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Archives 06-13-2001




Crossville Woman Killed In Highway 111 Collision
School Hirings Announced, Eldridge Rehired As Coach
Overton County Escapee Caught In Oregon


Crossville Woman Killed In Highway 111 Collision

A Crossville woman died Saturday, June 9 from injuries sustained in a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 111 and State Route 293.

According to reports, John Moore, 82, of Crossville was attempted drive his 4-door 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass from the turn lane of Highway 111 onto State Route 293 toward Rickman around 11:30 a.m. when he crossed into the path of a 4-door 1988 Chevrolet Corsica driven by Teddy Russell, 39, of Pall Mall. The Corsica struck the Olds in the passenger side door.

Ruby Moore, 75, a passenger in the Olds, was pronounced dead at the scene. Both drivers were transported to Livingston Regional Hospital where they were treated for minor injuries.

THP James Sells investigated the collision.

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School Hirings Announced, Eldridge Rehired As Coach
By Dewain E. Peek OCN staff

The Overton County Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 5.

In executive action, the Summer Nutrition Program was approved to begin June 4 and continue to July 27.

Hilham's eighth grade's trip to Dollywood on May 11 was approved.

In new business, Barry Moody's request for a leave of absence for the 2001-2002 school year was granted. Moody will be attending University of North Carolina to pursue a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, focusing on the field of autism.

Maternity leave was approved for Julia Poston from the start of school to six weeks later.

Donna Beaty's request for medical leave for the remainder of the 2000-2001 school year was granted.

Betty Wells letter of resignation as a kindergarten teacher at Rickman Elementary, effective May 24, was accepted. Wells was in the teaching profession for 25 years.

Her letter stated, "I want to thank the parents of this community for allowing me the time spent in the lives of their children."

Local Amendment #21 Special Population Amendment #2-2000-2001 was approved.

The Board approved Local Amendment #22 Title I 2000-2001, Amendment #1.

The Board also approved Amendment #10, Amendment #11, and Amendment #12 to the General Purpose School Budget.

The Board approved Title I, Title II, and Title VI projects for 2001-2002.

The 2001-2002 Extended Contract proposal was approved.

Director of Schools Bill Needham issued the Director's Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

Matt Eldridge was hired as football coach at Livingston Academy, effective May 24.

All tenured teachers were hired at their current location for the 2001-2002 school year with the following exceptions: Lisa Langford – Allons Elementary; Brenda Capshaw and Ben Oakley – Rickman Elementary; Eldon Davis and Steve Robbins – Wilson Elementary; Esther Maynard – Livingston Middle School; Donna Matthews – County Wide IEP Specialist with location at Livingston Academy; David Sadler – Alternative School; Lydia Flatt – 1/2 time at REACH and 1/2 time at A. H. Roberts Elementary effective May 22; Tonia Little – Alternative School effective May 22.

Teachers who recently received tenure were placed as follows: Lori Mosley and Kelly Rose – Rickman; Jeri L. Caldwell and Bridgett Carwile – A.H. Roberts Elementary; Edith Cunningham and Jenny Geesling – Hilham; Vickie Phillips – LMS.

Non-tenure teachers were hired and placed as follows: Meghan McMahon, Billy Heady, Lora Allison Harris, Phillip Bowman, Jenny Reed, and Deborah Autry – Wilson; Angela Dickerson, Misty Huddleston, Ginnie Jackson, Christy Miller, and Cynthia Sells – Rickman; Donna Beaty, Vanessa Farris, Shirley Kirk, and Lisa Ramsey – Livingston Middle School; Kelly Hayes, Richard Melton, and Pam Vaughn – Allons; Spring Choate and Traci Smith, – Hilham; Tricia Hix and Mandy McCormick – A.H. Roberts; Jacob Carwile, Michael Johnson, Jamie Loftis, David Looper, and Robin Potter – Livingston Academy; Billy Maynard – Adult Education.

Delores Turnbull and Tim Copeland were hired as school psychologists for the 2001-2002 school year.

Randal Dial was hired as Adult Basic Education supervisor.

Rhonda Mainord and Kelly Brown were hired as system-wide nurses.

Libby Allen was hired as an art instructor for the 2000-2001 school year.

Heather Bowman was hired as a certified substitute teacher.

Lori Presley was hired as an aide for Early Childhood Education, effective May 17.

Bill Phipps was hired as a security officer at Livingston Academy May 18 through May 24.

Teachers hired for extended school year programs are as follows: Referrals from Allons and Hilham — Patty Dale, located at A. H. Roberts;

Referrals from A. H. Roberts — Janie Carter, located at A. H. Roberts;

Referrals from Livingston Academy — Cindy Smith, located at LA;

Referrals from Livingston Middle School — Shirley Kirk, located at LA;

Referrals from Rickman — Julie Poston, located at Rickman.

Referrals for Speech — Tricia Hix; Referrals, county-wide preschool language — Amelia Peavyhouse, employed as an aide for the preschool language program — Kelly Stover.

Rick Sells was hired as a Summer School Social Studies teacher 9-12 (4 weeks), as recommended by Gary Ledbetter.

