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80 Years Ago

Archives 02-27-2002






New building to house Ambulance Service
Truck stolen, man charged with theft
Qualifying ends for primaries
Candidates Announce


New building to house Ambulance Service

By Becky Meredith, OCN staff

After being moved from building to building for several years, Overton County Ambulance Service will soon be housed "for keeps” at a 7,500 square-foot building off Bradford-Hicks Drive, next to the Health Department.

The project has been in the works for a while now, according to Executive Richard M. "Ossie" Mitchell, and is in conjunction with the same building program that involved the Overton County Justice Center.

"In our package where we bid for the justice center, it was a part of that,”

Executive Mitchell said. "It was originally part of the building program. It was only housed where it is now temporarily."

Executive Mitchell believes the County Commission's decision to build a new ambulance center was a good one.

"There are $70,000 machines sitting out there with $20-$30,000 worth of equipment in them, and they can't even get them out of the weather. We need it bad. We've needed an ambulance service for a long time.

"They never have had a permanent place. They've just been shifted around everywhere."

The ambulance service operated for about eight years from the basement of the Courthouse Annex on University Street, and was then moved to the old National Guard Armory, where the justice center is now.

"When we started building a justice center out of it, we had to move them somewhere,” he continued. "We had this old health building available where they are now, so we moved them there."

The building will cost around $450,000, Executive Mitchell said, and will have space for eight ambulances.

"We have six ambulances now and an extrication vehicle, they called it. It carries equipment to get people out of wrecked cars and so forth."

Although under the same building program, the justice center was finished several months before construction of the ambulance service began.

"We've been this late getting it started because we couldn't decide where to put the thing,” he said.

The staff of the ambulance service is anxiously awaiting the move, where they will have a better location and better facilities.

A big factor in the move is not only keeping the vehicles inside a controlled-temperature building, but keeping medications and IV fluids inside also.

Liz Crabtree, director of the ambulance service, said, "Our medications and IV fluids have to be at a certain temperature, instead of being outside in the weather in the winter."

For years, ambulance service personnel have been plugging up the engines to keep them warm, and attaching a heater to the back of the ambulances to keep the medications and IV fluids warm enough.

"You have to get out and unplug your truck, and you have to unplug your little heater in the back, you know, to get out and make your calls,” Crabtree said. "It's a lot better on the vehicles not to sit out."

The vehicles being kept inside will also be convenient and easier on the staff.

"It's going to save time, as far as getting out and cleaning your windshield and unplugging your vehicles,” Crabtree said. "If you're already going to be inside, all you'll have to do is start them up and go."

Crabtree explained what happens to the medications and IV fluids if they do not maintain a certain temperature.

"They lose their effectiveness. We've made it, but it's been hard because they (staff) have had to keep an eye on their vehicles to make sure the heaters were working and making sure the drugs were where they need to be, checking to make sure they haven't crystallized. They have to really check them off every day, a couple times a day sometimes during the winter."

Another benefit of the move is that the front office will be isolated from the EMT and paramedics stationing. The office area in the new building apparently is designated to serve those who wish to discuss administration issues or bills.

The hassle of crowded parking will be done away with at the new site as well.

"Parking will be a great benefit. We just don't have any parking over here. By the time you get your ambulances parked and people try to come in, it's really hard, and the workers trying to park, too," Crabtree continued.

She seems happy with all the new facility will offer; however, Crabtree has future hopes for the ambulance service.

"Maybe we can get some more equipment later on, you know. Kind of upgrade our equipment some."

The building looks to be done sometime early to mid-summer, according to reports.

"It's coming up pretty quick," Crabtree said. "I passed by there this morning. They're putting on shingles and stuff. It looks like it's moving really quickly. It might be even sooner, but probably about the first of this summer. I'm hoping before then, but probably the first of this summer."

The new center will feature a training room where staff members can conduct training procedures and hold conferences.

"We really don't have any place right now to do our inservices and stuff. We're excited about that," she said.

"We'll have a big area to do our inservice training. That's going to be a big plus for us, instead of trying to get 20 employees in one little room."

