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80 Years Ago

Archives 06-26-2002





Two flown out after wreck on Airport Road
Deputy held at gunpoint Monday
Local Doctore found after disappearance
Holman prison sentence overturned



Two flown out after wreck on Airport Road

A serious two-vehicle accident on Friday afternoon proves just why most 14 year-olds are too young to drive around in cars in the state of Tennessee. According to reports from Tennessee Highway Patrolman Jimmy King, Jonathan L. Langford, 14, of Livingston, was cruising along northbound on Airport Road in a 1987 Camaro when he crossed the double yellow lines into the path of a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass, driven by Sadie B. Buford, 77, of Livingston.

Both vehicles sustained quite a bit of damage, and Langford and Buford were flown to Erlanger Hospital for treatment. A passenger in the Camaro, Joshua J. Masters, 13, also of Livingston, was transported and treated for bruises and abrasions at Livingston Regional Hospital.

Also responding to the scene were THP Sgt. Jimmy Beaty, Lt. Tim Poore with Overton County Sheriff's Department, and members from Overton County Ambulance Service and Livingston Fire Department.

Deputy held at gunpoint Monday


An Overton County deputy had one of the biggest scares imaginable late Monday morning, June 24 after being held at gunpoint for several moments.

According to Lt. Tim Poore, with Overton County Sheriff's Department, Dep. John Harris was assigned to take Rita F. Sardo to her home to clean out her belongings after she and the man she lived with had been in a domestic dispute. The home is located on Bowers Road, off Windle Community Road.

"The judge had signed an order last Friday or Saturday for the lady to go to the house to get her stuff out,” Lt. Poore said.

Bobby H. Cobble, who was ordered not to be anywhere near the house, had reportedly visited and left the residence earlier that day before Dep. Harris and Sardo arrived.

"From the call that I understood this morning, Mr. Cobble had been to the residence this morning – already before our officer had got there – causing problems. John went down there to stand by, as court ordered, to make sure there were no problems."

Cobble came back to the residence with a revolver while Sardo and the deputy were there.

"Mr. Cobble came back to the residence and had a loaded pistol in his pocket that looked to be, from what I saw, a .38 or .357 or something in that neighborhood. He proceeded to draw it on John, then John drew his weapon. Evidently, they were talking back and forth and John was trying to get him calmed down," Lt. Poore explained.

"Another officer showed up and was talking with him also. They got him (Cobble) calmed down a little. They did talk him into going outside with them, and when he went outside, they took him down, cuffed him, took the gun off him, and they also recovered I think three or four more weapons from the residence."

During the standoff, a girl who Lt. Poore thought to be Cobble's daughter was at the residence. She reportedly got into Dep. Harris' squad car and began talking on the radio, informing the dispatcher of the situation.

"She more or less filled us in on what was happening," Lt. Poore said.

Most Sheriff's Department officers on duty at that time responded to the scene after they found out what was happening.

Lt. Poore, who was on Celina Highway, arrived at the home just as Cobble was being taken into custody.

"It took me probably a good 10 minutes (to get there), maybe a little more. They had just taken him down and cuffed him when I got there.” Harris, who was still quite shaken up, was unable to comment on the incident to Overton County News Monday.

"Harris was the only one on the call," Lt. Poore continued. "He was just there to make sure there was no trouble. We have to have a judge's order before we can go to a residence like that, just for this purpose – this is a good example. We have to have a judge's order because if somebody comes in and wants to go home and get their belongings and they don't have a judge's order, we won't go just for this purpose.

"Just like today, if this had resulted in either one of them getting shot, there would have been some problems if we didn't have a judge's order. But he (Harris) was there under judge's orders.”

Monday's incident was reportedly not the first domestic problem Cobble and Sardo have had.

"I think there has been some history of domestic stuff there before,” Lt. Poore said. "I know they've had some problems maybe as recent as Friday because the judge signed an order sometime during the weekend on this for us to go down there."

After Cobble was apprehended, officials spoke with his daughter, who had radioed the dispatcher.

