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80 Years Ago

Archives 04-25-2001

70 Years Ago



April 25, 1931 to May 1, 1931
80 Years Ago In Overton County
(from the files of the Overton County Library)

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E.F. Hassler, of Byrdstown, Tells of Indian Exploration
Among many of my discoveries in the last 40 years, I found a peculiar burial in the spring of 1919. The grave was under a large rock shelter, two and one-half miles east of Byrdstown, and one mile up the Wolf River from the "Devil's Back-Bone" on the north side of the river under the top bluffs.
The ancient Indian grave was lined with thin stone slabs. The grave was five feet long, depth three feet. The bones were of an adult, perfectly sound. The skull was missing.
The outer envelop of the body was cane matting. The next cover was black bear skins. The next wrapper was of cloth, made of twine and twisted. The innermost teguments was a mantle of cloth like the preceding but furnished with large brown feathers arranged with great art so as to be capable of guarding the living wearer from wet and cold.
The fabric had been made fmor the inner bark of a tree, twisted and colored. More than five hundred beads and ornaments were found with the remains. Everything had been preserved with lumps of saltpeter as large as a baseball. The grave 2was covered with the bark of a cucumber tree taken off while the sap was up. The bark was as sound as when it was placed over the vault.
As evidence to the find, I have scraps of the cane matting. I let Mr. W.E. Myers of Carthage, Tenn., the connected with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. have the larger pieced of cane matting, fabric, bear skin, and the bark covering the vault. Also, I let Mr. P.E. Cox, State Archeologist, Nashville, Tenn., have some scraps of fabric, cane matting, etc.

Shirley Bilbrey of the Sixth District announced as candidate for Sheriff of Overton County, subject to the will of the voters in teh Democratic Primary. Mr. Bilbrey is well and facorably known in Overton County, having been born and reared here; als0o having served as deputy sheriff. He is the son of Porter Bilbrey, who served as Constable at the age of 21, and was three times elected to that office in thsi county. "I shall greatly appreciate your vote," Bilbrey said. "I have never been a candidate for office before, but I ask you to investigate my record and promise you if elected, honest and just service."

A.C. Norrod Loses Eye In An Accident
Last week at their farm near Monroe, Mrs. Norrod noticed some children playing with a loaded dynamite cap in the yard. Fearing they might be injured, she took the cap from them, placed in on a small piece, flew some distance hitting Junior in the eye and completely destroying it. He was hurried to the office of Dr. Brown, who removed the injured eye.




Moments In Time
Excerpts of Overton County & World History
Published January 3, 2001
Overton County History
World History


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