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80 Years Ago

Archives 09-25-2002



Wildcats chalk up first win of season

Sparta thumps Junior Cats in year's first loss
Lady Cats move up to 15-2 in district
Lady Cats up for first in district





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Wildcats drown Lions 20-0 in pouring rain

LA's Brian Colson cuts between Cannon County defenders on a run for the Wildcats in Friday's win.


The Livingston Academy Wildcats football team continued its winning ways last Friday night, Sept. 20, with a road win against the Lions of Cannon County.

Livingston Academy Head Coach Matt Eldridge said, "We're tickled with it. We're playing better and better each week, but still need to keep on improving.

"It was mighty wet and stormy, though. We'd like to thank the Livingston fans that stayed for the whole game."

The game began rather sloppily with the entire field under water. This didn't stop the Cats, though, as they scored a touchdown on their first offensive possession.

LA quarterback Wilson Cates broke through the line of scrimmage to take the ball 60 yards for the big score. The Wildcats attempted a 2-point conversion following the touchdown, but the attempt failed and the Cats found themselves up, 6-0.

If that wasn't enough, on the very next Livingston Academy possession, Cates found another hole to go through and this time took it 47 yards to get the touchdown. Livingston once again attempted the 2-point conversion and, once again, failed to make it work.

The rest of the half was more like swimming lessons than a football game. Cannon County never seemed to get very far offensively. Livingston did manage to get the ball all the way down to Cannon County's 12 yard line, but the halftime buzzer rang on the Wildcats' third major shot at scoring.

The third quarter was more of the same, with everyone trying to make plays on a wet field. The timekeeper seemed to identify with this, because the game clock didn't seem to stop for anything. The Livingston Academy defense seemed to be working in full force, though, as Cannon County just could not seem to get anything to go right for them. In fact, the Lions did not pick up a first down in the entire game.

The fourth quarter found Livingston once again picking up the football and taking it to the endzone. They took a 10-minute, 70-yard drive, and LA fullback Whitney Coleman brought it in for the score, giving Livingston a massive lead, 18-0. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is a very famous saying. This must have been the Livingston philosophy on 2-point conversions as Cates found tight-end Matt Reeder and gave the Wildcats the big victory, 20-0.

Cates led the Cats in rushing with 145 yards on 14 carries, followed by Brian Colson with 73 yards on 20 carries, and Whitney Coleman with 35 yards on 7 carries.

LA's record now stands at 2-3 overall, and 1-1 in region play.

The Wildcat's have no game this Friday, but play a big home contest versus the Upperman Bees on Friday, Oct. 4.

Coach Eldridge said, "We're just going to get to work and keep on getting better at what we do.


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Sparta thumps Junior Cats in year's first loss


The Junior Wildcats rode into Dodge on a fairly high horse last Thursday, after they had won their first two games of the season.

Sparta paid no mind to Overton County's sparkling record, and was clearly the dominating team. They took care of business without much trouble, routing the Junior Cats by a 22-0 score.

Jr. Wildcats Head Coach Terry Melton said, "Sparta lined up and just ran pretty much over us. We were unable to stop them in any way for the whole game.

"We couldn't control the line of scrimmage. They just knocked us off the line of scrimmage and there was nothing we could do about it."

The reasons for the loss were numerous, according to Coach Melton, and included a lack of aggressive play by the Jr. Cats, as well as a few blown opportunities to score.

"They just out-played us, out-manned us, and basically, out-hustled us," Coach Melton said. "When all that happens to you, you're going to get beat."

Melton later said, "I don't think we were ready mentally. We made too many mistakes miscues, mishandling the ball.

"When it boils down to it, if you can't tackle and you can't block better than the other team, you're not going to win."

Melton is hopeful to improve his team's play, and looks to make the necessary adjustments during the week.

"We're going to make some changes in our lineups," he said, "and we're going to see if our kids really want to play or not."

The Junior Wildcats look to improve their record to 3-1 in a home contest against York Institute on Thursday, Sept. 26.


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Lady Cats move up to 15-2 in district


Well, against their coach's better wishes, the Lady Cats volleyball team did not slide a Jackson County win under their belt last week.

In addition to playing the Lady Blue Devils, LA took on Smith County's Owlettes and Pickett County's Lady Bobcats on Tuesday night, Sept. 17, and started the night off slicing and dicing.

The match against Byrdstown was practically an effortless win for the Lady Cats, by the sounds of Coach Merl Smith's report.

"Against Pickett County, we kind of did what we wanted to, fairly easily. We defeated them 15-3, 15-4, he said.

Smith County also fell victim to LA, but after some contending. "We struggled and didn't play very well, Coach Smith said. LA managed to take the match 15-9, 15-10.

Wrapping up the night was Jackson action. And the Lady Blue Devils, who have caused Livingston a lot of headaches in the past, weren't about to change their pattern of play.

"We lost to them 13-15, 14-16," Coach Smith said. "We played well against them, but just didn't put the game away toward the end. We had the lead both times, in both games. We were ahead of them 13-12 and they came back and defeated us. Then we had them 14-11 and they came back and defeated us. But we played well; we just didn't put the ball game away at the end."

The biggest drawback LA had to swallow in losing to Jackson County was no doubt being denied the first place spot in the 9A/AA District.

