents involved?"

Needham replied, “I don’t know how to answer that yet. That is something for our attorney to decide. Of course, this investigation is one that the Board has requested and paid for, so it’s their property at this point.”

Needham indicated that although he did not know for sure, he expected this step of the investigation to be completed in just a few days, giving them more information on how to proceed at this point.

“While the investigation is going on and under advisement from the Board’s attorney, we were advised not to comment any more than just general knowledge," Needham said. “Everything that happened up until the beginning of the investigation is pretty general knowledge.

“When the decision was made to have a full investigation done, it became a little bit different as far as releasing information."

Smith told Needham, “We’re just counting on the Board to take care of this."

Needham said, “I understand that fully, and I can assure you, like I have anyone that’s asked that question, that there’s 10 board members here, along with myself, who intend for this to be resolved in the proper manner."

Glasscock further assured Smith that several of the board members are directly affected by this issue, either as parents or grandparents.

“We’re as concerned about this as you are," Glasscock said.

Board Member Melody Williams added, “We don’t intend for this to be swept under the rug."

Needham assured the two parents he would be available to answer any other questions they might have, as long as he is legally released to do so.

Derek Clemow, with Upland Design, addressed Board members once again, detailing the preliminary floor plan for the proposed Central Education office building. Indicating the plan is by no means final, he stated the biggest problem with the current floorplan.

“We still don’t have a property to build on,” he said.

He went on to present three optional building sites for the project, with each of the properties being located in the same general area as the current building. With projected costs ranging from $940,000 to more than $1 million, Board members seemed to agree to drop the original building site and further pursue what is being referred to as “Site C”, property across from A.H. Roberts Elementary and adjacent to the bus garage.

With this property currently serving as a playground area for A.H. students and soccer fields for 14 and under children, Board members asked Upland to further study this site for the Central Education office and present layout/cost options at the next work session.



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Hilham area man dies in house fire

A Hilham area man died early Saturday when fire engulfed his home.

According to Chief Investigator Max Goodpasture of Overton County Sheriff’s Department, E-911 dispatched authorities to Greenbrier Road shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 8.

Firefighters from Hilham Volunteer Fire Department were assisted first by Hardy’s Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, then by Rickman Volunteer Fire Department because the water was freezing. Firefighters fought the blaze for more than four hours, but the house was a loss.

Lynn Rogers, 52, was found dead in the home.

Overton County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the incident, and will receive assistance from the Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office.







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