Crabtree believes the high school in particular might benefit from the move.

"I think it's a benefit with the school because you've got your kids there, and it's going to be closer in case they were to get hurt and need us."

On the other hand, the closeness to the school might pose a problem when students are arriving and leaving.

"Maybe they can put up a light that will automatically change for us to come out if it's during school hours," she suggested.

To finally have a designated, permanent home seems to be what means the most to Crabtree and her staff.

"We're excited to hopefully have a home where we don't have to be moved from. We'll always be there. Everybody's really excited because we've been waiting a really long time to get a building."




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Truck stolen, man charged with theft

Clay County Sheriff's Department apprehended an Overton County man suspected of stealing a truck Friday night, Feb. 22, after receiving reports from Livingston Police Department to be watching for the truck.

According to reports, William Burnett was in the process of closing his West Main Street store when he noticed his 1987 Ford pickup was gone.

He reported the incident to Livingston Police Department, and officers were able to develop a suspect after speaking with witnesses.

LPD Communications Officer Kevin Carmack entered the vehicle's description into the NCIC crime computer and notified officials in surrounding counties.

Officer Carmack learned that Clay County Deputy Wendell Schrock had pulled over a vehicle that matched the description of the stolen truck moments before the Clay County department was notified of the matter.

Dep. Wendell reportedly cited the driver for speeding and allowed the man to drive away.

After learning the truck was stolen, Dep. Wendell and other members of the Clay County Sheriff's Department, including Sheriff Jerry Rhoton, began searching for the vehicle. They reportedly caught up to the truck on Highway 53 South in the Celina area, where they pulled over the suspect and detained him until members of Livingston Police Department could arrive and take him into custody.

Bobby W. Richardson, 48, of Willow Place Apartments, was arrested for the theft and charged with Burglary of an Auto and Theft of Property Over $1,000.

He will reportedly be arraigned in Overton County General Sessions Court on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

He was out on bond on additional burglary and theft charges in the county, according to Livingston Police Department officials.

Chief Roger Phillips said, "The officers did a fine job in the recovery of the truck and in notifying the surrounding agencies to be on the lookout for the stolen truck.

"The truck was returned to the owner that very night."






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Qualifying ends for primaries

Qualifying for the May 7 Overton County primary elections ended at noon Thursday, Feb. 21.

The largest field of candidates will be in the Democrat Primary for Overton County Sheriff, with 9 candidates. On the ballot will be Kameron E. Bates, Greg Etheredge, Danny A. Garrett, David L. Hunter, Danny L. Killman, Allen D. Loftis, Roger D. Phillips, William J. "Bud" Swallows, and David G. Webb.

Incumbent Kelly D. Hull will run unopposed in the Republican Primary.

Five candidates will be on the ballot for Trustee in the Democrat Primary – Marvin K. Allred, Jeffery Dale Day, Billy Gray Hargis, Kathy Johnson Smith, and Peggy Clark Smith.

Three candidates will vie for the County Executive position in the Democrat Primary – Kenneth L. Copeland, Clifford R. Jones, and Thomas Eldon "Tom" Montooth.

Incumbents running unopposed will be Circuit Court Clerk Johnny R. Brown, County Clerk Hugh L. Ogletree, and Register of Deeds Franklin D. "Peck” Smith.




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Candidates Announce

Marvin Allred announces bid for Trustee

Marvin Allred has informed Overton County News he plans to run for the position of Overton County Trustee in the upcoming election. His statement is as follows:

"My name is Marvin Allred, and I would like to announce my candidacy for Trustee of Overton County in the upcoming Democratic Primary.

"I am the son of Wayne and Myrtle Allred of Livingston. I am married to Amy Allred, daughter of Benny and Reta Davis of Hilham.

"Amy and I live in the Hilham area of Overton County and are expecting our first child within the next few weeks.

"I have experience with daily accountabilities of large amounts of money in my job as a driver for Coca-Cola. I believe in honesty and hard work. If elected as trustee, those are the qualities my office will stand for.

"I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible, but with the long hours I work, I apologize to the ones of you who I may miss.

"Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated on May 7."


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