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80 Years Ago

Archives 12-12-2001




Spirit Of The Season Gleams In Area Christmas Lights
School Board Meeting Held December 4
Afghanistan Casualty Has Familiar Name


Spirit Of The Season Gleams In Area Christmas Lights

The spirit of the Christmas season gleams all around the Overton County area with lighting displays adorning homes, yards, and trees.

These two homes are neighbors on College Street. The home of Ronnie Qualls, at 413 College Street, above, is well covered in Christmas lights and ornaments as is next door neighbor Ray Barlow's home, at 407 College Street. The lighting displays took the homeowners two days each to create the traffic-stopping decorations.


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School Board Meeting Held December 4

By Dewain E. Peek, OCN staff

Overton County Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Dec. 4, with Board Member Larry Looper absent.

In executive action, the low bid for a utility and maintenance truck was approved at $6,990 from Henard Motors. The low bid from CDW Government Inc. for laser printers was approved at $452 for one, and $446 each for a quantity of 14.

The low bid of Katom Restaurant Supply for serving trays and dinnerware was approved at $6,711.55.

Director of Schools Bill Needham said, "That was about eight or nine thousand dollars lower than the other closest bid."

The low bid from School Specialty for security camera systems was approved.

In new business, the Board approved security lighting at Wilson Elementary from Volunteer Electric.

According to Director Needham, the 3-year contract includes six steel poles, an additional wood pole, and 12 bulbs for $230.52 per month.

"They do all the installation, maintenance, upkeep, the whole deal," Director Needham said. "I feel like that's an extremely good deal."

Amendment #2 IDEA 2002-01 was approved, as was Addendum #1 and Amendment #2 to the 2002-01 Title I Project.

The Board approved FY 2001-02 Safe School Act application.

The first reading was approved of CGBF – Duties of Supervisor of Transportation Duties, with line 2 being changed to omit "transportation” and to insert "bus garage", line 24 changed to omit "each" and insert "such”, add #14 "Recommend concurrently with principals, bus drivers to be employed by the Board to the Director of Schools, and add #15 "Any other such duties as may be given the Director of Schools".

The first reading was approved of IDFA Interscholastic Athletics with line 37 stating "Coaching and other employees of the school district shall not encourage, permit, condone, or tolerate hazing activities as part of the athletic program."

The first reading was approved of THC Student Clubs and Organizations with line 17 being changed from "of students" to "by students" to read "Hazing by students acting alone or with others is strictly prohibited."

The first reading of the Overton County Schools Gateway Testing Policy was approved. Gateway tests will be reported from the state as either "proficient" or "not proficient", and will count 15 percent of the course grade for the semester in which it is taken. A proficient score will be considered a 100, and a "not proficient" score will be considered a 69, and a zero will be given for a missed test due to an unexcused absence.

The first semester grade will count 75 percent and the final will count 25 percent. The second semester grade will count 75 percent, semester test 10 percent, and the Gateway 15 percent.

Kevin Norrod was appointed to the 2001-2002 Social Studies Textbook adoption committee to replace Rhonda Delk.

Director Needham issued the Director's Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

Medical leave was extended for Bessie Sells until January 2.

Rhonda Delk's medical leave was extended for the remainder of the 2001-2002 school year.

Patricia Gore, Katrina Swallows, Jamie Higgins, and Brenda Walls were hired as non-certified substitute teachers.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 15 instead of the usual first Tuesday of the month.

The meeting adjourned.


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Afghanistan Casualty Has Familiar Name

Once again a Tennessean is the first member of the United States military to die in a conflict, once again the Tennessean is a member of U.S. Special Forces, and once again the Tennessean is named Davis.

Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald Davis, 39, a Green Beret from Elizabethton, was killed by friendly fire last week. A B-52 bomber called in for an air strike missed the target and dropped a bomb near United States soldiers north of Kandahar. Also killed were Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Petithory, 32, of Massachusetts, and Staff Sgt. Brian Cody Prosser, 28, of California.

The incident and the name Davis is reminiscent of the first U.S. military casualty in the Vietnam conflict. Specialist Fourth Class James Thomas "Tom" Davis, 25, of Livingston, was killed December 22, 1962.

Davis, a member of an Army security unit, was in a truck with 10 Vietnamese soldiers when the truck ran over a mine. Davis and the driver were not injured in the explosion.

According to his brother, Bill Davis, a retired banker from Livingston, "As the two walked up the road, 50 yards from the truck, they were killed in an ambush."

Married with a child, Tom Davis was a graduate of Livingston Academy and a junior at Tennessee Technological University when he enlisted in the Army and was sent to Special Forces Training School.

Davis, who had three brothers and a sister, was buried in Livingston.





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