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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001 08-22-2001




County Tax Rate Changed To 1.74
Six Suspected Meth Labs Discovered Sunday In Area
Suspected Bomb Found On Side Of Highway 111


County Tax Rate Changed To 1.74

Overton County Legislative Body set the county tax rate at $1.74 per $100 assessed value during the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Aug. 7, with all commissioners present.

County Executive Richard M. "Ossie" Mitchell said, "As you know, the present rate is $2.04."

With the recent reassessment, $1.74 will bring in the same amount of money as $2.04, according to Executive Mitchell. "We're going to try to operate on the same amount of money.

"Some people's taxes will go down, and some people's might go up a little bit because of the reappraisal program we just got finished."

Commissioner Gail Arney voted against the tax rate. Of the 1.74 rate, the breakdown for funding is as follows General Fund - 1.04; Solid Waste - .05; Highway Department - .05; and School System - .60.

The County Commission adopted an appropriating resolution for the county government for fiscal year July 1, 2001, to June 30, 2002, for the following funds: General Fund, Courthouse and Jail Maintenance, Debt Service, Highway, Solid Waste, Drug Fund, General Purpose School, Central Cafeteria, and Education Debt Service. Commissioner Randall Boswell voted against the resolution. First reading of the non-profit funding resolution was approved.

A capital outlay note in the amount of $140,000 over three to five years was approved to purchase two new ambulances.

The Commission objected to a capital outlay note for $51,000 over three years to purchase four used cars for the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Dept. has nine cars with more than 150,000 miles on them. Voting no were Commissioners Gail Arney, Alan Atnip, Randall Boswell, Stanley Carter Jr., Tom Montooth, Gregg Nivens, Grant Pennington, Billy Phipps, and Billy Sullivan. Voting for the note were Commissioners Donnie Bull, David Dorminey, Wayne Ferrell, Frank Martin, Jean Moore, and Johnie Webb.

A policy to give to the insurance company was suggested to help with insurance costs. The insurance cost increased 282 percent this year, apparently because of losses because of wrecks.

Sheriff Kelly Hull told the Commission after the note for the cars was denied, "We've got three we're going to have to spend a lot of money on. What you're doing is pouring water in a sinkhole."

Sheriff Hull said purchasing cars later will cost more because they can get a deal on them now.

"It looks to me that it's just wasting the taxpayers' money by delaying it, because we've got to get these cars on the road. The people out there, they demand service."

Concerning the accidents, Sheriff Hull said, "Now I can park all the cars down there and there won't be any accidents, but that ain't what the people want."

The Commission voted to suspend the rules, then voted to have the Safety Committee create a policy, and put the note for the cars on next month's agenda.

The Commission voted to establish a local government property and casualty fund.

A sexual harassment policy and a cellular phone policy were adopted for the county.

A resolution was adopted requiring the Overton County Library Board and E-911 to submit an annual financial statement and operating statement to the county budget director.

A revised salary schedule was approved for fiscal year 2001-2002.

Tammie Boles was approved as director of Overton County Nursing Home.

The Commission adopted a resolution calling for acceleration of the 163-mile Northern Tier County Road Project to connect I-40 at Lebanon with I-75 at Caryville in Scott County.

A resolution was adopted to add Pickett County to the Empowerment Zone application, joining Fentress, Overton, and Morgan counties.

The School System quarterly report was approved, as was the County General report.

The Commission approved a proclamation making the week of October 1-7, 2001, as Tennessee Archives Week in Overton County.

Rescue Squad members approved to purchase property at General Services surplus property are Director Lester Freeman and Captain J.D. Masters.

Appointed to the Overton County Library Board are Bruce Elder, Sue Eldridge, and John Moore for terms through 2004.

Appointed to the Solid Waste Board are Lee Crowder to an additional two-year term, Bobby McCoin for a six-year term, and A.B. Coleman reappointed to a two-year term.

Approved as notaries at-large are Beverly Linder, Amy Warren, Twila Spears, Tammie Sells, Stephanie Presley, and Denny Spears.

The meeting adjourned.


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Six Suspected Meth Labs Discovered Sunday In Area

Overton County Sheriff's Department had a busy day Sunday, Aug. 19. The department recovered six methamphetamine labs within a 24-hour time slot.

Around 9:30 a.m., Sgt. Tim Poore and Deputy J.D. Masters responded to an attempted suicide call in the Monterey area. Roy Clark of Hassler Road was reportedly attempting to kill himself.

Apparently, as the officers spoke with Clark, his actions led them to believe he was involved in drug activity.

After searching the property, Sgt. Poore and Dep. Masters allegedly discovered two meth labs, one in Clark's car and another in his yard. Dep. Masters also allegedly recovered several grams of finished methamphetamine from the site.

Clark was placed on a $30,000 bond at Overton County Jail.

Later in the day, Sgt. Poore, Capt. Kevin Phillips, and Dep. Masters visited a residence in the Muddy Pond Community. Officers intended to question the resident about a burglary at Camp County Lad, which is close the residence; however, at the officers' arrival, Sgt. Poore observed on the front porch of the residence items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Odor of methamphetamine was also detected coming from the residence, according to the Sheriff's Dept. Sgt. Poore obtained a search warrant and additional officers were then called to the scene to help secure the residence. After obtaining the search warrant,

Sgt. Poore, Capt. Phillips, and Deputies Masters, Heather Howell, and Greg Etheredge entered the residence and allegedly discovered a meth lab.

According to reports, no unknown mixed chemicals were found at the site.

Collected chemicals and equipment combined, according to officers, were enough to set up at least three other meth labs.

The suspect was not at the residence when the officers arrived. His whereabouts remain unknown at this time.

Around 10 p.m., Deputies Greg Etheredge, Brian Franklin, Heather Howell, and Kenny Cherry responded to the residence of Daniel Stevens on Rickman Road. The officers had received an anonymous tip suggesting a meth lab at the residence.

Upon the officers' arrival, a meth lab was found in the trunk of Stevens' car and more drug paraphernalia was discovered inside the residence. The officers also found a video surveillance system installed in the house.

Stevens reportedly cooperated with the officers and surrendered approximately three grams of methamphetamine.

According to reports no unknown mixed chemicals were found at the residence.

Stevens and his wife, Patsy, were arrested for Manufacture of Methamphetamine for Resale.

Overton County Sheriff's Department asks that residents of the community report any criminal activities to the department at (931) 823-5635. Identification of callers are to be kept confidential.




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Suspected Bomb Found On Side Of Highway 111

Approximately one mile was closed down around mile marker 6 of Highway 111 Friday night, Aug. 17.

According to the Overton County Sheriff's Department, a citizen call alerted the Sheriff's Dept. about a briefcase on the side of the road on Highway 111. Upon investigation, deputies found the interior of the case to contain what they described as a high-tech sophisticated device. The device is believed to be an explosive device to disperse chemical or gas into the atmosphere.

Deputies who recently received instructor certification on weapons of mass destruction came to the scene and agreed to call in an agency with equipment needed to handle the situation.

Approximately a one-mile area was closed down around the device.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Response Team came to the scene and diffused the device and transported it to the FBI lab, where it is being analyzed.

Assisting the Sheriff's Dept. along with the THP and FBI were Rickman Volunteer Fire Department, Overton County EMS, Livingston Police Department, Overton County E-911, and Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Sgt. Robert Garrett of Overton County Sheriff's Dept. stated, "All involved performed very professionally, and did an excellent job."

Anyone who may have seen the person or persons responsible for placing the device on Highway 111 is urged to call the Sheriff's Dept. at 823-5635 or the FBI or TBI office.







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