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80 Years Ago

Archives 2001

North County Lines by Bob



The Phoenix arose from the ashes of destruction and flew east to the land of cowards, who scurried to their hiding places, like frightened rats.

The Phoenix knew where they hid, however, and with strikes from powerful talons, evaporated the cowardly beasts of terror into mists of dust, blown away into oblivion.

The Phoenix looked down at the havoc of justice and retribution, then flew west toward home, echoing a triumphant call: "Don't tread on me! Don't tread on me!

My brothers and I fought with each other when we were growing up. Many of these fights were knock-down, drag-out brawls.

My father, a former semi-pro boxer in the Army, began teaching us the art of boxing at an early age. The power comes from your stance as much as it does your fists.

The first person to break my nose was my brother Ricky with a well-thrown right jab, squarely in the middle of my face. "I don't know, Doc. It still looks a little lopsided to me."

Thanks to Ricky, I learned to fight on with blood spurting in every direction. Most fights end when first blood is drawn. Ricky showed me I could go beyond that.

My nose has been broken so many times since then it permanently tilts right. But that adds character to my appearance, along with the many other scars up and down my body.

In addition to teaching my brothers and me how to fight, Dad drilled not being a bully into us. "Don't pick on anyone smaller than you and never hit a girl." Excellent advice. Thanks Dad.

Although my brothers and I fought with each other, pity the fool outsider who messed with one of us. We were members of the same family. When someone threatened one of us, we all responded. As a united force, we formed a formidable front, stronger than the sum of its parts.

The terrorists who attacked our nation obviously didn't understand the power of family. They thought their attacks would divide this nation, would splinter us into different factions, fighting among ourselves.

They didn't suspect it would have the opposite effect, didn't suspect we would join together as an overwhelming force, stronger than before being attacked, not weaker.

Because of their shortsightedness, the apparent result of inbreeding, the terrorists couldn't comprehend that the United States is a group of united states.

We have our differences, East, West, North, South, pro-gun control, anti-gun control, pro life, pro choice, liberal, conservative, the list goes on and on. But as citizens of the United States, we are members of the same family.

Unlike the terrorists, who are controlled by so-called religious rules invented by dictators, we are citizens of a nation in which religion and government are separated. We don't need to be members of the same theological sect to come together.

Our power as a nation comes from our differences, comes from the freedom to believe what we choose to believe, comes from the freedom to choose our own destinies, comes from the freedom our founding fathers fought and died to protect.

When the terrorists looked at Americans before the attacks, they saw people who disagreed about religion, politics, sex, child raising, sports, and almost everything else. The terrorists saw a generally unruly population that could easily be broken apart, or so they thought.

They failed to see the fighting spirit of a nation founded by revolutionaries, intent on establishing a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, a government of freedom, liberty, and justice, a government that would triumph over all attacks by foreign invaders.

The terrorists didn't understand that a country founded by a group of ragtag warriors who defeated the most powerful nation in the world at the time to become the United States wouldn't come crashing down because of the cowardly acts committed by a tribe of thugs.

The terrorists should have studied the history of this country closely before launching their attacks. They would have discovered our nation was founded by heroes who preferred liberty to death, by freedom fighters who didn't back down.

They would have discovered a foundation that doesn't crumble, a foundation stronger than concrete and steel. They would have discovered a flag with the words "Don't Tread On Me."

It's too late for them to follow that advice now, though. They'll soon discover the intense force behind that warning.



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