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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001 10-17-2001

North County Lines by Bob



Let's get real about anthrax and terrorists.

Anthrax can't be transmitted from one person to another, unlike the flu, which kills thousands of Americans each year.

When the flu season begins in this country, you don't see TV newscasters scrunching up their faces and speaking like poorly trained actors in a pain reliever commercial.

Newscasters need to focus less on the negative and start reassuring Americans we can beat anything that comes down the road. Newscasters need to stop promoting false ideas.

Yesterday I was watching a news report. An interviewer asked a so-called expert how easily anthrax could be used as a weapon.

The so-called expert replied, "All you have to do is go where animals are, dig up the anthrax, put it in an envelope, and send it by mail."

"Dig up what?" I yelled at the TV. "Put what in an envelope?"

I don't know where the so-called expert got her information. But she should put on a big red nose and perform her act inside a circus tent where it belongs.

While searching the Internet for information about anthrax, I saw an ad that read !!!ANTHRAX WARNING!!!

According to the ad, 21 pills to prevent catching anthrax could be ordered for $300, which included $100 for an examination by a doctor who would write a prescription for the pills that would be sent by mail.

Hmmm, I thought, the doctor must have received a medical license in Iraq or in Sing Sing.

I filled out an application for 10 prescriptions. Beside Method of Payment, I typed Included.

If an invisible doctor can examine me in cyber space, I should certainly be able to pay for my order in cyber space with invisible money.

The misinformation about anthrax that's being spread throughout the United States by hyped television broadcasts and irrational information on the Internet is a disservice to our nation. Fueling a fear that could harm our country borders on treason.

If a terrorist group is behind the appearance of anthrax in the United States, their goal is to frighten the American public, to send us running scared, to make us afraid of opening our mail, to make us afraid of attending public events, to make us afraid of leaving our homes.

If we cower in fear, we are sending a message: "Attack us again and again until we completely fall apart."

Terrorists groups that hate the United States aren't that powerful, aren't that bright. Their membership doesn't include any Thomas Jeffersons or Albert Einsteins.

Most of their members are the result of centuries of inbreeding. More than half can't read and write, can't add a column of numbers, much less perform the complicated mathematics required to design biochemical weapons.

Most members of the terrorist groups who are finding fewer and fewer places to hide in Afghanistan don't know how to operate indoor plumbing, don't know what toilet paper is, don't know what end of a tooth brush to stick where.

The terrorists envy us. They try to hide their jealousy of the way we live behind a facade of religious mumbo jumbo.

They want to destroy our way of life because they lack the intelligence to build a better world for themselves. Destruction, unlike construction, doesn't require a high mentality.

Hitting the World Trade Center, the highest target in the sky, required no large amount of skill or intelligence. Crashing into the Pentagon, the largest office building in the world, required even less.

Before the terrorists crashed the jetliners into both sites, the passengers thought the planes were being hijacked to another country, thought they would be held as hostages, thought they had a chance to stay alive.

Americans know better now. We won't tolerate jetliners being used as weapons, as demonstrated by the passenger jet that crashed in Pennsylvania. Talk about heroes.

The courage of passengers who fought the terrorists and prevented the jetliner from crashing into a populated area will burn in the hearts of Americans and will strengthen our nation for decades and centuries to come.

If terrorists try to commandeer a jetliner in this country again, the chances are good they'll quickly meet Allah, who'll say, "Be gone, you blaspheming fools. Killing in my name is wrong."

Anti-Americans aren't the only ones who can protest.

As citizens of the greatest nation in the world, we can gather in the streets, we can march, we can shout, we can carry signs, we can demonstrate pride in our country.

We can publicly denounce the actions of the terrorists, who are scurrying about, like frightened rats with nowhere to hide for long.

We can burn effigies of Taliban leaders in the streets. We can send a message back that we won't be pushed around. We have principles to live by, a cause to fight for, a way of life to defend.

We can show them who they're messing with. We can show them we're not afraid. We can show them we're ready to fight back. We can join together as one.

The time has come today. Let's do it.



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