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80 Years Ago

Archives 06-14-2000



Hydrofoil Exhibition Held Saturday
Huckeby Holds Men'sLeague Lead
Union Bank Leads In Babe Ruth
Andrea Raines Honored At Tusculum
Girls 10-Under Tourney Held



Hydrofoil Exhibition Held Saturday

Mike Murphy, inventor of the Sky Ski hydrofoil, put on an exhibition during the Dale Hollow Lake Fly-In.

The Tennessee "Fly-In" Club held a hydrofoil exhibition Saturday, June 10 at Sunset Marina on Dale Hollow Lake. A hydrofoil is a ski device pulled from a boat like regular water skis. Bindings close to the ski are attached to the skier's feet and a seatbelt holds the skier in the seat. Hydrofoils allow riders to perform flips and jumps that may not be possible with regular water skis. Hydrofoilers from across the country visited Dale Hollow Lake for the event, which was insured by American Water Ski Association. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers helped with the fly-in. The event will be held again in June of next year, according to the organizers.(photo by Pat Horn and Francis Copeland)

Huckeby Holds Men'sLeague Lead

Huckeby Construction continued its hold on the top spot of Overton County Men's Softball League last week. Game scores from last week are as follows:

Wednesday, June 7
W.E. Sports/Maxwell 21, D&R Paving 12
West End Sports/Gary Maxwell Insurance - Mike Matthews 4 for 4, Steve Boles 3 for 4 with a home run, and Perry Kingery 3 for 4. D&R Paving - Josh Coffman 4 for 4, Scott Stowe 3 for 4 with a home run, Robbie Berta 3 for 4, and Keith Miller 3 for 4.

Huckeby Construction 15, Witt/Berkline 4
Huckeby Construction - Tracy Welch 3 for 3, Mickey Huckeby 3 for 3, Mark Neely 2 for 3 with a home run, Chris Story hit a home run, and Andy Parsons hit a home run. Witt/Berkline - Russell Whattenburger 2 for 2 with a home run, Billy Witt 2 for 2, and Steve Timmons 2 for 2.

Lynn's/Jolley Farms 20, Highways Inc. 9
Lynn's Footwear/Jolley Farms - Johnny Painter 4 for 4, Jason Trent 3 for 3 with a home run, Jeff Flowers 3 for 3, Steve Arms 3 for 3, Bert Jolley 3 for 3, John Reagan hit a home run, and Matt Jolley hit a home run. Highways Inc. - Coy Padgett 3 for 3, Chad Raines 3 for 3, Brad Carr 2 for 3, and John Looper 2 for 3.

Thursday, June 8
Witt/Berkline 20, Crossville Ford 12
Witt/Berkline - Shane Nivens 5 for 5, Billy Witt 5 for 5, Wayne Dishman 3 for 4, Steve Timmons 3 for 4, and David Jackson hit a home run. Crossville Ford - Chris Ledbetter 4 for 4, and Michael Melton 3 for 3.

W.E. Sports/Maxwell Ins. 14, Highways Inc. 9
West End Sports/Gary Maxwell Insurance - John Brooks 3 for 4, Mike Matthews 3 for 4, Perry Kingery 3 for 4, and Eddie Dailey 3 for 4. Highways Inc. - Brad Carr 4 for 4, Mike Sidwell 4 for 4, and Coy Padgett 3 for 4.

D&R Paving 9, Lynn's/Jolley Farms 8
D&R Paving - Josh Coffman 3 for 4, Scotty Beaty 3 for 4, Robbie Berta 3 for 4, and Jason Vaughn hit a home run Lynn's Footwear/Jolley Farms - Johnny Painter 2 for 3, Steve Arms 2 for 3 with a home run, Matt Jolley 2 for 3, and Eric Mitchell hit a home run.

