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Archives 10-02-2002



Outlaws improve to 7-0 on season with win at Monterey
Lady Cats to go to district tournament
Lady Cats continue quest for soccer superiority




Outlaws improve to 7-0 on season with win at Monterey


Lyndon Johnson/OCN staff

Cody Brewer, #49, led the Outlaws defense with 10 tackles in the 7-0 win over Monterey.


Overton County's Senior Outlaws ran their season record to 7-0 with a 7-0 shutout victory over the Monterey Senior Wildcats on Sunday, Sept. 29 at Monterey. The shutout was the fifth of the season for the Outlaws.

The game was similar to several Outlaws games of late in which the defense played strong while the offense moved the ball relatively well, only to stop themselves with a penalty or a turnover.

The Outlaws received the opening kickoff, and after picking up a couple of first downs, fumbled the ball away.

Monterey promptly drove to the Outlaws 16 yard line before the Outlaws defense thwarted the drive.

With both teams playing it relatively close to the vest, the first half ended 0-0.

In the third quarter, the Outlaws continued their running game and finally broke the big play with 3:49 to play in the period on a brilliant 35-yard touchdown run by Cody Brewer. Justin Poston ran in the conversion, making the score 7-0 Outlaws.

In the fourth, the Outlaws defense continued a solid effort, giving the ball back to the offense repeatedly in good field position. The Outlaws were set up with a first down at the Monterey 11 yard line after a 33-yard run by Ethan McDonald, but were unable to punch it in.

The Outlaws defense held Monterey to preserve the shutout and the win.

Cody Brewer paced the Outlaws defense with 10 tackles.

Sr. Outlaws vs. Montere
Individual Statistics Rushing (Atts.-Yds.-TDs)
Cody Brewer 7-73-1
Ethan McDonald 4-61-0
Justin Poston 15-61-0
Hayden Hill 1-18-0
Brannon McCoin 4-(-7)-0

Passing (Comp.-Atts.-Yds.)
Brannon McCoin 1-1-0
Justin Poston 0-1-0

Receiving (Atts.-Yds.)
Hayden Hill 1-0

Interceptions none

Cody Brewer 10
Tracy McDonald 5
Cody Stafford 4
Caleb Sells 3
Trey Thomas 2
Josh Norris 2
Ethan McDonald 2
Antheny Ward 1
Jacob Parsons 1
Josh Espey 1
Hayden Hill 1
Ty Eldridge 1

Fumbles Rec.
Hayden Hill 1

Outlaws defeat Gordonsville 6-0

Earlier last week, the Outlaws had improved to 6-0 with a 6-0 win over the Gordonsville Blue Wave in another stellar performance by the Outlaws defense on Monday, Sept. 23.

The Outlaws offense was subpar, but the Gordonsville's offense never really threatened, with most of the game being played on the Blue Wave side of the field.

The Outlaws received the opening kickoff and promptly reeled off three first downs. But, some miscommunication and an untimely penalty killed the drive.

The Outlaws finally broke through on their first possession of the second quarter on a 43-yard touchdown run by fullback Cody Brewer. The conversion failed, making the half-time score 6-0 Outlaws.

In the second half, the Outlaws drove the ball inside the Blue Wave 20 twice, but failed to score. The second time inside the 20, the Outlaws had a touchdown called back.

The defense played solid for the Outlaws throughout the game, preserving the shutout.

The Outlaws offense was led by Cody Brewer, who rushed for 100 yards and the only touchdown. Defensively, Antheny Ward led the way with 5 tackles.

Rushing (Atts.-Yds.-TDs)
Cody Brewer 10-100-1
Justin Poston 12-72-0
Brannon McCoin 3-(-1)-0
Ethan McDonald 3-(-8)-0

Passing (Comp.-Atts.-Yds.)
Justin Poston 1-1-23

Receiving (Atts.-Yds.)
Hayden Hill 1-23


Antheny Ward 5
Josh Norris 4
Caleb Sells 4
Cody Stafford 4
Cody Brewer 3
Tracy McDonald 3
Trey Thomas 3
Jacob Parsons 2
Ty Eldridge 1
Josh Espey 1

Fumbles Rec.

Junior Outlaws defeat Monterey in OT

Overton County's Junior Outlaws improved their season record to 5-2 with a 7-0 overtime win over the Montery Jr. Wildcats on Sunday, Sept. 29. In a game dominated by the defenses, the Jr. Outlaws were able to break through in the overtime period.