"Losing to Jackson County kind of hurt our chances to be number one in the district. We'll probably be number two seeded in our district now. Jackson County will go number one because they don't have any losses and we have two losses," Coach Smith explained.

Completing last week's volleyball action was a match hosted by Gordonsville's Lady Tigers on Thursday night, Sept. 19. Clarkrange's Lady Buffaloes also showed up to join in the play.

Livingston had no problem taking out both teams in repeated 15-5, 15-3 matches.

"We played real well with both of them, no problem. We played real well in those games and did a lot of good things, Coach Smith said.

Most recent play was last night when the team faced Red Boiling Springs and Monterey.

Coach Smith was expecting fairly facile matches, but outcome of the games was not available when OCN came sliding off the press this week. Clarkrange will be up against LA again on Thursday, Sept. 26, as well as Upperman's Lady Bees. While the Lady Cats don't even blink at the mention of

Clarkrange, they get quite antsy at the thoughts of another confrontation with Upperman.

"Clarkrange we haven't had any trouble with them, but Upperman we have," Coach Smith said. "They're probably the third best team, or close to it, in our district. We did struggle against them when we played them the first time. They defeated us the first game, then we came back and beat them in the next two, but in the last, we went 15-13. So that's the one we're going after this week. That's the one we've got to have."

The Lady Cats will also be busy this week preparing for the Glencliff Tournament, which is scheduled for the weekend.

In their pool they will face Glencliff High School, Cookeville High School, Clarksville Northeast High School, Saint Cecilia Academy, and Wilson Central High School.

"We will have six teams in our pool. Glencliff will probably be the toughest with Wilson Central next, then Cookeville," Coach Smith foretold.

The LA girls know what to expect, but are they ready to compete against so many opposing teams this weekend?

"I hope so," Coach Smith replied. "The only thing I've been preaching all year is to get more consistent with the things we do. We've got some talent, we do a lot of good things, but we also do a lot of bad things, too. I mean, you can't play a perfect game, but we need to really cut down on our mistakes. We're making just way too many unforced errors, I guess you might say."

Prior to last night's game, Coach Smith verified that LA's overall record is 26-7 and the district record is 15-2.


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Lady Cats soccer team suffers first loss, rolls on


Livingston Academy's Danielle Thrasher, #3, throws in the ball to resume play in Thursday's 3-1 win over Cumberland County's Lady Jets.


Australian rock group The Living End saw mild chart success in the United States not so long ago with a song called "Roll On", which featured the lyric "We roll on with our heads held high," something the Livingston Academy Lady Wildcats soccer team had to force itself to do after suffering its first loss this season.

The team suffered the loss Tuesday, Sept. 27 at York Institute.

LA Soccer Coach Ethan King said, "York played a little bit different style of defense that we hadn't seen and weren't ready for. They just squeaked a goal in."

And that goal would be the only one of the game, as the Lady Dragons snatched the victory 1-0.

"To York's credit, they out-hustled us," Coach King said. "They were the better team that day."

Some feel that York is one of the more physical teams in the district, and that could have been a determining factor in the game.

"It was a physical match," Coach King admitted, "but I think they were just more ready to come out and play.

After the York game, the last road game of the season, the Lady Cats had to roll on and play Cumberland County's Lady Jets on Thursday, Sept. 19.

And roll on they did. The team garnered its eighth win of the season with a 3-1 victory.

Scoring goals for LA were Kasey Baltimore with two, and Danielle Thrasher with one.

"Cumberland County had lost a couple of players since the last time we played them, but it didn't look like they'd lost any of their key players," Coach King said. "They were still a very aggressive, very good team.

"For the most part, we played them better than we did the first time. The first time we played them, it was kind of an even match; I felt like this time we controlled the ball more and we were a little bit more in control of the game.

"We really rebounded well after losing against York, he said. "The girls were ready to play this game; they wanted to get back on track, and hopefully that's where we are."

The Lady Wildcats look to continue to roll on for the remainder of the regular season, starting with this week's games at home against Mt. Juliet Christian on Tuesday, Sept. 24 and Friendship Christian on Thursday, Sept. 26.

Of these upcoming district games, Coach King said, "All of the district games are important now, especially since we lost one to York. So it's very important that we win because all of our remaining games are district games.

"It's getting down to crunch time. So we're trying to get motivated; we've got to finish strong in the district. If we can finish out the season winning, we have a good chance of winning the district. So we've got to finish strong."

Coach King sounded enthusiastic about the players' attitudes after the loss this past week.

"Honestly, the girls were harder on themselves than I was on them," he said. "They were very disappointed, and they were ready to go back out and play them again right then.

"They've come out of it with an attitude that they want to get better and that they don't want it to happen again, especially not on their home field.

"Friday, after the two games last week, we probably had one of the best practices," continued Coach King. "We ran hard, practiced hard, played well.

"We want to carry the hard work and work ethic of that practice into this week. Last Tuesday, we were out-hustled, and that's the first time I've seen that happen. I don't want to see it happen again. Neither do the girls.

"They know that if they do well these last four games, they have a shot at winning the district. They're fired up and want to do well every game, and they're not taking anybody lightly."






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