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Archives 02-06-2002



Lady Cats knock down Owlettes, Lady Tigers
LA Wildcats defeat Tigers, lose to Owls


LA Jr. Varsity Basketball Schedule 2001

Date Opponent Site Time
Thur., Feb. 14 Pickett Co. (Boys Only) Away 4:15 p.m.

LA Varsity Basketball Schedule 2001

Date Opponent Site Time
Thur., Feb. 14 Pickett Co. Away 6:30 p.m.


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Lady Cats knock down Owlettes, Lady Tigers

By Dewain E. Peek, OCN staff


Amanda Harris Sports Photography

Katrina Beechboard goes up for 2 of her 10 points scored against DeKalb County in Friday’s District 7-AA win.


The expected calm before the storm became rough sailing for Livingston Academy's Lady Wildcats at Carthage last week.

The schedule seemed light at first glance with games against Smith County and DeKalb County, the lower portion of District 7-AA, before this week's faceoff against the top echelon of Jackson County and Upperman.

Somebody forgot to tell the Owlettes they were supposed to be pushovers on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Though LA led 15-14 at the end of the first period, the lead came after the Owlettes swooped into the lead for a time in the quarter. The two teams fought beak and claw in the second period, ending at the intermission with a 24-point tie.

The home team flew ahead in the third period 36-31, but LA scratched back into the lead and managed to take a 57-48 District 7-AA victory.

Lady Cats Coach Lesley Smith said, "We played terrible. Our defense had holes in it everywhere, and our offense – we couldn't even make layups."

Coach Smith attributed some of the trouble with the Carthage team to the absence of Stephanie Sullivan, who was tending to a knee ailment.

"We missed Stephanie, a lot," Coach Smith said. "It was the first night we really missed her defensively. We were still scoring okay, but defensively, we couldn't contain the lane.

"We played really bad, and were very fortunate to win. We had 26 points in the fourth quarter or we wouldn't have won.

"Jessica Leach came in in the fourth quarter and just said, ‘I'm not losing.' She scored a couple of layups. Megan Thompson hit a big 3. And Katrina Beechboard had 18; she's been the only one scoring consistently.

"If those guys hadn't played like they did in the fourth quarter, we wouldn't have won. "It would have been an embarrassing loss for us."

The loss dropped Smith County to 12-11 overall. April James led Owlettes scoring with 15 points.

Katrina Beechboard led LA in scoring with 18 points, including two 3-pointers, followed in double figures by Jenna Baltimore with 14 points, including a 3-pointer and 7 free throws. Megan Thompson scored 9 points, including a 3-pointer and 4 of 4 from the foul line, Jessica Leach scored 6 points, including 2 free throws, Renee Melton scored 5 points, including 3 free throws, Kellie Thurman scored 3 points, including a free throw, and Christen Cates hit 2 free throws.

Jenna Baltimore and Renee Melton each made 3 assists, Beechboard made 2 assists, and Leach, Kristen Hoover, and Whitney Sells each made an assist.

Christen Cates and Katrina Beechboard each had 7 rebounds, followed by Melton and Thurman with 5 each, Thompson with 4, and Jenna Baltimore, Leach, Chelsie Stover, Hoover, and Sells with 1 each.

Jessica Leach had 4 steals, Cates and Thurman had 2 steals each, and Jenna Baltimore, Melton, and Thompson each had a steal.

Katrina Beechboard blocked 3 shots, Thompson and Thurman each blocked 2 shots, and Jenna Baltimore, Leach, and Cates each blocked a shot.

Livingston Academy played host to DeKalb County's Lady Tigers on Friday night, Feb. 1.

The Lady Cats jumped out to a 12-0 lead before the Smithville team made a response. LA limited the visitors to 5 points in the first period, while putting in 21 points of their own.

DeKalb County was limited to 2 points in the second period, and LA only managed 4 points to take a 26-7 lead into halftime.

"We shot the ball really well in the first quarter,” Coach Smith said. "We went a little flat in the second."

Livingston buried Smithville with a 22-6 third quarter to take a commanding 48-13 lead into the final frame. A 10-10 final round gave the Lady Cats a 58-23 district win.

Coach Smith said, "We were very consistent tonight. We did a good job with our pressure.

"I liked the way we were steady for the whole 32 minutes. No matter who was in there, we played really good defense and rebounded really well."

The game marked the return of Stephanie Sullivan to the Lady Cats lineup.

"In the back of our mind, it comforted us, knowing Steph-anie was sitting over there ready to come back. I'm glad to get Stephanie in for a few minutes. She may have played a little too long in the second quarter. Her knee started bothering her a little bit."

Renee Melton led in scoring with 14 points, including 4 of 4 on free throws, followed in double figures by Jenna Baltimore with 12 points, including two 3-pointers and 4 of 4 on free throws, and Katrina Beech-board with 10 points. Also contributing in scoring were Christen Cates with 9 points, including a free throw, Kellie Thurman with 3 points, including a free throw, and Jessica Leach, Stephanie Sullivan, Kasey Baltimore, Megan Thompson, and Kristen Hoover with 2 points each.

Jenna Baltimore and Jessica Leach each made 4 assists, Thompson made 2 assists, and Melton, Sullivan, and Thurman each made an assist.

Christen Cates led in rebounds with 11, followed by Beechboard with 6, Melton, Sullivan, Stover, Hoover, and Sells with 3 each, Jenna Baltimore with 2, and Thurman with 1.

Megan Thompson and Katrina Beechboard each had 4 steals, followed by Thurman with 3, Jenna Baltimore and Melton with 2 each, and Leach, Sullivan, Hoover, and Sells with a steal each.

