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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001 11-21-2001




Alleged Gambling Operation Halted
In Big Springs Community

New Attorney Appointed In Murder Case
Peggy Smith Appointed As County Trustee


Alleged Gambling Operation Halted In Big Springs Community

By Becky Meredith, OCN staff

Sgt. Eddie Mott, Dep. Heather Howell, and Dep. Kenny Cherry took part in the gambling raid at Dallas' Big Springs Bar on Monday evening, Nov. 19.


After a thorough investigation of Dallas' Big Springs Bar in the Big Springs Community, officers of Overton County Sheriff's Department confiscated more than $1,500 in cash and checks and several gambling devices around 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 19.

Devices taken as evidence include four machines, numerous punchboards, and several pull-tabs. Also taken by officials were notebooks containing gambling records.

According to Sgt. Eddie Mott, those listed in the books will face charges of illegal gambling, along with the owner and some of the employees at the bar.

"It was well-known throughout the community that there was gambling going on there," Sgt. Mott said. "And during our investigation, some pay-offs were made."

No arrests have been made yet in this investigation, as the information will be presented to Overton County Grand Jury.

The evidence found will be turned over to court officials, who will in turn decide what to do with the devices.

Money found at the tavern will be turned over to the county, according to Sgt. Mott. "This being a holiday season, maybe this (raid) will help some of the parents who do a lot of gambling save a little bit back for their children," he said.

Other officials who participated in the raid were Captain Kevin Phillips and officers Heather Howell, J.D. Masters, Cheryl Mott, Kenny Cherry, Ryan Allred, Kim Snyder, and Greg Etheredge.

Officials suspect other acts of gambling are being performed in the area.

"Investigations are continuing in a couple other locations as well," Sgt. Mott said. "There will be other charges presented later, besides just this one here."

With many programs available by the state, Sgt. Mott suggests those with gambling addictions seek help.

"We have programs like Gambling Annonymous, and so forth, for people who have gambling problems. There are programs available for them to get help."

Those who have knowledge of other illegal activities being conducted in the area are asked to contact Overton County Sheriff's Department at (931) 823-5635.



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New Attorney Appointed In Murder Case

By Robert Forsman

Attorney Larry Warner, a member of the Crossville Bar Association, was appointed last week to replace Public Defender Art Johnson as counsel for murder suspect Timothy Reagan.

Judge Lillie Ann Sells said, "Due to a conflict of interest, Mr. Johnson can't represent Mr. Reagan. The court has granted a motion to withdraw. Mr. Johnson is no longer the attorney of record.

"We've had all kinds of hurdles in this case."

Reagan is charged with killing his wife by the use of an explosive device in January 2000. The Overton County Grand Jury indicted Reagan on a first degree murder charge.

Before Johnson withdrew as defense counsel, the case was scheduled to begin trial December 3.

Judge Sells asked attorney Warner if he wanted a January or a February trial date.

Warner replied, "Frankly I was hoping for a February trial date, Your Honor. This case has my highest priority."

Judge Sells scheduled the trial to begin February 12.

Assistant District Attorney Owen Burnett said, "That's good for the state."

January 16 was scheduled for possible motion hearings.

Judge Sells said, "Please get your witnesses subpoenaed and set up for these dates."

Burnett and Warner said they would.

Reagan is incarcerated in Overton County Jail.



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Peggy Smith Appointed As County Trustee

By Dewain E. Peek, OCN staff

Peggy Smith was appointed County Trustee during the Tuesday, Nov. 13 Overton County Legislative Body meeting.

Smith will fill the position held by her father, James Harold Clark, before his death on October 10. Smith has worked in the office for many years.

The County Commission voted to issue a tax refund to Danny Stillings in the amount of $503.05 to reimburse taxes he paid on property he was taxed on but did not own.

County Executive Richard M. "Ossie" Mitchell said, "That's not paying him any interest. That's just getting back what he paid."

A resolution was adopted urging the General Assembly to continue to share state revenues with counties and cities.

Executive Mitchell said, "Some of the people in the Legislature are threatening to take away the county's share of state funds, and if they take them away from Overton County, we'll have to raise taxes $1.07 cents, I believe it is. That's over half of what the rate is now. Our rate now is $1.74.

"So, we hope that doesn't happen, and we want this resolution passed to send a message to our state senator and our representative that we want them to leave it like it is."

A Department of Transportation grant in the amount of $50,000 was approved for guardrails for Linder Mountain and Windle Road.

The Overton County Nursing Home budget for 2001-2002 was approved, based on 144 average occupancy. Overton County Nursing Home currently has 151 residents, according to Nursing Home Committee Chairman Grant Pennington.

The Commission voted to give a quit claim deed to Oak Grove Baptist Church to remove a cloud on the title to the school on the church property.

A resolution was adopted to apply for home grant funds from Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

A resolution was adopted to apply for a $450,000 Community Development Grant to improve water service in the Cedar Chapel Community in the West Overton Utility District and nearby in the North Overton Utility District.

A Fair Housing resolution for the Fire Protection Project was adopted, to receive a $300,000 grant that was recently approved. The grant will be used for trucks and equipment for six county fire departments.

The County General Quarterly Report for the period ending September 30, 2001, was approved, as was the Overton County Schools Quarterly Report for the period ending September 30, 2001.

School Budget Amendment #1 was approved for a total expenditure increase of $432,695.

Approved as notaries-at-large are Sada Gore, Matthew R. Smith, Patricia A. Bates, Katrina Hammond and Sue Eldridge.

The meeting adjourned.




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