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80 Years Ago

Archives 06-18-2003

70 Years Ago


June 10, 1933 to June 16, 1933
70 Years Ago In Overton County
(from the files of the Overton County Library)

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Henry Ford
Dearborn, Mich.
May 29, 1933
There is some doubt that people care to hear very much about what goes on under the hoods of their cars. Well, it is not essential to talk "shop"; let us talk Results. Smoothness. Drive the Ford V-8 and you will find the engine runs with surpassing smoothness. Power. There is 75 horsepower (we could say 80) with less weight to pull around, it's life-like response is rather remarkable. Economy. Our V-8 gets 17 to 20 miles a gallon. Appearance. This is a woman's contribution. The motor car must not only be useful, but also good-looking. View the Ford V-8 and you will see its fine appearance. Comfort. This also is a woman's concern. In 30 years she changed the motor car from a wagon to a coach. There is no comfort without a quiet, smooth-running engine. We have all the other ingredients too; color, good taste, quality, ease, safety, roominess, and convenience. Sincerely, Henry Ford

Clyde Wisner and Obelia Smith were married three weeks ago. They are making their home at the bride's mother, Mrs. John Q. Smith.

Last Sunday lightning struck and killed the only cow of Benton Phillips.

Mrs. Eliza Ward, about 70, widow of the late Sid Ward, died suddenly at her home near Hilham at 12 p.m. on last Tuesday. She had suffered from heart disease for the last few months. She is survived by children, Mrs. Helen Kennel, Mrs. H.C. Lee, Mrs. Hila Dillon, Mrs. Ethel Peterman, Frank Ward, John Ward, Mack Ward, Nathan Ward, and Grover C. Ward, druggist at Hilham. Funeral services were Wednesday afternoon, with burial in the Fisk Cemetery at Hilham.

People of Highland enjoyed a nice shower of rain recently.

James C. Thomas passed the eighty-ninth mile post on life's journey on Saturday, June 10. A birthday celebration was held at the home of his son, Harris Thomas, with whom he lives on Flatt Creek. Those in attendence included his children, J. Byrd Thomas, Harris Thomas, Mrs. Amand, T. Gregg, and Mrs. Permelia T. Wells. Eleven grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren were also present besides the family of Wm J. Fleming and wife, and Stanley H. Carr and family, James T. Goodpasture, Noah W. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pate, Ben Bailey and son, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Dale, Alfred K. Lea, and R.L. Mitchell. Mr. Thomas is the eldest citizen of his community.

Mrs. Sis Hall is on the sick list.









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