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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001 11-07-2001




White Powder Discovered At Swallows Agency
City Council Considers Putting Engineer On Staff
County Gift Certificates To Be Available


White Powder Discovered At Swallows Agency

The parking lot at The Swallows Agency was the site of much panic and serious investigation Thursday when personnel of the agency discovered white powder on an envelope around 2:15 p.m. The lot was evacuated by law enforcement by 3:34 p.m.


An evacuation took place Thursday afternoon at The Swallows Agency, located on West Main Street, after a piece of mail at the business was discovered to have a suspicious, white powdery substance on the outside.

Livingston Police Department was immediately notified and the area was sealed off, pending identification of the substance

The city police were joined in the investigation by members of the FBI and TBI and a decontamination procedure was initiated on one person by Livingston Fire Department.

The source of the mail was traced back to an insurance-related firm in Michigan, which was under renovation at the time the letter was initially mailed. Officials were then able to determine the substance coating the envelope was drywall dust.

As anthrax scares sweep the nation, Livingston Police Department has answered some 15 mail-related calls in the last 12 to 15 days.

All calls were legitimate concerns, not prank calls, and most pieces of mail questioned had no return addresses on them. Anthrax has not been found in any local case.


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City Council Considers Putting Engineer On Staff

By Dewain E. Peek, OCN staff

Livingston's City Council held the regular monthly meeting Monday, Nov. 5, with Alderman Bill Winningham absent.

The City Council is considering hiring an engineer, after a plan to extend sewer service in the Overton Heights area was temporarily shelved because the state requires an engineer to draw up the plan.

Alderman Robert Jolley suggested, "I think we just need to hire us an engineer and put him on staff."

Alderman Jolley went on to say, "One little project here is going to pay his salary."

Department supervisor Tim Coffee told the Council he liked the idea of having an engineer on staff because department supervisors would have more input on how a project would be carried out.

Alderman Curtis Hayes also like the idea, saying, "We'd come out ahead in the long run."

Mayor Hosea Winningham said he would check into how much it would cost the city to hire an engineer to put on staff.

The aldermen approved a hazardous material and threat policy.

The Council agreed to sell James Tinsley 20 feet by 50 feet alley areas at $100 each.

Gary Heady was transferred to meter reader to replace Mike Gilpatrick who quit. Scott Barlow was hired to take Gary Heady's former job with the town.

Nichole Dishman was hired at Livingston Police Department.

The Council voted to give $400 to the 2001 Christmas parade.

The aldermen voted to adopt a resolution to join with Hen-dersonville in asking the Tennessee General Assembly to pass a measure to help small cities enforce outdoor sign ordinances. Alderman Hayes voted against the resolution.

The meeting adjourned.


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County Gift Certificates To Be Available

An Overton County gift certificate program has begun through the efforts of the Overton County Merchants Association.

All merchants who participate will have their businesses listed as places consumers can redeem the gift certificates.

All gift certificates will be issued in $5 increments.

Any business wishing to be part of the first issue of the Overton County Gift Certificate Program should contact Darren Oliver, vice president of the Overton County Merchants Association at Overton County News (931) 823-6485 before November 21.

Anyone wishing to buy Overton County gift certificates for their employees or an individual should contact Darren Oliver at Overton County News, 415 West Main Street, Livingston, TN 38570.



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