Non-teaching employees were hired for the 2001-2002 school year:

Central Office, as recommended by Director of Schools William Needham: Karen Cowan – bookkeeper/budget director; Catherine M. Holbert – federal bookkeeper; Patricia F. Hughes – accounts payable; Brenda K. Killmon – secretary-receptionist; Joan Masters – school nutrition bookkeeper; Judy Goodpasture – payroll/assistant budget director; Anita Burnett – secretary; Jeff Webb – technician; Dawn Neely – custodian/aide.

A. H. Roberts as recommended by Teresa Johnson: Doris Cooper – attendance secretary; Heather Melton – secretary; Teresa Sells – bookkeeper; Sue Ledbetter – part time/custodian; Melissa Linder, Greg Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Nell Spivey – custodians; Kim Curd – library aide; Tina Dillon – Writing-to-Read aide; Sheena Garrett – Special Ed. preschool aide; Joyce Ledbetter and Donna Elder – Title I aides; Lue Reeser – CDA aide; Melissa Robbins – kindergarten aide/part time; Inogene Smith –kindergarten/first grade aide/part time; Kelly Stover – education resource aide; Linda Vaughn – kindergarten aide; Kim Cantrell – aide; Kathy Sullivan – 8 hr. per day cafeteria manager; Brenda Colson – 7.5 hr. per day assistant manager; Janice Faye Hill, Claris Jackson, Phillis Robbins, Frances Sells, and Tonya Wright – 7 hr. per day cooks; Willetta McCormick – 5hr. per day cook; Brenda L. Reeser and Tina Dillon – 1hr. cashiers.

Allons Elementary, as recommended by Dolphus Dial: Mary Ledbetter – secretary/attendance; Mildred Melton – secretary/bookkeeper; Junior Beechboard and Loleta Wilson – custodians; Susan Curtis – 3hrs. custodian/2hrs. lunchroom monitor; Donna Hillabrand – teacher's aide; Patricia Gore and Patricia Reagan – resource aides; Georgia Gray – 7 hr. per day cook; Deloris York – 6 1/2 hr. per day cook; Juanita Dial – 6 hr. per day cook; Barbara Stewart – 8 hr. per day cafeteria manager; Agnes Hamilton – 3 1/2 cook/part time.

Hilham Elementary, as recommended by Shirley Myers: Ida Sada Gore – secretary/bookkeeper; Susan Ledbetter – secretary/attendance; Shirley Riley and Karen York – Special Ed. aides; Beth Phillips – Title I aide; Lisa McCoy – 8 hrs. cafeteria manager; – Imogene Geesling – 7 1/2 hrs. cook; Rita Goodpasture – 7 hrs.cook; Edwina Coffman and Villa Maxwell – 4 hrs.cooks/part time; Janie Thomas – 3 hrs. cook/part time; David Pigg – custodian; Brenda Phillips and Betty Green – custodians/part time.

Livingston Academy, as recommended by Gary Ledbetter: Lorraine Whited – secretary/attendance; Kimberly Colson, Brenda Pemberton, and Marla Dailey – secretaries; Charlotte Dillon – bookkeeper; Shelly Gilpatrick and Jan Hill – Special Ed. aides; Janice Brown –Special Ed. aide/bus driver; Charlotte Masters, Billie Smith, Reba Ezell, Dale King, and Sue Reeder – custodians; Barbara Qualls – 7 hrs.cafeteria manager; Wanda Thurman – 7 hrs. assistant manager; Bobbie Thurman, Rose Mayer, Carolyn Maxfield, Rita Qualls, and Linda Gilpatrick – 6 1/2 hrs. cooks; Becky Hammock – 6 hrs. cook; Julia Wright – 4 hrs. cook; Bee Nivens and Jean Tayse – 4 hrs. cooks/part time.

Livingston Middle School as recommended by Melinda Beaty: Loretta Raines – secretary; Joann Winningham – attendance/secretary; Bess Street – bookkeeper; Cindy Robbins – Special Ed. aide(CDA); Margaret Collins and Kay Savage – Special Ed. aides; Elizabeth Sells, Wanda Gore, Dean Boles, and Tammy Colson – custodians; Billie Rooker – 8 hrs. cafeteria manager; Evelyn Sidwell – 7 hrs. assistant manager; Deanna Linder, Jimmie Masters, and Brenda King –  7 hrs. cooks; Rillie Hill and Louise Matthews – 4 hrs. cooks/part time.

Rickman Elementary, as recommended by David Linder: Cindy Bailey – bookkeeper; Heidi Brown – secretary/attendance; Barbara Gilliam – secretary; Anita Lacy and Marilyn Vaughn – Special Ed. aides; Tammy Smith – Special Ed. assistant; Anita Norrod – aide; James Livingston – custodian/bus driver; Reba Phipps and Floid Vaughn – custodians; Sharon Sevier – 4 hr. custodian; Allean Andrews – 8 hrs. cafeteria manager; Karen Prichard – 7 hrs. assistant manager; Eunice Bilbrey, Betty Mackie, and Faye McCowan – 7 hrs. cooks; Judy Nave – 5 3/4 hrs. cook/part time; Ellie Woolbright – 3 1/2 hrs. cook/part time; Pam Bowman – 3 1/4 hrs. cook; Johnnie Dial – 3 hrs. cook/part time.