The first half was completely controlled by both teams' defenses as neither was able to mount a drive. The Outlaws and the Wildcats offenses were set up by turnovers, but were never able to profit.

The second half was almost a carbon copy of the first half, with neither team's offense threatening. Early in the fourth quarter, the Outlaws drove the ball inside Monterey territory twice, only to fumble it away. Regulation ended at 0-0.

In the overtime period, the Jr. Outlaws went on offense first and scored on the second play on a 5-yard run by fullback Kyle Lee. Afer a successful conversion run, the Outlaws led 7-0.

On Monterey's overtime possession, the Outlaws defense rose to the occasion and stopped Monterey's drive, securing the win for the Jr. Outlaws.

Junior Outlaws Individual Statistics
Rushing (Atts.-Yds.-TDs)
Kyle Lee 11-42-1
Carson Bailey 5-28-0
Paxton Eldridge 1-2-0
Lucas Dailey 1-0-0

Passing (Comp.-Atts.-Yds.)
Paxton Eldridge 1-2-6
Receiving (Atts.-Yds.)
Chance Clark 1-6


Paul Daniels 7
Carson Bailey 5
Seth Kilgore 5
Tyler Cates 4
Kyle Lee 3
Lucas Dailey 2
T.J. Walker 1
Dustin Harris 1
Jonathan Melton 1
Kyle Jolley 1
Justin Ledbetter 1

Fumbles Rec.
Paul Daniels 1
Justin Ledbetter 1


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Lady Cats to go to district tournament



As the season unwinds for the volleyball team at Livingston Academy, the girls are anticipating their last weeks of play, knowing that every move they make will greatly affect whether or not they go to state.

Last week's action has the team pressing to try harder as they fell to foe Upperman.

The week started off with matches Tuesday night, Sept. 24 against Red Boiling Springs and Monterey high schools, which weren't too hard to eliminate from Coach Smith's report.

"It wasn't too much of a struggle,” he said. "We defeated Red Boiling Springs 15-7, 15-3, and Monterey 15-9, 15-10. Monterey had improved quite a bit and we struggled a little bit against them.”

That took LA's overall record to 28-7 and the district record to 17-2.

Thursday's events proved trying for the team towards the end of the evening.

They conquered Clarkrange's Lady Buffaloes in a 15-7, 15-3 match, but the next game wasn't so gentle on the Lady Cats as they took on Upperman's Lady Bees.

"We struggled and played well the first game against Upperman. We defeated them 15-5. But then we lost 7-15, 12-15. It was kind of an upset, I guess you might say – it made our district record 18-3. Upperman played well and we didn't."

On the upside, Coach Smith said of LA's standing, "That is good enough to put us in second place."

On Friday, the girls packed up and headed off to the Glencliff Tournament in Nashville.

"We went 5-2 over the tournament," Coach Smith said.

The Livingston team saw action against several teams, but were only overcome by two: Glencliff High School and Wilson Central High School.

Teams LA vanquished included St. Cecilia Academy, Pearl Cohn High School, Brent-wood Academy, Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, and Cookeville High School.

"We ended up in the silver division and we won that tournament, so we brought home a trophy in the silver division. We finished third in our pool. If we would have finished first or second, we would have been in the gold tournament," Coach Smith explained.

The team was scheduled to face Mt. Juliet Christian Academy last night, Oct. 1 at home. They were also set to play Trousdale County High School, but Trousdale wasn't the team Coach Smith was worried about.

"We have to win this game against Mt. Juliet to keep sole possession of second place, and that's our last district game," he said. "They have improved. They're in seventh place in the district, I think. It will be our last home game."

With uttermost faith in his Lady Cats, Coach Smith updated OCN on the girls' progression.

"They're still on a rollercoaster ride," he said. "Still up and down, more ups than downs now. It seems like we've improved.

"They know it's getting close to tournament time. They're trying to do everything correct as far as being on the floor. They're playing hard, we've still got some spots where we can improve.

"I think our serving needs to improve quite a bit. We lost one game at the Glencliff Tournament because of serving. We just could not serve the ball as a team. It wasn't any individual – it was the entire team."

The girls are scheduled to play in district action next Tuesday night at 8 p.m. and Coach Smith believes the team's odds of going to state aren't too bad.

"We're in second place," he said. "I think there are probably about four teams that can beat any one team on a given night. I think Jackson County, Livingston, Van Buren, and Upperman are all capable of beating each other. I think it could come down to those four teams.

