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80 Years Ago

Archives 06-14-2000



Chemical Cleanup Still Underway
Write-In Candidate Wins Alderman Post
Board Of Education Meeting Held Thursday
Candidates Announce



Chemical Cleanup Still Underway

Cleanup of a chemical solution believed to be dry cleaning fluid is still underway on South Church Street in Livingston. The solution is believed to be from underground tank at the old Ideal Laundry.

Three dwellings were initially evacuated on Tuesday, June 6 after the Livingston Fire Department responded to South Church Street on a report of fumes in a house. The occupant, Kristian Mansell, had already called Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) as well as the underground storage tank people. They found an approximately 500 gallon storage tank at the back of the Mansell home.

The tank was thought to have perchoroethylene, a chemical used in the dry cleaning business, in it. The EPA was notified about the leaking tank.

Personnel from EPA Region IV, out of Atlanta, were called to the scene to assess the situation. They collected air samples Monday from the old laundry location and nearby home. Residual samples have been taken from the tank and the soil, but the results are not available yet.

All contamination is thought to be contained to a one block area. People have been allowed to returned to two of the dwellings, but the third will be vacant for weeks or months, according to Ted Walden, the on-scene coordinator for EPA Region IV.

First Response, of Nashville, is currently grading and loading dirt into roll-off containers for removal later. The area still affected will be fenced off with a chain link fence and marked "Restricted Area". The soil will be hauled to a location specifically for dumping contaminated soil.

Other agencies involved in the investigation of the incident were Livingston Police Department and the City of Livingston gas department and sewer department.

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Write-In Candidate Wins Alderman Post
By Dewain E. Peek

A write-in candidate has won an elected position in the City of Livingston for the first time in the townÕs history.

Write-in candidate James Perry "Pug" Lee defeated "unopposed" Ward II incumbent alderman Harold Watson with 97 votes to WatsonÕs 35.

By the official ballot, the only contested position appeared to be for Ward I alderman. Curtis Hayes cruised to an overwhelming win, receiving 197 votes, more than incumbent Johnny Stover, 58 votes, and Bill Linder, 74 votes combined. He also made city history as the first black man elected to the Board of Aldermen.

In Ward III, Bill Winningham was truly unopposed and received 38 complimentary votes.

Hosea Winningham was unopposed in the mayoral voting and received 373 complimentary votes.

A total of 510 voters turned out for the June 7 municipal election for the Town of Livingston.

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Board Of Education Meeting Held Thursday

By Dewain E. Peek

The Overton County Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting Thursday, June 8.

The Board approved the minutes of the May 11 regular meeting and the minutes of the May 30 called meeting. Three actions were taken in the called meeting. The Board approved the 1999-2000 Education Debt Service Budget, approved the 1999-2000 General Purpose Budget Amendment #3, and approved the General Purpose, Federal Projects, and Central Cafeteria Funds Quarterly Report for the period ending March 31, 2000.

In executive action, the low bid for asbestos removal was accepted at $34,105 by Helton Associates. The bid is for all schools.

The low bid was accepted from Low Cost Heating and Cooling to relocate a walk-in freezer/cooler from Wilson Elementary to Livingston Academy at $3,500. The bid includes a concrete slab at Livingston Academy.

In new business, the Board accepted the resignation of Mike Elder at Livingston Academy.

The Board also accepted the resignation of Mascle Phillips at Hilham Elementary.

The 2001 Title I Project was approved, with Board member Larry Looper voting no.

Also approved were 2001 Title II Project, 20001 Title VI Project, and 2001 Class Size Reduction Project.

The Board voted to allow each school to use the low bid on mowing or to continue the current means of getting the mowing done, whichever costs less.

Director of Schools Eldon Davis issued the DirectorÕs Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

James Street was hired for the extended school year program, at 70 hours, and Spring Choate was hired for the extended school year program, at 35 hours.

Non-tenure teachers hired were Shirley Ashlock-Kirk, Donna Beaty, Phillip Bowman, Leigh Caldwell, Bridgett Carwile, Jacob Carwile, Tim Copeland, Edith Cunningham, Vanessa Farris, Jenny Geesling, Misty Huddleston, Gennie Jackson, Jamie Loftis, Vickie Matthews, Tricia McCarty, Mandy McCormick, Richard Melton, Christy Miller, Lori Mosley, Carla Pierce, Kelly Rose, David Sadler, Cynthia Sells, and James G. Strong.

