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80 Years Ago

Archives 08-23-2000



Hayes Makes County History
Habitat For Humanity Has Sponsoring Partner
Overton County To Receive Federal Funds

Hayes Makes County History

History is in the making as Curtis Hayes is sworn in as a Livingston alderman by Judge John Officer on Monday, Aug. 21. Hayes made county history when he was elected to the office in the June 7 municipal election, becoming the first black man elected to public office in Overton County. His family was on hand for the historic ceremony.

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Habitat For Humanity Has Sponsoring Partner

The newly chartered Habitat for Humanity in Overton County recently received a $5,000 sponsoring partnership from First National Bank of the Cumberlands.

Gwen Smith, local Habitat president, expressed appreciation for First National's support of this project, which so many people have worked long and hard to bring to life in Overton County. Local Habitat Finance Chairman Jean Moore remarked that First National's sponsoring partnership would provide an inspiring kickoff for Habitat's fundraising campaign.

Ron Hyder, president of the bank, noted that First National's focus on providing the best in locally owned, community banking goes hand-in-hand with a program like Habitat for Humanity, where many members of the local community will be working together to bring wonderful benefits to Overton County.

"At First National," Hyder stated, "we believe that one of the most important parts of our team's mission statement is our pledge to return value to all who make our existence possible. And Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful opportunity for First National to return value to our fellow Overton Countians."

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Overton County To Receive Federal Funds
By Dewain E. Peek

Overton County will receive approximately $27.1 million of state appropriations during fiscal year 2000-2001, according to State Senator Lincoln Davis. Also, Overton County will receive a portion of the $6.6 billion of federal funds included in Tennessee's $18.5 billion budget as adopted by the 101st General Assembly.

Senator Davis listed budget appropriations for Overton County in the following general categories: $13 million for education (kindergarten through 12th grade and higher education), $2.4 million in state shared tax collections, $8.1 million for health and social services, a million for justice and public safety, $1.2 million for recreation and resources development, and $1.3 million for state highway projects. The remaining $100 thousand are for miscellaneous items.

The proposed budget allocates $11.2 million for the Overton County School District.

"The Legislature provides for the full-funding of the Basic Education Program which represents the major portion of school funding," Davis said. "The Basic Education Program includes teachers' salaries, capital outlay, pupil transportation, textbooks, teachers' sick leave, teachers' retirement, and additional instructional materials. The county's share of the $2.4 billion Basic Education Program is estimated to be $10.8 million."

Davis further stated that health and social services' appropriations benefiting Overton County residents include $426 thousand for Human Services' programs, $114 thousand for Community Mental Retardation, $69 thousand for Children's Services, and $7.5 million for Health Services, with $7.2 of the health funds for TennCare.

Senator Davis said, "I think Overton County fared very well in this budget considering the available resources. These figures represent the best estimates at this time and will materialize when state revenues are collected as estimated."





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