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Archives 08-21-2002






Celina woman killed in one-vehicle crash
Outgoing Board members attend last meeting
Legislative Body meeting set for August 22
Public hearing set for Highway 52 corridor

Celina woman killed in one-vehicle crash

Ashley Hunter/OCN staff

Tennessee Highway Patrolmen Marty Philpot and James Sells investigate the scene where a Celina woman died in a one-vehicle crash Tuesday, Aug. 13. According to reports, Marinda Huddleston, 37, was driving a red 1993 Pontiac Sunbird east on Highway 85 around 4 p.m. when she lost control of the vehicle in a curve. The car went off the road on the right shoulder and struck a tree. Huddleston was not wearing a seatbelt, according to the report.



Outgoing Board members attend last meeting


In a year that has seen many political changes and is sure to see more, Overton County School Board has been no exception. Tuesday, Aug. 13 marked the last meeting for 3 of the 10 members currently serving on the Board.

Members leaving the Board at the end of August include Board Chairman Milton Raines, who will be replaced by Michele Thrasher in District 5, Larry Looper, who will be replaced by Lenard Ledbetter in District 3, and Russell Gray, who will be replaced by Dolphus Dial in District 2.

In his parting words, Raines said, "I'd just like to thank all the people in the 5th district for supporting me during my eight years as a Board member. I couldn't have made it without their support.

"Also, I want to thank the teachers, the para-professionals, the Central Office employees, the director of schools, and the Board for their hard work and dedication. It takes a lot of dedication to do this job we do.

"Also, I want to thank my family. Without their support, it would have been much harder and I've been very fortunate to have their support.

"And, I won't say good-bye to you, I'll say ‘I will see you tomorrow.'"

Director of Schools Bill Needham expressed his thanks to the Board saying, "I'm going to say to the ones of you that are going off the board, it has been a good year and a half, since I've been here, working with you.

"Of course, with Milton as chairman, we've had to meet and open bids and do a few extra things that the others have not. He's helped me keep you informed about things and that's one of the things that's been one of the hallmarks of the last year and a half is to make sure that everybody has the same information to make decisions on.

"And, to the new board members coming on, anything that goes on here is your business, just like it is anybody in the public's business. We'll do our best to keep you informed so you can make good decisions."

Needham informed the board that approximately 700 students attended "School Day at the Fair" Thursday, Aug. 8.

"A lot of activities were planned for them, and everyone had a good time. All in all, it went real well.

"There was high participation in the horse show and other events held that day. Seemed like someone said about 160 or 180 kids participated in these events,"

Needham said. Needham went on to inform the board that enrollment for the 2002-2003 school year is up again from that of the previous year.

"So far, at last count, we've got about a 69 overall, county-wide, increase. We're now over the 3,200 mark, close to 3,250,” he said.

Chairman Raines expressed appreciation to Allons Baptist Church for the donation of school supplies at Hilham Elementary.

"They donated for each child in the school things like glue, crayons, pencils, notebooks, etc. In each classroom, they donated things like bandaids, towels, soap, and things like that," he said.

In executive action, Board members approved the low bid for Livingston Academy baseball infield renovation in the amount of $12,965 from Buffalo Run LLC.

Needham said, "We had, I believe, four or five bids on that. This is to completely redo the infield, get it where it will drain, put in an irrigation system."

In new business, items approved by the Board were as follows:

Approved creating a personal assistant position for Special Education.

Approved General Purpose School, Education Capital Projects, and Central Cafeteria budgets for the 2002-2003 school year.

Approved quarterly reports for General Purpose School, School Federal Projects, Central Cafeteria, Education Capital Projects, and Capital Projects for the period ending June 30.

Approved the 2002-2003 budgets for the School to Work Project and Safe and Drug Free program.

Approved the following bids for the school nutrition programs for the 2002-2003 school year: food and supplies – Institutional Wholesale Co.; bread – Lewis Bakery; milk – Southern Belle Dairies; ice cream – Purity Dairies; and pest control – Universal Pest Control.

Approved letters of resignation from the Overton County school system from Greg Bibb, Rhonda Delk, and Michael Savage, and a letter of retirement from Pearl Masters.

Director Needham issued the Director's Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the director were as follows:

Hired Bruce Lamb at Livingston Academy.

Hired Matt Eldridge as assistant principal at Livingston Academy.

Hired Ethan King at Livingston Academy.

Hired Candy Reeser at Livingston Academy, half-time, and CLUE, half-time.

Hired Lori Meadows at A.H. Roberts.

Hired Kim Dillon at Livingston Middle School.

Hired Christie Jenkins at Rickman Elementary.

Hired Rachel Stockton at Early Childhood.

Hired Valerie Maynord at Allons Elementary.

Hired Angela Johnson at Rickman Elementary.

Hired Julia Roberts at Wilson Elementary.

Hired Karen York at Rickman Elementary.

Hired Karen Ledbetter at A.H. Roberts, part-time, and Livingston Middle School, part-time.

Hired Donna Lamb at Livingston Middle School.

Hired Dusty Watts at Allons Elementary.

Hired Dusty Whitaker at Livingston Academy.

Hired Jennifer Dillon at A.H. Roberts.

