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80 Years Ago

Archives 06-05-2002



Resignation ends era in LA softball
Building Center wins over Speck
Union Bank undefeated in Babe Ruth
ENE remains undefeated in 9-10 league
Jamestown Reds undefeated in Men's League






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Resignation ends era in LA softball

Dewain E. Peek/OCN staff

Coach Danny McCormick tosses the ball to his pitcher (and daughter) Mandy McCormick in a 1995 game.



The name synonymous with Livingston Academy softball has been scratched from the roster.

Coach Danny McCormick informed his team on Thursday, May 24 of his intent to tender his resignation as the Lady Wildcats softball coach, a position he has served in for 22 years.

"We had our banquet, and that's when I told the girls," McCormick said. "To me that was official."

The previous day he had notified LA Principal Gary Ledbetter of his decision to step down.

"I hope most coaches know when it's time. I always hoped I would," McCormick said. "You just reach a point where you have to look at priorities. There's other things I want to do, and there's just something in you that says it's just time. You can't do it forever.”

McCormick's tenure at the helm of the high school softball program began in 1980.

"I walked into the building the very first day of inservice and Mr. Brown pulled me aside and said, ‘We need a softball coach and you're it.' And I've loved every minute of it.

"I learned from the ground up. Boy, did I learn the hard way. But, I absolutely loved every minute of it."

The program has been successful under his guidance, winning 10 district championships and earning McCormick District Coach of the Year honors 9 times. The Tennessean named him Middle Tennessee Coach of the Year in 1993.

"We've won close to 400 ballgames, and that's pretty neat because so many of the years we didn't play but 20 games total," he said. "When we first started playing, there weren't but a handful of teams, so for the first six, seven or eight years, 17 or 18 ballgames were all we played."

In those years, some wins stand out as especially rewarding for McCormick. "We went to Murfreesboro and we beat David Lipscomb, the year they won the state. We beat them 1-0. We beat Goodlettsville in the first or second year of coaching, and they were picked to win the state that year."

McCormick is often surprised by visitors who want to talk about games from years past.

"This year we were playing in a tournament at Cookeville when some people from Murfreesboro yelled at me and wanted to know if I remembered seven or eight years ago when we played in the Optimus tournament down there, and they were still talking about what a scrappy little team we were.

"That's what makes it worthwhile, that people from Murfreesboro and Nashville would remember a little team like Livingston. And the kids were scrappy. We played hard and did things right and sometimes were successful."

To have such a long term as coach and to be a successful coach has taken dedication to the program.

"For the last 20 years my springs have been softball," McCormick said. "From January through almost the end of May it's just almost consumed my life.

"And that's been good because I've been lucky enough to have both my children come through. Mandy played for me, and Michael helped me manage. So I spent an awful lot of time with them."

Though some of the demands of coaching might not be missed, other aspects of the position will be.

"The thing without question that I'll miss the most is the connection with the kids," McCormick said. "There are kids that I will always love. I still get phone calls from ones I coached 15 or 20 years ago. I think this decision has brought that home to me because so many kids called and said nice things."

He also will miss the association with umpires and coaches.

"Every umpire, I think, that's ever umped a ballgame for me has called and said nice things about our team – how classy we were, how we knew how to win with class and lose with class, and how hard we always fought," he said. "I think every coach I've coached against has called and said nice things about our team.

"But, without question number one is going to be the kids.

"It's just been a real pleasure and an honor. I've been lucky to walk in 20-something years ago and almost stumble into the sport.

"We sometimes refer to them as minor sports. There's nothing minor about softball or any of the spring sports or what you might consider smaller sports. There's not. It's not small to the girls, and to the parents who watch them play.

"I've been very fortunate. It's brought me some of the greatest pleasures I've ever known, and nobody could ask for more than that.”

Though he won't be walking onto the softball diamond next year, McCormick will still be at Livingston Academy.

"I still teach economics," he said. "I've loved every minute of that.

"I've often said I'm just a very lucky person. I get to teach some of the best people in the world. I teach seniors, and have ever since I started at Livingston Academy.

"Seniors are a very mature bunch of people. You get real close to them. They are very easy to teach.

"I've got one of the best jobs in the world. I look forward to coming to work every morning because of the people I get to work with. "




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Building Center wins over Speck

Speck Funeral Home tasted defeat for the first time this season when Building Center upended the Overton County 16-Under Girls Softball League frontrunner 14-11 on Saturday, June 1. Game scores and standings for last week are as follows:

Tuesday, May 28
Speck Funeral Home 14, First National Bank 8
Building Center 14, Overton Restaurant 3
First National Bank 11, John Mark Windle 1

Saturday, June 1
Building Center 12, John Mark Windle Law Office 4
Overton Restaurant 17, First National Bank 16
Building Center 14, Speck Funeral Home 11

Standings W L
Speck Funeral Home 6 1
Building Center 6 3
First National Bank 4 5
Overton Restaurant 3 5
John Mark Windle Law Office 1 6


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Union Bank undefeated in Babe Ruth

Union Bank is still undefeated in Overton County Babe Ruth, holding a 6-0 record. Game scores from last week are as follows:

Liv. Family Dentistry 8, Mark White Tire Service 2

Union Bank & Trust 21, Byrdstown Medical Center 4

Union Bank & Trust 3, West End Market BP 3

American Bank & Trust 5, Byrdstown Medical Center 1

Union Bank & Trust 3, American Bank & Trust 2

Liv. Family Dentistry, 5, Byrdstown Medical Center 3

West End Market BP 11, Mark White Tire Service 1

Babe Ruth Standings W L
Union Bank & Trust 6 0
Livingston Family Dentistry 6 1
Mark White Tire 3 4
American Bank & Trust 3 4
West End Market BP 3 4
Byrdstown Medical Center 0 8