The team's odds of going to the state are a little lesser.

"We'll have to play some of our best volleyball, starting with the district tournament. We've got possibilities,” he said with reassurance.


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Lady Cats continue quest for soccer superiority


Lyndon Johnson/OCN staff

Danielle Thrasher keeps control of the ball for Livingston Academy in Monday's 6-0 win for the Lady Wildcats over the visiting Lady Commanders of Friendship Christian School.


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language lists one definition of "superior” as: "Of a higher nature or kind."

The Livingston Academy Lady Wildcats, with but one blemish on their record this season, look to take their game to a superior level at this, the critical end of the regular season. The team's record at the end of regular season play determines its position in the district tournament.

The Lady Cats have made good on their intentions to play at that superior level in the past week, playing and winning two games. After the first of the two wins at home on Tuesday, Sept. 24 against Mt. Juliet Christian, the team was motivated to face its next opponent, Friendship Christian School, on Thursday, Sept. 26.

That would not be the case, as a temporary monsoon season hit Livingston, making the LA soccer field into a small pond suitable for use as a test bed for the latest in waterfowl decoys. As a result of the field conditions, the game was postponed until Monday, Sept. 30.

With rain gone and field dried, the Lady Cats proceeded to play an explosive game.

Things opened up with LA striker Kasey Baltimore scoring in the 4th minute of the first half. The goal seemed to ignite the Livingston Academy offense, with the Lady Cats clearly in control of the ball the majority of the time. Before the Lady Commanders had a chance to mount any offense of their own, Livingston's Katrina Marshall scored another goal in the 10th minute of play.

The game went on, and still Friendship could not seem to get anything going. Every time the Lady Commanders seemed to have a chance to make a move, the trusty LA defense would step in and stomp out any hopes Friendship had.

With the excellent defense putting up a wall comparable to the Great Wall of China, and the assassin-like offense taking shot after shot, the team was working as one well-lubed soccer machine. And as any good machine should do, it made its product efficiently with LA's Ferran Stephens pounding a shot past Friendship's goalie in the 19th minute.

Ferran's goal put the Cats up 3-0 at the half.

After a chat with coach Ethan King and a sip or two of what Bobby Boucher might call "high quality H20", the Lady Wildcats were ready to take the field again and continue their dominant performance.

Again, things kicked off well. During the 4th minute of second half play, Danielle Thrasher fired one in for the Lady Cats.

After four goals had been scored against them, the Lady Commanders finally started to get some offense, but, like a cat playing with a disoriented mouse, the Lady Wildcats pounced on them before they could get very far with their efforts.

As Jessica Smith made one such pounce, sending the ball back into Commander territory from nearly mid-field, she got a nice surprise. Her kick, meant only to send the ball away from the Wildcat side of the field, went unnoticed by the Friendship defense and goalie until it was too late, and sent the ball lofting into the back of the net in no sort of hurry. The goal came at the 9th minute of second-half play, and marked the Lady Cats' fifth of the game.

Several minutes of fierce gameplay ensued after the goal. One team would get control of the ball and send it into midfield, where it would stay for some time and get intercepted by opposing team members time and time again.

This kind of game play eventually slacked and the Lady Wildcats started to see themselves making more offensive plays than the Lady Commanders. The resurgence of LA's offense came to a head when Jessica McDonald scored a goal in the 26th minute of second-half play.

The remaining 14 minutes or so of play were fairly normal, with one exception. Livingston's MaryFaye Maynord, who took the position of goalie in the second half to relieve junior starter Sarah Jowers, made two or three nice saves. This would not seem too interesting, except Maynord, a sophomore, is not the usual relief goalie. That is a position usually taken by freshman Jessica McDonald.

Despite not being familiar with the position, Maynord had to stop more shots in the game than Jowers did, as the Lady Commanders seemed to catch their second wind late in the game. The crowd cheered enthusiastically at Maynord's performance under pressure. Her saves at the end of the game sealed the 6-0 shutout for Livingston Academy.

The Lady Cats were scheduled to play York Institute's Lady Dragons on Tuesday, Oct. 1 for a chance to repay them for the loss they gave Livingston a couple of weeks ago; however, due to the game's time being shortly after the painfully stressful time sportswriters refer to as press time, results are not available. After that game, the team will finish out the regular season at home against Smith County's Owlettes on Thursday, Oct. 3.




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