Stephanie Sullivan blocked 3 shots, and Megan Thompson blocked a shot.

The week's play moved the Lady Wildcats to 22-3 overall and 8-2 in District 7-AA.

Last week's Associated Press Girls Prep Poll had three District 7-AA teams ranked in the top 5 of Class AA. Upperman was ranked number 1 in the state, Jackson County was ranked number 4, and Livingston Academy held the number 5 spot. The vote was taken before Jackson County once more soundly defeated Upperman.

The Lady Wildcats will travel to Baxter to play Upperman's Lady Bees on Friday, Feb. 8, after hosting Jackson County's Lady Blue Devils on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

"For confidence, they're important,” Coach Smith said of the Jackson County and Upperman games. "I think it will be good for us to win them both, to let Upperman and Jackson County both know we can beat them, and it will also let us know we can beat them.

"We're ready to play them. I hope Stephanie is back to full strength by then, but we just don't know yet.

"But we're going to be either second or third in the district, no matter what. Second and third in the district is kind of the same place as far as the brackets are concerned. Two will play seven, three will play six. Two plays DeKalb, three plays Smith County. I really don't want to play Smith County again."

Homecoming for the Lady Wildcats will be Tuesday, Feb. 12, the last home game of the season. Livingston Academy will host Cookeville High School's Lady Cavaliers.




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LA Wildcats defeat Tigers, lose to Owls

By Ashley Hunter, OCN staff


Amanda Harris Sports Photography

Cody Sells puts up a shot for LA in Friday's home win over DeKalb County's Tigers.


Livingston Academy Wildcats broke even this past week, losing to Smith County's Owls on Tuesday, Jan. 29 and beating DeKalb County's Tigers last Friday, Feb. 1.

In the game against Smith County, LA got off to a slow start and seemed to remain a step behind the Owls the entire night.

Smith County pulled out of the gate with a bang, going on a 12-4 run to start the game. LA fought right back, though, and managed to cut the lead to 5 at the end of the first quarter, thanks in large part to two big 3-pointers by Kyle Copeland.

The Wildcats came out swinging in the second quarter to cut the lead to 3 at 22-19. A quick 3 by Smith County standout Ryan Sleeper silenced the LA run.

Livingston continued to persevere. A 3-pointer, this time put up by LA's Jesse Wolfram cut the lead back to 3 points. Smith County scored the last bucket of the half, though, and took a 5-point advantage over the Wildcats, 27-22.

The third quarter began practically bursting with excitement as LA's Jeff Aldridge stole the inbound pass and took it away for an easy score, once again moving the LA deficit back to 3 points. That's as close as it got for the rest of the quarter as Smith County paralyzed LA on both ends of the basketball court and took a 43-35 lead at the end of the third period.

The fourth quarter began with more of the same as the Owls went on a 4-0 run to begin the quarter and take a 12-point lead, 47-35. Both teams continued to score with regularity, but trading buckets wouldn't save the Wildcats as they lost the game, 61-50.

Smith County was led in scoring by Ryan Sleeper with 26 points. He was followed by Shea Ralph, who put up 19 points in the win.

LA was led in scoring by Joseph McGill, who put up 17 points. He was followed by Jeff Aldridge with 10 points. Kyle Copeland and Brian Colson each scored 8 points. Jesse Wolfram scored 3 points. Dustin Ferrell and Matt Reeder each scored 2 points.

LA Coach Danny McCoin said, "We didn't play well. We missed shots that we should've made. We didn't have our offense going and just weren't all on the same page."

In last Friday's game against DeKalb County, somewhat of a role reversal took place on the Livingston team. Several freshmen Junior Varsity players took the places of seniors in the starting lineup.

The game began with the teams playing evenly matched, exchanging baskets for most of the first quarter. LA was ahead by 1 at 8-7 for the last two minutes of the first quarter, but a buzzer-beating 3-pointer by DeKalb County's Lance Dillard put the Tigers up 10-8 at the end of the first quarter.

A tight race began the second quarter, as neither team's lead got bigger than 2 points until the last 1:50 of the second quarter when LA's Jesse Wolfram put up a big 3-pointer to put LA up 23-18. LA kept right on moving to cap off a 7-0 run with a tip-in by Jaime Gurley. LA kept the lead to go up 27-20 at halftime.

The third quarter was quite an event as LA went on an 8-0 run to begin the quarter, and DeKalb County basically just played fruit basket turnover. LA continued to tame the Tigers for the rest of the quarter as they skyrocketed to a 50-29 lead at the end of three periods.

The fourth quarter was uneventful as LA put the varsity players back in to finish the game. The Cats were just too hot to handle as they took the big win, 58-33.

DeKalb County was led in scoring by Destin Farr with 11 points. He was followed by Lance Dillard and John Mayhan with 6 points apiece.

LA was led in scoring by Jesse Wolfram, who put in 25 big ones for the Wildcats. He was followed by Joseph McGill with 12 points. Jaime Gurley and Matt Reeder each scored 6 points, and 2 points each were scored by Wesley Puckett, Luke Eldridge, Kyle Copeland, and Brian Colson. Shawn Gray scored a point in the win.

Coach McCoin said, "Our freshmen played extremely well. They played very hard and smart. They also played very unselfishly and worked together. Overall, they're really fun to watch."

The next action for the Wildcats is this Friday, Feb. 8 on the road against Upperman's Bees. Livingston Academy will host Cookeville's Cavaliers on Homecoming night, Tuesday, Feb. 12.







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