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80 Years Ago

Archives 02-14-2001

North County Lines by Bob

An Award Winning Column

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Many lifetimes ago I lived in Atlantis.

My most vivid past-life memories of Atlantis are of lives lived during a period which can best be translated into English as the Alluvial Age.

Although words, spoken and written, were used in Atlantis for performing mathematical calculations and naming newly created individuals, people primarily communicated through mental channels with images.

Referring to the sending and the receiving of these mental communications as extra sensory perception would be incorrect, however. Mental telepathy in Atlantis wasn't an extra sense. It was another sense like sight or touch.

Mental telepathy in Atlantis was not what is known today as mind reading. No one could receive a message mentally unless someone else sent a message mentally. Unlike mind reading, mental communications required a receiver and a sender. Such communications were similar to communicating by telephone without the telephone.

My adult years during all my lifetimes in the Alluvial Age, were spent with my Twin Flame, Juaisaji. When translated into English, Juaisaji means Jasmine Sun.

As Twin Flames, Juaisaji and I were one half of a single point of light that crossed through a time-space portal along with millions of other points of light into this universe, a universe dreamed into creation by an everlasting being known as the Dreamer to provide a place for us to experience the physical world.

Upon our arrival, each point of light was transformed into two physical beings, one male, one female, Twin Flames, equal and individual, but incomplete without each other.

Although Juaisaji and I were united as Twin Flames in one lifetime after another in Atlantis, we were never united in marriage. The act of getting married didn't exist in Atlantis. If it had, it would have been viewed as a pagan ritual.

No one in Atlantis recited vacant words to signify a permanent commitment which was already eternal.

People didn't own people in Atlantis through marriage or by any other means. Each person in Atlantis was completely free. Each person in Atlantis followed a single guideline: Love.

Approximately 65 million years ago, a meteor larger than Earth's moon struck Atlantis and divided it into the seven continents that exist today. A darkness fell over our world. Juaisaji and I were separated.

Centering her energy into a point of light once more, she left a physical body that was no longer operable and returned to the Dreamer through a time-space portal. Searching for meaning, I wandered in the wilderness.

Wandering. Wandering. Trudging through the valleys of good and evil, over the mountains of expectation and disappointment, past the waterfalls of hope and despair, around the rivers of substance and illusion, across the oceans of heaven and hell.

Wandering. Wandering. When the rains fell, I got wet. When the sun pounded down, I would sweat. When the north wind blew in snow and ice, I shivered.

Wandering. Wandering. Tramping through forests, where trees fragmented the early morning light into prisms of sharp colors that danced among the shadows, like gypsies drunk on dandelion wine.

Wandering. Wandering. I crossed Rainbow Bridge. I stood on the Bridge of Sighs and watched the waters of oblivion flow beneath me. I walked, then crawled across the desert of time, where sleep was the only oasis.

Wandering. Wandering. When night arrived, I would build a fire and watch the wind scatter the glowing embers skyward. When I saw a falling star, I would pretend it was Juaisaji returning to me. But I knew it was only make-believe, which made my sadness deeper.

Before drifting off to sleep, my only refuge, I would communicate with the Dreamer in my mind. "What have I done wrong? Why have you left me alone in the wilderness, separated by time and space from my Twin Flame Juaisaji?"

Revelations usually come in drops and dribbles. But occasionally they hit like crashing waves. One evening, while I was floating toward the soft palace of dreams within dreams, a flow of consciousness higher than my own struck me. A truth I had never pondered became evident.

A broken heart isn't bad. A broken heart means you feel, means you care about something other than yourself. Your heart can't be broken without love being present. Don't try to escape a broken heart. Embrace it. Follow it to the end and you'll discover the everlasting happiness you carry within.

When I awoke, I saw a field of wildflowers with petals open wide. A bird on a limb above my head started singing, welcoming the dawn of a new day.

Could the meaning I had been searching for be found in something as simple and yet so intricate as a field of flowers and a bird singing? Is the divine everywhere, beckoning us to open our hearts so we can recognize the obvious? I didn't ask myself those questions again. I knew the answer.

Walking toward the rising sun, I envisioned Juaisaji waiting for me. I didn't know if one lifetime, ten lifetimes or a thousand lifetimes would pass before I met my Twin Flame again. I was certain, however, that Juaisaji and I would be reunited.

And we were and still are.



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