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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-01-2002






Mock DUI drill held at Livingston Academy
Liquor sales option to be on city ballot
"Stamp Out Hunger" drive set for May 11

Mock DUI drill held at Livingston Academy


Dewain E. Peek/OCN staff

The scene greeting Livingston Academy seniors Friday morning was of a crash with four victims. Two of the victims in the enactment were fatalities. Of the other two, one was an impaired driver.


Overton County Health Council conducted a mock DUI crash scene at Livingston Academy on Friday, April 26. The event was held for LA seniors only.

The mock DUI scene was set up to emulate an automobile wreck in which alcohol was the primary cause of the crash. Donna Holt's nursing students at Tennessee Technology Center at Livingston portrayed victims in the crash scene. Though staged, the crash was planned to look as though a real wreck had occurred.

Students witnessed Livingston Police Chief Roger Phillips call in the wreck, and saw the arrival of members of Livingston Police Department followed by Livingston Fire Department trucks and then tge arrival of ambulances from Overton County Ambulance Service.

The crash followed realistic occurrences at such a wreck, down to the arrival of a distraught mother of a crash victim.

The intoxicated driver was given a field sobriety test, and upon failing, was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car to be taken for booking.

Just as at a real crash, ambulances left with victims and bodies. The fire trucks left when no longer needed. Policemen left. Then in the remaining silence, wrecker service personnel loaded up the cars to clear the scene.

After students left the crash scene, they went into the LA mini theater where they listened to Kathy Masters, spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, tell about her son, Seth Gilpatrick, who was killed by an impaired driver.

Afterward, the students heard from Assistant District Attorney Owen Burnett, who told them about the punishment awaiting those who kill when drinking and driving.

Others participating in the event included the Livingston Academy staff, Overton County E-911, Overton County Rescue Squad, Watkins and Langford Wrecker Service, Livingston Regional Hospital, Dale Hollow Mental Health, UT Agricultural Extension Service, Overton County Health Department, Overton County Board of Education, Upper Cumberland Electric Service, Maynord's Thrifty, and Celebrations of Cookeville.

Overton County Health Council expressed appreciation to all who contributed to the event.

Angela Hassler of the Health Council stated, "The hard work and involvement of each group and individual contributed to the success of this mock DUI education program.

"The Health Council realizes each person and organization put forth a great effort to include this event in their schedules, and we are appreciative. Without the support of these organizations, individuals, and the community, programs like this one could never happen."

Alcohol-related crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers, according to the University of Tennessee's Tennessee Traffic Safety Resource Service Center for Transportation Research. Alcohol is involved in almost half of all motor vehicle wrecks that kill teenagers.

In Tennessee, legal intoxication is defined at having a BAC of .10 or more. A federal mandate for states to lower the legal level to .08 has been ignored by the Tennessee General Assembly, at the risk of losing federal road funds. (More DUI drill photos on 3A.)


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Liquor sales option to be on city ballot


Liquor sales would be legal inside Livingston city limits if a local option passes in the upcoming Municipal Election.

The local option authorizes retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages as defined in Tennessee Code Annotated 57-4-102 as provided by law (1).

Definition of alcoholic beverages, according to Tennessee Code Annotated 57-4-102, is "alcohol, spirits, liquor, wine, and every liquid containing alcohol, spirits, wine, and capable of being consumed by a human being, other than patented medicine or beer where the latter contains an alcoholic content of five percent (5%) by weight, or less."

By state law, alcoholic beverages also include "any liquid product containing distilled alcohol capable of being consumed by a human being manufactured or made with distilled alcohol irrespective of alcohol content."

Also on the ballot will be an election of a mayor and three aldermen for the Town of Livingston.

The Municipal Election will be held Wednesday, June 5.

Those casting a voting in the election must reside inside the city limits or have at least a 50 percent ownership of property within the city limits at the time of registration and of voting.

Deadline to register to vote in the election is Monday, May 6.



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"Stamp Out Hunger" drive set for May 11

National Association of Letter Carriers and United States Postal Service will conduct their 10th annual food drive Saturday, May 11.

Vincent R. Sombrotto, president of National Association of Letter Carriers, said, "Every day, more than 26 million Americans rely on food assistance programs to provide them with needed nourishment. A growing number of them are working families who have to make tough decisions between shelter, medical needs, clothing, and food on a daily basis.

"Last year, with donations from millions of Americans, we delivered more than 70 million pounds of food to help those in need."

Those who want to participate in the drive should leave nonperishable boxed or canned food items in a sturdy bag by their mailbox for their letter carrier to collect.

Goods gathered will be distributed in their respective area, and may include such items as soup, pasta, canned meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits, and cereals or rice.





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