Top 10 Batting Avg. (30 or more at-bats)
Johnny Painter, Lynn's/Jolley .840
Steve Arms, Lynn's/Jolley .756
Mike Matthews, W.E.Sports .710
Terry Kingery, Witt/Berkline .686
Scott Stowe, D&R Paving .675
Andy Parsons, Huckeby Const. .674
Josh Coffman, D&R Paving .653
Jeff Flowers, Lynn's/Jolley .630
John Reagan, Lynn's/Jolley .630
Billy Witt, Witt/Berkline .622

Home Run Leaders (6 or more)
Jason Vaughn, D&R Paving 9
Eric Mitchell, Lynn's/Jolley 9
Steve Arms, Lynn's/Jolley 8
Chris Hunter, Highways Inc. 8
Waylon Ledbetter, Huckeby Const. 7
Andy Parsons, Huckeby Const. 7

Men's Softball Standings W L
Huckeby Construction 9 2
Lynn's Footwear/Jolley Farms 8 4
Witt/Berkline 7 4
West End Sports/Maxwell Ins. 7 5
D&R Paving 5 8
Highways Inc. 3 8
Crossville Ford 1 9


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Union Bank Leads In Babe Ruth

Union Bank continued its hold on the top spot in Babe Ruth last week. Scores are as follows:

Monday, June 5
OC Cable 8, Lake Times 7
D&D Carpet Shop won by forfeit over Law Office of Kelly Williams

Tuesday, June 6
Union Bank 2, Byrds. MC 1 Williams 10, OC Cable 9

Friday, June 9
Byrds. MC 6, Lake Times 4

Saturday, June 10
Union Bank 6, Williams 5 D&D 8, Lake Times 6, by forfeit

Standings W L
Union Bank 9 2
Byrdstown Medical Center 8 4
D&D Carpet Shop 7 4
Lake Times News 7 6
Williams Law Office 4 10
Overton County Cable TV 2 11

Top Batting Avg.
Cody King (UB) .676
Todd Rose (D&D) .609
Michael Poston (LTN) .548
Chad Watson (Williams) .526
Josh Savage (OCCTV) .500
Robert McKay (UB) .486
Matt McClerran (Williams) .429
Nathan Blakely (Williams) .417
Alan Asberry (BMC) .400
Brian Colson (LTN) .350
Lance Mason (BMC) .341
Johnny Cyrus (D&D) .333
Cody Sells .333
Cody Melton (D&D) .318
Tyler Garrett (BMC) .314

Top Pitchers W L
Tyler Garrett (BMC) 5 2
Cody King (UB) 4 0
Alan Asberry (BMC) 3 0
Michael Poston (LTN) 3 1
Anthony Scott (UB) 3 2
Johnny Cyrus (D&D) 2 0
Daniel Clark (D&D) 2 1
Brian Colson (LTN) 2 1


Andrea Raines Honored At Tusculum

Tusculum College recently honored Andrea Raines at an athletic award banquet. She was presented the female freshman of the year academic award.

Raines is a member of the Tusculum College Women's Golf team that captured the South Atlantic Conference Championship recently.

Andrea is the daughter of Milton and Loretta Raines of Hilham.

Girls 10-Under Tourney Held

L'il Hustler's placed third in the Overton County Girls 10-Under Softball Tournament held Saturday, and also placed third on the season. Team members are Ashley Taylor, Jessica Conaster, Megan Robbins, Liz Christensen, Amber Anderson, Paige Qualls, Brittany Savage, Kayla Thomas, Maggie Stevens, Kristin Webb, coaches Trish Webb, Orville Christensen, and Leslie Christensen.

The Building Center placed second in the Overton County 10-Under Girls Softball Tournament held Saturday, and also was the season runner-up. Team members are, Kayla Masters, Brittany Peek, Kaylie Wilson, Mallie Stevens, Betsy Carr, Tristan Robbins, Samantha Ledbetter, Hannah Clark, Kaysha Walker, Katie Vaughn, coaches Robby Robbins, Steve Vaughn, and Tom Stephens.

Champion of the Overton County Girls 10-Under Softball Tournament held Saturday, June 10 is American Savings Bank. Team members are Savanah Baker, Kayla Ferrell, Jasmine Dishman, Chelsea Carr, Rebecca Gore, Heather Huddleston, Rachel Elder, Elizabeth Lewis, Tara Mullins, Brittany Ruble, Lindsey Wright, Sarah Neff, coaches Kathy Carr, Melinda Dishman, and Patricia Neff. The team was also the season champion.

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