Babe Ruth Top Batting Avg.
E. Rigney (BMC) .560
T. Smith (LFD) .529
T. Murphy (UBT) .500
R. Dempsey (WEBP) .500
J. Cyrus (ABT) .467
B. Matthews (LFD) .467
C. Nelson (UBT) .467
J. Laycock (LFD) .444
B. Colson (WEBP) .444
B. Roddy (BMC) .435




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ENE remains undefeated in 9-10 league

ENE remained undefeated in Overton County 9-10 year-old Little League play, moving to 10-0 on the season with wins last week. Game scores and standings for last week are as follows:

Tuesday, May 28
American Bank & Trust 11, Liv. Family Dentistry 8
ENE 15, Upper Cumberland Sports 2

Friday, May 31
First National Bank 11, Liv. Regional Hospital 4
Upper Cumberland Sports 12, Liv. Family Dentistry 7

Saturday, June 1
Upper Cumberland Sports 17, Liv. Regional Hospital 0
ENE 6, American Bank & Trust 2

9-10 Little League Standings W L
ENE 10 0
Upper Cumberland Sports 7 3
Livingston Family Dentistry 5 5
American Bank & Trust 4 6
First National Bank 3 7
Livingston Regional Hospital 2 10




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Jamestown Reds undefeated in Men's League

Jamestown Reds remained undefeated through last week in Overton County Men's Softball League last week, going to 7-0 on the season. Game scores for last week are as follows:

Wednesday, May 29
Jamestown Reds 22, Lawns Unlimited 2

Jamestown Reds – Roger Short 3 for 3, Derek Anderson 3 for 3, Eddie Gibson 3 for 3, Chris Watson 3 for 3, Steve Arms 2 for 2 with a home run, and Johnny Painter 2 for 3 with a home run. Lawns Unlimited – Jeff Smith 1 for 1, and Bobby Corley 1 for 1.

Watson's Boys 20, Roadmasters 12

Watson's Boys – Kelly Spivey 4 for 5 with 2 home runs, Mark Jenkins 4 for 5 with 2 home runs, Joey Eads 4 for 5 with a home run, Michael Adams 4 for 5, and Dusty Adams 3 for 3. Roadmasters – Jason Trent 3 for 3, Andy Smith 2 for 3, Jeff Kennedy 2 for 3, and Derek Harris 2 for 3.

He-Jo Boat Storage 17, Livingston Jaycees 11

He-Jo Boat Storage – Denny Pryor 3 for 4, Jacob Cummings 3 for 4, Brad Flowers hit a home run, Terry Conner hit a home run, and Kelly Taylor hit a home run. Livingston Jaycees – Mike Johnson 2 for 3, Robert Godsey 2 for 3, Darrian Barlow 2 for 3, and Thomas Smith 2 for 3.

Huckeby Construction 20, Pug's Tanks 16

Huckeby Construction – James Parsons 4 for 4, Chris Story 3 for 4 with 3 home runs, Mark Neely 3 for 4, Mickey Huckeby 3 for 4, Greg Parsons 3 for 4, Gerald Ferrell 3 for 4, and Wayne Huckeby hit a home run. Pug's Tanks – Bert Jolley 4 for 4, Billy Witt 3 for 3 with a home run, Jeff Flowers 3 for 4 with a home run, Gerald Clark 3 for 4 with a home run, and Mark Meadows hit a home run.

Thursday, May 30

Jamestown Reds 21, Watson's Boys 16

Jamestown Reds – Brian Burchett 4 for 4 with 2 home runs, Rat Westmoreland 3 for 4 with 2 home runs, and Luther Byrd 3 for 4 with a home run. Watson's Boys – Michael Adams 3 for 4, Kelly Spivey 3 for 4, Gary Watson 3 for 4, Joey Eads 3 for 4, and Mark Jenkins hit a home run.

Pug's Tanks 15, Roadmasters 5

Pug's Tanks – Billy Witt 4 for 4, Jeff Flowers 3 for 3, and Elliot Poston 3 for 3. Roadmasters – Andy Smith 2 for 2, Derek Harris 2 for 2, and Michael Melton 2 for 2.

Livingston Jaycees 21, Lawns Unlimited 8

Livingston Jaycees – Leon Harris 4 for 4, David Nimmo 4 for 4, Jeremy Carr 3 for 3, Mike Johnson 3 for 4, and Robert Godsey 3 for 4. Lawns Unlimited – Brandon Mullins 2 for 2, Blake Almonrode 2 for 2, Bobby Corley 2 for 2, and Jed Stevens hit a home run.

Hutchinson 22, He-Jo Boat Storage 8

Hutchinson – David Jackson 5 for 5 with a home run, Gene Vaughn 4 for 5, Matt Copeland 3 for 3, Bobby McDougal 3 for 4 with a home run, Scott Little 3 for 4, and Jeff Hammock 3 for 4. He-Jo Boat Storage – Shane Nivens 2 for 3 with a home run, Brad Flowers 2 for 3, Terry Conner 2 for 3, and Lee Amonette 2 for 3.

Men's League Standings W L
Jamestown Reds 7 0
Huckeby Construction 6 1
Watson's Boys 6 2
Pug's Tanks 5 3
Hutchinson 2 4
Roadmasters 2 5
He-Jo Boat Storage 2 5
Livingston Jaycees 1 6
Lawns Unlimited 1 6





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