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80 Years Ago

Archives 12-05-2001

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by Robert Forsman

George Moves On

"When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there. See you're really only very small, and life flows on within you and without you."

George Harrison wrote the lyrics to "Within You, Without You” while he was a member of the Beatles. George knew "Beatle” only described a character he portrayed.

"The Beatles exist apart from myself," George said in the sixties. "I am not really Beatle George. Beatle George is like a suit or a shirt I wear on an occasion. Until the end of my life, people will see the shirt and mistake it as me.”

George was 27 when the Beatles split up. He was never a Beatle again. He spent the remainder of his life searching for spiritual meaning in a material world.

Unlike the rock musicians and movie stars who sought a quick fix of spirituality in India, who quickly tired of the discipline required to establish contact with the Supreme One through meditation and prayer, George persevered with fortitude.

Often he was discouraged on his quest for the true meaning of life. Sometimes, however, he touched the divine. Sometimes the divine touched him.

In a higher state of consciousness, during the summer of love in 1967, George became enlightened to an eternal truth.

Describing the revelation, he said, "Suddenly I looked around and everything I saw was relative to my ego. You know, like that's my piece of paper and that's my flannel or give it to me or I am.

"It drove me crackers. I hated everything about my ego. It was a flash of everything impermanent which I disliked.

"But later I learned from it. I realized someone else is in here apart from old blabbermouth. That's what I felt like. I hadn't seen or heard or done anything in my life, and yet I hadn't stopped talking.

"Who am 'I' became the order of the day. The truth within has to be realized. When you realize that everything you do and see and touch and smell isn't real, then you may know what reality is, then you can answer the question 'Who am I?'"

"I Me Mine," a song written by George on the Beatles "Let It Be" album expresses his revelation about the hazards of living an ego-driven life.

A life centered in I Me Mine is a self-constructed prison that keeps everything good and meaningful from entering.

Liberation requires recognizing the confinement and understanding that the key to unlock the cage can only be found within. "It's all inside your head," as George aptly put it.

Published in 1980, "I Me Mine," a book written by George that contains little about the Beatles, expresses his enthusiasm for gardening and for cars.

The autobiography tells the story of a spiritual seeker who is trying to remain free from illusion, who is trying to eliminate bad karma by creating good karma to avoid rebirth into this world.

Referring to his song "The Art of Dying," George wrote, "Every thought, word, action or deed is like sending a ripple out across the universe. It eventually comes back. Whatever you do comes right back on you.

"First is the process of trying not to create big reactions. 'Apple' and 'Beatles' have been like throwing boulders in a lake. Everything comes bouncing back and ties you up forever or for as long as it takes to untie it.

"I don't want to be lying there as I'm dying thinking, 'Oh, I forgot to put the cat out' or 'I didn't get a Rolls Royce.' Then you may have to come back to do just those things."

George passed away last week at age 58 at the home of a friend in Los Angeles. His wife and son were by his side.

Sitar player Ravi Shankar said, "I spent the day before he died with him. He looked so peaceful, surrounded by love. George was a brave and beautiful soul, full of love, childlike humor and a deep spirituality."

Ringo Starr said, "We will miss George for his sense of love, his sense of music, his sense of laughter."

After the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan, culture in the United States changed almost overnight. The Beatles created a ripple that is being felt today.

Listen closely to any modern rock and roll band and you'll hear the Beatles somewhere. Beatle rip-offs are everywhere. Country musicians have copied George's guitar licks since the Beatles first made the scene. George was a major part of the Beatles. Although John and Paul wanted to, neither were skilled enough to play lead guitar.

George taught John to play rhythm and showed Paul how to pluck a beat on bass.

Where would the Beatles have been without George? More than likely nowhere.

But George's true importance isn't being a former member of the Beatles. George was a spiritual seeker who became a holy man in a time when such people are hard to find.

According to Eastern beliefs, as long as 12 Avatars, spiritual masters, are alive in the material world at the same time, the Earth can't be completely destroyed.

Now that George has moved from his body to a higher realm, we can only hope another like him is prepared to take his place in this world.


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