Tammy Melton, Lisa Reed, and Teresa Ogletree were placed at Wilson Elementary.

Tonya Phillips was hired for two hours as lunchroom monitor at Wilson Elementary.

Darlene Crenshaw was hired as a certified teacher from April 26 to May 24 to replace Teresa Ogletree at Wilson Elementary.

Diane Mabry was hired for Early Childhood.

Robin Bowman was hired as Gifted coordinator.

Lisa Ramsey was hired and placed at Livingston Middle School.

Christy Miller was hired and placed at Rickman Elementary.

Dawn Neely was hired half-time at the Central Office and half-time in janitorial.

Kelly Brown was hired as school nurse.

Rhonda Mainord was also hired as school nurse.

Dale King was hired as a custodian at Livingston Academy.

Anita Burnett was hired as a temporary secretary for the 2000-2001 school year.

Hired for the Summer Nutrition Program were the following: manager - Phillis Robbins, assistant manager - Barbara Stewart, Joyce Ledbetter, Agnes Hamilton, Birdie Jackson, Patricia Reagan, Dale King, Kathy Sullivan, monitor - Billie Rooker, manager - Cornetta Brown, Anna Ramsey, and Drenia Wilson.

Substitute personnel hired for the Summer Nutrition Program were Anna Lou Bowman, Bonnie Phillips, Tim Copeland, Becky Hammock, Treva Wilson, Carolyn Maxfield, Julia Wright, and Brenda Pemberton.

Director Davis announced that Melinda Beaty had been named the Middle School Principal of the Year by the Middle Tennessee Association of Middle Schools.

The meeting adjourned.

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Candidates Announce

Jerry Glasscock Announces Candidacy

Jerry Glasscock has informed the NEWS that he is a candidate for election to the Overton County Board of Education for the First District in the Thursday, August 3 election. His statement is as follows:

"I feel I have the necessary experience and insight to provide leadership in our school system for the new millennium. We need to provide a basic education to all our students in academics and technology, so as to prepare them to either enter the work force or continue a post secondary school education upon graduation from high school.

"The standards need to be raised to challenge students both in the academic area, including math, science, and reading, and in the technology area. A strong career education program needs to be expanded to provide for skills necessary for the work place, including technology, dependability, honesty, team work, communication, and social skills. As your elected member of the School Board I will serve in the best interests of all the students of Overton County."

Glasscock has been an employee with the Overton County School System for 28 years. He has served as a teacher and an administer. He also served as statewide secretary of the Tennessee Vocational Directors for 12 years until his retirement following the 1998-99 school year.

A 1963 graduate of Livingston Academy, Glasscock served in the U.S. Army for three years before attending Middle Tennessee State University where he received a B.S. degree. He continued his education at the University of Tennessee receiving a M.A. degree in education.

He is the son of Paul and Maurine Glasscock, of Allons, and is married to the former Janie Webb of Overton County and has two children, Lori Thompson and Leigh Caldwell. Lori is married to Bennie Thompson, of Livingston, who owns Thompson Masonry. Leigh is married to Mark Caldwell, of Kingsport, who is currently employed by Carwile Mechanical of Cookeville. Glasscock has four grandchildren, all of who are school age.


Key Announces Candidacy

Edith Key has informed the NEWS that she is a candidate for election to the Overton County School Board for the Third District in the Thursday, August 3 election. Her statement is as follows:

"I Edith Key, would like to announce my candidacy for School Board Member in the 3rd District.

"I am the daughter of the late Gentry Key and Bertha Looper Key. I am the sister of the late Rick Key who worked for the Department of Transportation. I am also the sister of Laddie Key of Hanging Limb.

"I have worked in both Overton and Putnam County School Systems since 1966. I have been a paraprofessional, a cook, a janitor, a school bus driver, an elementary teacher, an adult education supervisor, and an elementary basketball coach. I have worked at Wilson Elementary, Alpine Elementary, Rickman Elementary, and as County Adult Education teacher and supervisor at the Central Office.

"I will try to visit all voters in the 3rd District to discuss education with each person. If I miss you, I would greatly appreciate any help and support you can give me.

"My campaign platform is to put "Kids First," cut waste in the school budget, and listen to all employees and citizens of Overton County who have complaints or praise. I wish to do away with vendetta and get back to the basics. I believe that a happier employee makes a better employee.

"Any support will be greatly appreciated. Most of all, go to the polls and vote for someone."

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