Hired Tammy Vaughn as educational assistant at Livingston Middle School.

Hired Holly Halfacre as teacher assistant at Rickman Elementary.

Hired Terry Pierce as bus driver at Wilson. Hired Glenda Guffey from half-time to full-time bus driver at Wilson.

Hired Larry Winningham as bus driver at Hilham.

Hired Drenia Wilson as SPED bus driver at Hilham.

Hired Louise Swallows, Mike Elder, and Alberta Dale for a 100-day contract.

Hired Scotty Cole for science/biology at Livingston Academy.

Hired Jodi McDonald at Livingston Academy. Hired Brian Aldridge as SPED attendant at Rickman.

Hired the following AmeriCorp workers: Katrina Swallows, Shannon Watson, and Lori Beth Watson at Wilson, Lindsey Looper at Hilham, Clint Melton at LMS, Jamie Trevathan at Rickman, Ashley Peeler at A.H. Roberts, and Stephanie Thrasher at Allons.

Hired Heather Staggs, Kathy Noe, and Kyle England as SPED bus attendants.

Hired the following for Learning Enrichment for Academic Progress camps: Margaret Leach, Peggy Daniels, Gail Martin, Pam Smith, Edie Cunningham, Melissa Smith, Elaine Grimes, Mick Barnes, Gary Boles, June Puckett, Tina Green, Billie Akers, Vicky Phillips, Gwen Smith, Barbara Vaughn, and Peggy Melton. Transferred Patricia Sells from Livingston Middle School to Livingston Academy.

Transferred William Sells from Allons Elementary to Livingston Academy.

Transferred Kendra Hummel from Rickman Elementary to Livingston Academy.

Transferred Kelly Hayes from Allons Elementary to A.H. Roberts.

Transferred Jennifer Dillon from A.H. Roberts to Allons.

Transferred Lori Franklin from A.H. Roberts to Hilham Elementary.

Approved maternity leave for Lori Mosley from Aug. 2 to September 13.

Approved medical leave for Brenda King from July 31 to September 23.

Approved medical leave for Maura Medley from July 31 to September 13.

Approved medical leave for Billie Rooker from August 7 to October 18.

Approved medical leave for Margaret Collins from July 31 to December 20.

Approved leave of absence for Sue Ellen McDonald, Danny McCormick, and Marsha Dodson for the 2002-2003 school year.



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Legislative Body meeting set for August 22

Overton County Legislative Body will hold the regular monthly meeting Thursday, Aug. 22. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the courtroom of Overton County Courthouse, located on the square in Livingston. The tentative agenda is as follows:
1. Call to order – Sheriff's Department.
2. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Grant Pennington.
3. Roll call – County Court Clerk Hugh L. Ogletree.
4. Consider reading and approval of the minutes of July 16, 2002.
5. Committee reports: A. Budget and Finance Committee – Tom Montooth. B. Solid Waste Committee – Gail Arney. C. Highway and County Property Committee – Gail Arney. D. Nursing Home Committee – Grant Pennington. E. Education Committee – Jean Moore. F. Public Safety Committee – Billy Phipps. G. Veterans Committee – W.J. Webb.
6. Consider approval of a budget director for the 2002-2003 budget year.
7. Consider a uniform speed limit for all county roads that have not otherwise had a speed limit approved.
8. Consider approval of the school quarterly report.
9. Consider approval of appropriating resolutions for General Fund, Debt Service Fund, Courthouse and Jail Maintenance Fund, Solid Waste Fund, Drug Fund, General Purpose School Fund, Central Cafeteria Fund, and School Debt Service Fund.
10. Consider approval of a resolution fixing the tax levy as of July 1, 2002 at $1.64.
11. Consider the approval of the adjustments in the salary schedule for the fiscal year 2002-2003.
12. Consider the recommended changes in amounts the county contributes to the employees' health insurance. The change would be to contribute 80 percent of the average cost of a single policy.
13. Consider a resolution making appropriations to non-profit organizations of Overton County for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002 and ending June 30, 2003.
14. Consider the following Notaries-at-Large: Tonya Reed.
15. Adjourn.


Public hearing set for Highway 52 corridor

Tennessee Department of Transportation will conduct a highway corridor and design public hearing on Thursday, Sept. 26 to discuss proposed improvements to SR-52 in Overton County.

The hearing will be held at Tennessee Technology Center, 740 High Tech Drive, Livingston.

The corridor project involves three alternates from west of Campground Road to west of Alpine Road. The design project involves the construction of SR-52 west of Alpine Road to west of the Pickett County line.

The proposal calls for a two-lane highway. Enough right of way will be purchased to allow for a four-lane divided highway in the future. The project is 5.3 miles in length.

The "open house" style hearing will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. No formal presentation will be made and interested citizens may arrive within the two-hour period. Representatives of the department will be present to provide information about location, major design features, relocation assistance, the tentative schedules for right-of-way acquisition and construction and other matters of interest related to the project.

The public is invited to ask questions and make comments during the hearing and will be given the opportunity to make their opinions known concerning the need for the project.

Written statements and other exhibits may be submitted to Project Comments, Tennessee Department of Transportation, Suite 700, James K. Polk building, 506 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN 37243-0332.



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