Wilson Elementary, as recommended by Alice Reed: Anna Bowman – secretary/bookkeeper; Terry Morgan – secretary/attendance; Anita Phillips – regular aide; Carolyn Burchfield – pre-school aide; Marlene Harris, Nancy Tinch, and Jennifer Harris – Special Ed. aides; Robert Judd and Ray Norrod – custodians; Louise Phillips – 2 hrs. lunchroom monitor; Cornetta Brown – 8 hrs. cafeteria manager; Judy Bowman – 7 hrs. cook; Wanda Hoover and Drenia Wilson – 5 1/2 hrs. cooks.

Early Childhood, as recommended by Diane Mabry: Vickie Windle Watson, Lesia Franklin, Barbara Harris, Carol Bilbrey, and Lori Presley – aides; Teresa Carr – 2 1/2 hrs. custodian/part time.

Maintenance, as recommended by Bill Needham: Ed Walker, Rick Hinson, and Bennie Sells.

Mechanics, as recommended by Terry Melton: Scott Stover and Noah Hinson.

Bus drivers, as recommended by Terry Melton: Paul Burgess, Jack Choate, Pal Coleman, Nancy Cooper, Lonnie D. Ford, James Gambrell, Randy Smith, Baxter Hughes, Larry Smith, Ina G. Hunter, Dale King, Kenneth Laycock, Dewey Masters, Randy McCowan, Grady Phillips, Brenda Ramsey, Helen Reeser, Billy O. Smith, Grady Speck, Donald Staggs, Chesley E. Stephens, Curtis W. Taylor, Paul White, Keven Vaughn, Barbara Winningham, Charlotte Dillon, Melanie Staggs, Janice Brown, Mark Carmack, James Livingston, Randy Brewer, Herman Sullivan, Anna Ramsey, Zinie Bilbrey, Dan Varbel, James Dishman, and Bennie Sells; 1/2 time – Roger Wright, Daryl Hoover, Randall Dial, and Drenia Wilson.

Adult Education: Crystal Nelson and Carolyn Looper – educational assistants.

Vocational Rehabilitation: Shirley McDonald and Tammy Keylon.

The meeting adjourned.

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Overton County Escapee Caught In Oregon

A man who escaped from Overton County Jail in September 2000 has been caught in Oregon.

Roy Scott Fritts, of Cleveland, TN, reportedly fled out the back door of Overton County Jail and ran into the wooded area behind the jail on September 28, 2000. A search of the area by officers of the Sheriff's Department and the Livingston Police Department, with assistance from a tracking dog and a Putnam County K-9 unit, failed to find the then 22 year-old Fritts.

Now Fritts is back behind bars. According to a report by the La Grande Observer, an Oregon newspaper, Fritts was apprehended after a guns blazing, high-speed pursuit Tuesday, June 5.

According to the Observer report, the Union County Oregon 911 dispatch center received a call at about 2:30 p.m. of two people in a silver two-door Honda threatening passengers in another vehicle.

Sheriff Steve Oliver spotted the Honda and followed it. During the pursuit, a male passenger fired shots at Oliver from the Honda, according to a statement from the Oregon State Police.

The sheriff said the car was doing about 105 mph when the passenger was firing. None of the shots hit Oliver or his patrol vehicle.

Two other sheriff deputies soon joined the pursuit, along with several Oregon State Police troopers from both Baker City and La Grande, and members of the La Grande Police Department.

The Honda's driver was reportedly weaving among traffic and passed trucks by going into the gravel on the left side of the highway. As the pursuit neared an interstate overpass, the Honda again went onto the gravel shoulder to pass, but this time crashed and rolled several times into the median.

When the vehicle rolled, the passenger apparently lost the weapon he allegedly fired at Oliver. The two people in the Honda were ejected. They then fled on foot into a nearby field.

Oliver and deputies Chuck Anderson and Roger Washbond followed the two on foot for nearly a mile, according to reports, finally taking both into custody.

A white male initially identified as Alex X. Davenport, 23, possibly of Tennessee, and the female driver, identified as Holly Lynn Ervin, 22, also possibly of Tennessee, were taken to Grande Ronde Hospital with injuries.

Ervin reportedly had minor injuries and Davenport was hospitalized with what were reported to be multiple facial fractures. Ervin was booked into Union County Jail at 7 p.m.

After later being taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland to have his facial fractures evaluated, Davenport was returned to Union County Jail.

Fingerprints clarified that Davenport is Roy Scott Fritts. Fritts is now charged with two counts of attempted aggravated murder, first-degree theft, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, menacing, recklessly endangering another person, and pointing a firearm at another person.

In addition to those charges, Fritts was also arrested Thursday, June 7 and charged via a warrant from the Overton County Sheriff's Office on a charge of escape. He was in jail in Overton County on charges of possession of a handgun for the purpose of going armed, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and felony evading arrest.



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