"The daughter looked to be, I'm going to say she's probably late teens, early 20s. She said that she thought Mr. Cobble was going to shoot our officer."

Another girl was on the scene who Lt. Poore believed was a daughter or granddaughter. She reportedly witnessed the standoff.

"I don't know that anyone spoke with the younger one. She didn't look to be but 7 or 8."

Bobby Cobble will face charges after his alleged behavior Monday.

"He'll probably be charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, probably Resisting Arrest, and there are probably going to be some more charges – just have to wait and see,” Lt. Poore reported. "I'm not for sure on all the charges, but there will probably be several charges. It was under judge's orders for him not to be around the house so I assume that he will be charged with Violating a Judge's Orders because I assume that he was told not to be there."

A vehicular wreck also occurred while one officer was making his way to assist at the Cobble home. Overton County Sheriff's Department Officer Jacob Boswell wrecked his patrol car after the serpentine belt broke in the vehicle. Officer Boswell was apparently uninjured.

"He did run through a fence," Lt. Poore verified. "He was on his way to the call, but it was not his fault. The main drive belt that works the power steering, the air conditioner, alternator, all that, broke and locked his power steering up and he went through the fence. It did some damage to the car. We've already got a crew down there putting a fence back up."

The thought of Dep. Harris or another fellow officer getting injured or even killed was a lot for Lt. Poore to soak in, as well as the rest of the department.

"When the call came out, I was more worried about our officer than I was myself, you know. I wasn't really thinking about my safety. I was thinking about the situation where he had a gun drawn on him," he said.

"It's a scary thought when you go into a situation like this, anytime. You always have that, especially when you go to a situation where they're getting irate with you and pretty belligerent."


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Local doctor found after disappearance

A local orthopaedist went amiss early last week in the Dale Hollow Lake area of Pickett County.

According to reports, Dr. Anthony P. Dalton, of Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic, went fishing just after dark last Monday evening on his family's recently purchased pontoon boat, which was docked at Sunset Marina.

Dr. Dalton had recently found that his father, who resides in Lincoln, NE, had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and he reportedly went to the lake to get his mind off the matter.

His wife, Karen, spoke with him Tuesday and he indicated to her that he would be back home that evening.

When he did not return Tuesday evening or all day Wednesday, his wife filed a missing persons report and notified out-of-town family members that he had not returned.

Local rescue squads and members of the Pickett County Sheriff's Department and Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency responded to the area, along with other agencies to try to locate Dr. Dalton. A helicopter was also brought to the area to aid in the search.

Dr. Dalton was discovered in a small cove at the lake between Sunset Marina and East Port Boat Dock at around 10 a.m. Saturday morning. He was reportedly disoriented and dehydrated. He had been without his blood pressure medication, as well as food, since Tuesday.

His wife told Overton County News that he had lost his eye glasses and could not get reception on his cellular phone, leaving him stranded.

Dr. Dalton was stabilized by EMT personnel and is reportedly recuperating at his Cookeville home. He is taking a leave of absence from his practice.

The family of Dr. Dalton expressed appreciation to all agencies who were involved in the search and rescue.


Holman prison sentence overturned

By ROBERT FORSMAN, court reporter

Citing judicial error, Judge Lillie Ann Sells overturned an order sentencing Dana Copeland Holman, 31, to prison for violating probation. The ruling was made during the Monday, June 24 session of Overton County Criminal Court.

Judge Sells sentenced Holman to prison June 19 for violating probation. Attorney Randy York of Crossville served as defense counsel in both cases. Holman was incarcerated in Overton County Jail June 20. She was released following the June 24 ruling.

Judge Sells said she discovered the error, which involved not distinguishing a plea by Holman from that of a codefendant in cases that resulted in Holman being placed on probation in lieu of a 6-year prison sentence.

Ruling that Holman had violated probation but the jail sentence was invalid, Judge Sells added two years of Community Corrections, a form of house arrest, to Holman's original probationary period. In Holman's case she'll be required to wear an ankle monitoring device.



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