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80 Years Ago

Archives 08-07-2002






Christen Cates crowned 2002 Fairest of the Fair
City Council makes exception for Overton County fair banner
Election gives county new representation


Christen Cates crowned 2002 Fairest of the Fair

Dewain E. Peek/OCN staff

The 2002 Overton County Fairest of the Fair Pageant was held at Overton County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Aug. 3. Winners are, front row from left, 4th Runner-Up Casey Maynord, 3rd Runner-Up Tatum Stephens, 2001 Fairest of the Fair Ciara Cross, 2002 Fairest of the Fair Christen Cates, 1st Runner-Up Beth Brady, and 2nd Runner-Up Sarah Allen, congratulated by, back row, Tim McGill, CEO of Livingston Regional Hospital, Wanda Krantz, vice president of Bank of Overton County, David Robbins, president of Overton County Fair Association, and Michelle Watson and Joe Ross of Livingston Regional Hospital. Overton County Fair Association and Bank of Overton County provided a $1,000 academic scholarship to the 2002 Fairest of the Fair winner, and Livingston Regional Hospital sponsored the Fairest of the Fair Pageant. The pageant began with a display of patriotic attire worn by the 18 contestants (below), most with a decidedly red, white, and blue motif.



Tiny Tot King and Queen crowned for 2002

Ashley Hunter/OCN staff

The 2002 Tiny Tot King and Queen contest was held at Overton County Fairgrounds on Friday, Aug. 2. Congratulated by 2001 Tiny Tot Queen McKenzie Poston, are 2002 Tiny Tot King Justin Rogers, son of Richard and Crystal Rogers of Livingston, 2002 Tiny Tot Queen Katlyn Ray, daughter of Chris and Shannon Ray of Allons, 1st runner-up Seth Coplin Parker, son of Keith and Rhonda Parker of Livingston, 1st runner-up Tessa Jayde Bilbrey, daughter of Tony and Regina Bilbrey of Livingston, 2nd runner-up Abigail Autumn Clough, daughter of Frank and Karen Clough of Monroe, and 2nd runner-up Austin Keith Young, son of Jason Young and Kristi Hughes of Allons. Awards were presented by Michelle Watson and Joe Ross of Livingston Regional Hospital.


City Council makes exception for Overton County fair


Livingston City Council voted to make a temporary exception to the town's sign ordinance Monday night.

In the regular monthly meeting held August 5, Alderman Robert Jolley asked that the Fair Board be allowed to erect a banner at the intersection of Highway 85 and Highway 111. The banner would point directions to the fairgrounds.

Jolley said, "The Fair Board has a state fair board that they have to answer to. They have to have direction signs off the main thoroughfares showing where the fairgrounds are at, or they can lose several thousand dollars in state money."

He went on to say, "I don't want to cause another organization in this city or this county to lose money just over a banner up for six days."

Mayor Winningham reminded the Council that the city's sign ordinance does not allow off-premises banners. He cautioned that if the ordinance is ignored for one party and not for another, then the party denied could have grounds to sue.

Vice Mayor Bill Winningham said the sign ordinance was flawed.

"I think our sign ordinance is pretty antiquated anyway," he said. "I don't know. We've caused more controversy over that sign ordinance than anything we've done."

He also brought up the variances given to youth groups to allow for road blocks as an example of bending the rules.

"If this is going to help the Fair Association, I'm for letting them hang it up there,” he said. "I know that's violating our ordinance, but, sorry."

Alderman Jolly made the motion, "That we give the Fair Board permission to put a banner sign up at the junction of Highway 85 and 111 for this week during the fair."

Alderman Curtis Hayes seconded the motion and all aldermen present voted for the measure. Aldermen Johnny Halfacre and Thurman Langford were not present.

The City Council voted to remove the "No Parking” signs on Apple Drive near the intersection with Greenfield Drive.

The aldermen voted to approve an airport zoning ordinance. The ordinance limits the height of structures around the fly-in area. A resolution was adopted for new traffic lights to be placed at the intersection of Bilbrey Street and West Main Street.

The second reading on rezoning Carl Rogers property from R-1 to C-1 was approved.

The low bid on a tractor and mower from Mountain Farm was accepted at $26,327.80.

Mayor Hosea Winningham informed the City Council that Livingston Police Department has four new police cars, and that a Dodge pick-up has been ordered for the supervisor of the water department.

Curtis Winningham was hired at the water department to replace Mark Carr.

An airport Title VI training session will be held from 10 a.m. to noon September 11 in the conference room of Livingston City Hall.

A copy of the Courthouse Square Committee report was presented to the aldermen.

