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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001 09-12-2001




Flags Lower To Honor Lives Lost
Elderly Woman Assaulted In Home Friday
School Board Meeting Held September 4
City Council Meeting Held September 6


Flags Lower To Honor Lives Lost

Becky Meredith, OCN staff

Overton County Librarian Janet Gann lowers the American flag at Overton County Public Library to half-mast in honor of the lives lost to terrorism Tuesday, Sept. 11. Shortly after 9 a.m. Eastern Time one airplane struck one of the 110-story twin towers of the World Trade Center, then another plane struck the other tower. Both towers would later collapse. The towers and the area surrounding held approximately 50,000 people. Later, the Pentagon was attacked. Then a report came in of a plane crashing in the vicinity of Camp David. Authorities believe four planes were hijacked.


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Elderly Woman Assaulted In Home Friday

An 81 year-old woman was assaulted in her Rickman area home Friday, Sept. 7.

According to Overton County Sheriff's Department, the elderly woman was attacked around 6 p.m. when a male, believed to be in his mid-30s, opened a front door and walked in and started beating the woman. The assailant left the residence on foot.

The woman is currently hospitalized.

Nothing was reported stolen from the residence.

The case is under investigation by the Sheriff's Dept., Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Criminal Investigation Division, and Cookeville City Police.

Four suspects are under investigation in the case. No arrests had been made at press time.


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School Board Meeting Held September 4

Overton County Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 4.

In executive action, the Board approved the bid for propane service for Hilham and Wilson Schools from Ken Gas Companies at lifted price plus 23 cents per gallon.

The bid for Internet wiring of A.H. Roberts School, Allons Elementary, Hilham Elementary, Livingston Middle School, Rickman Elementary, and Wilson Elementary was approved at $67,754 from Computer Marketing Corp.

The bid was approved for 2001-2002 pest control in all school buildings from Universal Termite and Pest Control Co. at $8,080.

The low bid was approved for Mita toner from GM supplies at $44.50 each.

The low bid for copy paper was approved at $19.80 per case from American Paper and Twine Co.

The low bid for a field line, including material, equipment, and labor, was approved at $2.97 per foot from James P. Lee.

The low bid was approved for propane pads at Hilham and Wilson schools at $3,686 each from Stephens Construction.

The low bid for dumpster pads was approved at $7,800 from Stephens Construction.

The bid on bus tires from Mark White Tires and Service was approved as follows: 10/22.5 radial - $180.61 each; 1100/22.5 radial - $194.21 each; radial tube 10/22.5 - $17.80; and radial tube 1100/22.5 - $22.62.

The bid on garage supplies from Coleman Oil Co. was approved as follows: antifreeze, 6 gallon case - $21.54; 20W50 oil, 12 quart case - $16.85; 15W40 diesel oil, 6 gallon case - $31.62; 15W40 diesel oil, 12 quart case - $15.80; brake fluid, 6 gallon case - $7.50; grease, 35 pound 427 Super Blu - $28.50; oil filters Motorcraft FL1A - $2.75, AC35 - $2.75, AC932 - $5.90, and Ph42 - $4.50; power steering fluid, 12 quart case - $15; and batteries, 930 CCA - $56.50.

The bid for diesel bus batteries was approved at $69 each from Twin Lakes Oil Co.

In new business, negotiated OCEA contract changes were approved. Local Amendment #5 2002-01 School Court Community Partnership Original Budget was approved.

Local Amendment #6 D.A.R.E. Original Budget was approved.

Local Amendment #7 2002-01 Safe and Drug Free State Amendment #1 was approved.

Director of Schools Bill Needham issued the Director's Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

Jessica Phillips was hired at Alternative School.

David Clouse was hired at Livingston Middle School.

Cindy Hinson was hired at Wilson Elementary.

Gregg Bibb was hired at Livingston Academy.

Amanda Burns was hired at Wilson.

Kathy Carr was hired at Hilham Elementary.

Richard Franklin was hired at Wilson.

Amy Loftis was hired at Allons Elementary.

Kari Copeland was hired at Rickman Elementary, then transferred to Wilson, and Cindy Hinson was transferred to Rickman.

Hired as school based maintenance/custodians were Ernie Hensley at Livingston Middle School, Floid Vaughn at Rickman, Earl Phillips at Wilson, David Pigg at Hilham, Sammy Buck at Allons, Barry Henry at A.H. Roberts School, and Jessie Smith at Livingston Academy.

Hired as custodians were Rosie White at Rickman, Travis Coffman at Livingston Academy, and Betty Green and Brenda Phillips at one-half time at Hilham.

Hired as non-certified substitute teachers were Phyllis Hix, Bernard Barton, Freeda Waddell, Betty Dodson, Toni Ferrell, Kim Singleton, Susan McDonald, Jessica White, Kim Dillon, Diane Phillips, Caren Johnson, Cindy Wilson, Diane Harvey, and Linda Phillips.

Larry Dale Keisling and Delta Jo Wright were hired as certified substitute teachers.

Debbie Wright and Lisa Phillips were hired as substitute cooks.

Maternity leave was approved for Leigh Caldwell, Ginnie Jackson, and Kim McDonald.

Eddie Linder's request for leave of absence for the 2001-2002 school year was approved.

Intermittent leave was given to Micki Smith.

Keli Dickerson was hired as Special Education bus attendant.

Kathy Noe was hired as Special Education substitute bus attendant.

Robbie Byrd was hired as a bookkeeper at the Central Education Office.

Alberta Dale was hired for 100 days at Allons, and Pat Swallows was hired for 100 days at Livingston Academy.

Amy Cooper was hired as a substitute aide.

Karen York, Lori Meadows, and Tabitha Smith were hired as certified leave specialists.

The meeting adjourned.


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City Council Meeting Held September 6

By Dewain E. Peek, OCN staff

Livingston City Council held the regular monthly meeting Thursday, Sept. 6.

In old business, the City Council directed City Attorney Kelly Williams to determine if the Town of Livingston actually has an enforceable contract for gas with Little Creek Farms.

The City Council was informed that work on creating a turn lane at the corner of Broad Street and Church Street has been completed.

Mayor Hosea Winningham said, "The city employees did a pretty good job."

In new business, the resignations of Jeff Flowers and Scott Barlow were accepted.

James England was hired to replace Billy Witt at the water department. Witt left for a better paying job.

Mayor Winningham informed the aldermen that the state will put up a traffic light at the intersection of Bilbrey Street and Main Street. The project will be done in approximately three months.

Budd Bishop was appointed to the planning commission.

The low bid of Dinkmer was approved for a leaf loader at $12,500.

The Council adopted a resolution to change the insurance.

The City Council approved pay for volunteer firemen who have received training at $15 per call, others pay stays at $10 per call.

The Council approved hiring James Hamilton at Livingston Police Department.

The meeting adjourned.



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