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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001 10-24-2001

North County Lines by Bob



Dad said, "Never start a fight, but always finish one."

Those in this country who are protesting American strikes against terrorist forces in Afghanistan have a right to do so because they live in a free nation founded by revolutionaries who prevailed against the largest empire in the world, who fought and died to ensure liberty for future generations.

I respect the First Amendment, which guarantees these protesters the right to express their objections. But I have no respect for the protesters.

I didn't like Hanoi Jane Fonda and her type during the Vietnam War. I don't like her kind now.

Helping the North Vietnamese by ignoring the suffering of American POW's. She should have been exiled from this country and never allowed to return. One of the 100 most important women of the 20th century. Yeah, right, and Hitler was a humanitarian.

Perhaps the protesters don't understand why the United States is attacking terrorist forces in Afghanistan.

Perhaps their view is distorted by a Polyannish attitude, developed from watching too many situational TV dramas that end with everyone living happily ever after.

Perhaps they could see the true picture if the situation were described in a more relative way.

Thugs living in an apartment building in another neighborhood send a group of cohorts to your community, where they maim and kill innocent people.

A group from your community goes to the neighborhood and surrounds the apartment building.

The group sends a message to the manager of the apartment building: "Send the thugs out or suffer the consequences."

A resident from a nearby apartment building says, "Wait a minute. Innocent people are in there too."

A spokesperson for your community group replies, "We know that, so do the thugs in there."

If they were honorable, the thugs would come out and face what they have coming. They wouldn't subject the innocent people in the apartment building to possible harm.

But they have no honor. They're thugs. They're cowards. They remain in the apartment building, shielding themselves behind women, children, and the elderly.

If there's a newborn infant to hide behind, that's where the leader of the terrorists can be found.

Although the thugs claim to be friends of the other occupants in the apartment building, they're just using them. The thugs are monsters. They've ravaged elderly ladies and children. They've killed babies and laughed about it. They don't care if the other occupants die.

The thugs want one thing: Power. They don't care how they get it. They just want it.

Trying to justify their actions, the thugs spout some religious mumbo jumbo about being leaders in a holy war. Only a few of the most gullible living in surrounding apartment buildings buy into that absurdity.

A few of those few riot in the streets and burn buildings that were distribution centers of food and services in their neighborhoods.

A columnist compares those actions to a farmer burning down his barn because he's mad at someone on the other side of town for punching his cousin in the nose.

"That'll show you. And if you don't stop picking on my cousin, I'll burn down my silos too."

Days pass. The terrorists refuse to leave the apartment building. The group from your community blows up water and power supplies to the building. They destroy all means of transportation that could be used for escape.

Not only are they preparing the way to capture or kill the terrorists, they're sending a message to others who might be considering attacking your community: "Attack us and suffer retribution."

A select group from your community, the most well-trained and the best equipped soldiers in world history, enter the apartment building and search for the terrorists.

The soldiers are prepared to kill without hesitation. The soldiers are prepared to die without hesitation. They are the best of the best.

Unlike American soldiers in Vietnam, they aren't prohibited from crossing an invisible line in pursuit of the enemy. They have permission to kill as they see fit.

Their message to the terrorists is simple: "Surrender or die." They don't accept, "Wait a minute while we decide," for an answer.

The terrorists are used to killing innocent civilians. They've never faced soldiers of this caliber. Compared to these soldiers, the terrorists are juvenile delinquents with zip guns.

The terrorists who attacked your community are running.

The terrorists who attacked your community are hiding. The terrorists who attacked your community are almost out of time.

In the end, they will be cornered. They will be killed. They will never hurt anyone again.

Never again will they kill wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, babies.

Never again will they steal food and medicine from their neighbors.

Never again will they molest the elderly and preschoolers. Never again will they breathe air shared by decent people. They will be eradicated, like the disease they are.

Realizing their death would be the certain result of the retaliation that would undoubtedly follow, others planning to attack your community will reconsider those plans.

Although my father's advice to never start a fight, but always finish one is the right way to deal with terrorists, the protesters in this country can do their thing.

In a community built on democratic principles, they have the right to behave foolishly. They have a right to be stooges for the terrorists.


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