A request to place speed bumps on Martin Street was taken into consideration. Police Chief Roger Phillips was asked to look into the need for the speed bumps.

Chief Phillips addressed the Council to ask motorists to use extra caution while going through school zones now that school is back in session.

The meeting adjourned.


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Election gives county new representation

The August 1 election changed the face of Overton County government once more. Along with officially electing a new county executive, a new sheriff was elected as well as six new county commissioners and three new school board members.

Kenneth Copeland, running unopposed, was officially elected County Executive. He received 3,306 of the 5,987 votes cast in Overton County.

Bud Swallows was elected Sheriff, receiving 4,324 votes to incumbent Kelly Hull's 1,398 votes.

In the School Board member races, 1st District incumbent Jerry Glasscock was re-elected with 520 votes. Challengers Leretha Harris and Paul Allan Terry received 383 and 319 votes respectively.

Dolphus Dial was elected to the 2nd District School Board seat with 474 votes. Pat Huckeby received 267 votes, and incumbent Russell Gray received 246.

Lenard Ledbetter, running unopposed for the 3rd District School Board seat, received 360 votes. Incumbent Larry Looper chose not to run for re-election.

Melody Williams was re-elected in the 4th District, receiving 403 votes to challenger David Ricketts' 176.

Michele K. Thrasher defeated Michael Sullivan 459 to 356 for the 5th District School Board seat. Incumbent Milton Raines chose not to run for re-election.

With all three incumbent county commissioners the only choices in the 1st District, Alan Atnip, Frank Martin, and Jean Moore were re-elected to Overton County Legislative Body service. Moore received 616 votes, Martin 597, and Atnip 566.

Though challengers made bids, the three 2nd District incumbents retained their Legislative Body seats. County Commissioners Stanley Carter Jr., Grant Pennington, and David Dorminey Sr. were re-elected with 478, 416, and 389 votes respectively. Billy Parrott narrowly failed to return as a county commissioner, receiving 372 votes. Michael J. Walker received 304 votes, and Bernie Copeland Jr. received 183.

Randall Boswell was re-elected in the 3rd District with 435 votes. But the other two winners are new to the Legislative Body. John E. Phillips was elected with 335 votes, and Shaun R. Hale was elected with 304. Incumbent Billy L. Sullivan fell short with 268 votes, and past county commissioner Dewayne Hargis received 136 votes. Incumbent Wayne Ferrell chose not to run for re-election.

Chris Neal was voted in as a 4th District county commissioner with 467 votes. Incumbent Gail Reed Arney was re-elected with 465 votes, and Donald Jeff Keyes was elected with 383 votes. Incumbent Billie G. Phipps came up shy with 335 votes, and Phllip Talley received 213 votes. Incumbent Tom Montooth chose not to run for re-election.

Ben Danner received the most votes in the 5th District race, with 435. Incumbent Johnie Webb was re-elected with 389 votes, and Gary Hollars was elected with 364 votes, just 14 votes enough to leave incumbent Gregg Nivens out of the running, with 350 votes. James E. Barlow received 193 votes. Incumbent Donnie Bull chose not to run for re-election.

Many write-in votes were submitted for constable positions. Candidates may be elected as constables of the districts they reside in if they receive 2 or more votes; however, candidates elected as a constable must comply with certain requirements before being sworn in. Tie votes will be decided by the legislative body.

Write-ins for Constable were as follows: Larry Daniels received a vote in the 2nd District; Jerry Wilson received 2 votes in the 3rd District, and W.B. Brown, Clifford Jones, and Donna J. Beason each received a vote; Robert Garrett, Brenda Anderson, Johnny Garrett, and David G. Webb each received a vote in the 4th District, as did Allen Loftis, who does not live in the district; Kameron Bates and Sam B. Neely each received 3 votes in the 5th District, John Henry and Jennings Hill each received 2 votes, and Bob Arnold and John Brown each received 1 vote, as did Allen Loftis, who does not reside in the district.

Running unopposed, Peggy Clark Smith received 3,723 votes for County Trustee, Johnny R. Brown received 3,961 votes for Circuit Court Clerk, Hugh L. Ogletree received 4,419 votes for County Clerk, and "Peck” Smith received 4,234 votes for Register of Deeds. In the state primaries, Overton County mirrored the state in the Governor and U.S. Senate choices.

Overton County preferred Phil Bredesen, with 3,782 votes, for the Democrat nominee for Governor, and preferred Van Hilleary, with 670 votes, for the Republican nominee.

Bob Clement was preferred for the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senator, with 3,334 votes, while Lamar Alexander was preferred as the Republican nominee, with 507 votes.




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