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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-17-2000



Livingston Academy Graduation Held
School Board Meeting Held Thursday
Man Killed When Vehicle Crashes Into House, Burns



Livingston Academy Graduation Held

Photo by Russell Garrett

Livingston Academy seniors celebrate with the traditional toss of the hat as the graduation ceremony held Monday, May 15 concludes. Parents, family, and friends gathered in Tom Davis Memorial Stadium to watch as over 185 seniors received their diplomas, ready now for what the future may offer.

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School Board Meeting Held Thursday

By Dewain E. Peek

The small conference room at the Overton County Central Education Office was packed once again on Thursday, May 11 for the regular monthly meeting of the Overton County Board of Education. All members were present.

In executive action, the Board received Matt SmithÕs resignation as principal of A.H. Roberts Elementary School. Smith will remain in the school system.

The Board received a letter of retirement from Betty Smith, second grade teacher at Rickman Elementary School.

Edith Key addressed the Board concerning her position, which has been eliminated for the next school year. In an emotional speech, she expressed disappointment with School Board members Melvin Johnson, Larry Looper, and Donald Brown.

The Board did not address her statements and went on to the next item on the agenda. John Phillips addressed the Board and asked if Alice Reed has been rehired as principal of Wilson Elementary School.

Director of Schools Eldon Davis said she has.

Richard Evans, president of the Overton County Education Association, the local teachers union, addressed the Board and spoke of strained relations between OCEA and the School Board. He also indicated he believes his transfer to Hilham Elementary School for the 2000-2001 school year may be because of his activities as OCEA president.

The Board did not address his statements and went on to the next item on the agenda.

A Vocational Rehabilitation/Transition grant was approved. The school will be responsible for $12,559, while the government will give approximately $73,000. The Board voted to allow the Wilson Extended School Year program to be held in the Crawford Head Start Center.

The Board approved entering into a contract with the Putnam County Board of Education to provide service for an Overton County disabled student who will be attending Pacesetters.

Tenure was granted to Sara Bilbrey, Todd Johnson, Mark Lee, Kevin Norrod, Kevin Rhoton, Susanne Storie, Debie Taylor, Melissa Masters, and Patricia Reagan.

The Board approved the summer nutrition program at Wilson Elementary operating at the Crawford Head Start Center in June.

Director of Schools Eldon Davis submitted the DirectorÕs Report to the School Board. Actions taken by the school director are as follows:

Melissa Phillips was hired as a temporary aide for Wilson Elementary for the month of May, replacing Carolyn Burchfield, who is on leave.

Janie Carter was hired as a teacher assistant for the A.H. Roberts pre-school language summer program, for 70 hours.

Teresa Johnson was hired as principal at A.H. Roberts.

Diane Mabry was hired as a part-time teacher for the Early Childhood program, beginning May 25 and continuing through August 1.

Hilham received the Incentive Award grant from the Tennessee Department of Education in the amount of $3,649.63.

Melissa Phillips was hired as an aide for the pre-school language summer program, for 70 hours.

Judy Garrett was hired to replace Dale Keisling at A.H. Roberts.

Richard Evans was placed at Hilham Elementary.

Greg Dingwall was placed as elementary countywide band instructor.

Judy Miller was placed as a homebound teacher. Alberta Willis was hired as a countywide speech teacher.

Kim Dillon was hired as an assistant for Behavioral Management.

Extended school years teachers were hired as follows: 70 hour contract - Tricia McCarty and Alberta Willis in Speech; 70 hours - Amelia Peavyhouse at A.H. Roberts pre-school; 35 hours tutoring - Esther Maynord at Livingston Academy, Shirley Kirk at Livingston Middle School, Trena Farmer at Hilham, Patty Dale at Allons, Bridgett Carwile at A.H. Roberts, and Julie Poston at Rickman.

Summer School teachers were hired as follows: English 9-12 - Julie Miller for 4 weeks, and Jennifer Eilander for 2 weeks; Math 9-12 - Roger Smith for 3 weeks, and Jean Jolley for 4 weeks; Social Studies - Rick Sells for 4 weeks; and Biology/Ecology/Science - Mark Lee for 4 weeks.

Lydia Flatt was placed half-time at CLUE and half-time at GED.

Deanna Savage was placed at Allons Elementary.

Lora Looper and Pam Merlone were hired as substitute teachers. They have passed the TBI-FBI background check.

The teachers receiving tenure were hired.

Non-teaching employees hired for the 2000-2001 school year were:

Central Education Office - Karen Cowan, bookkeeper/budget director; Catherine M. Holbert, federal bookkeeper; Patricia F. Hughes, accounts payable; Brenda K. Killmon, secretary-receptionist; Joan Masters, school nutrition bookkeeper; Judy Goodpasture, payroll/assistant budget director.

A.H. Roberts - Doris Cooper, attendance secretary; Heather Melton, secretary; Teresa Sells, bookkeeper; Sue Ledbetter, part-time custodian; Melissa Linder, Greg Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Nell Spivey, custodians; Kim Curd, library aide; Tina Dillon, Writing-To-Read aide and duty free lunch monitor; Sheena Garrett, Special Ed. pre-school aide; Joyce Ledbetter and Donna Elder, Title I aides; Lue Reeser, CDA aide and food service cashier; Melissa Robbins, part-time kindergarten aide; Inogene Smith, part-time kindergarten and first grade aide; Kelly Stover, educational resource aide; Linda Vaughn, kindergarten aide; Kim Cantrell, aide; Kathy Sullivan, 8 hours per day cafeteria manager; Brenda Colson, 7.5 hours per day assistant manager; Janice Faye Hill, Claris Jackson, Phillis Robbins, Frances Sells, and Tonya Wright, 7 hours per day cooks; and Willetta McCormick, 5 hours per day cook.

Allons Elementary - Mary Ledbetter, secretary/attendance; Mildred Melton, secretary/bookkeeper; Junior Beechboard and Loleta Wilson, custodians; Donna Hillabrand, teacherÕs aide; Donna Reeder and Patricia Reagan, Special Ed. aides; Georgia Gray, Edith Reagan, and Juanita Dial, cooks; Barbara Stewart, cafeteria manager; Agnes Hamilton, part-time cook; and Karen Reeder, part-time lunchroom monitor.

Hilham Elementary - Sada Gore, secretary/bookkeeper; Susan Ledbetter, secretary/attendance; Shirley Riley and Karen York, Special Ed. aides; Beth Phillips, Title I aide; Lisa McCoy, cafeteria manager; Imogene Geesling and Rita Goodpasture, cooks; Edwina Coffman, Villa Maxwell, and Janie Thomas, part-time cooks; David Pigg, custodian; and Brenda Phillips and Betty Green, part-time custodians.

Livingston Academy - Lorraine Whited, secretary/attendance; Kimberly Colson, Brenda Pemberton, and Marla Dailey, secretaries; Charlotte Dillon, bookkeeper; Shelly Gilpatrick, Special Ed. aide; Janice Brown, Special Ed. aide/bus driver; Charlotte Masters, Billie Smith, Retha Ezell, Robert Larner, and Sue Reeder, custodians; Barbara Qualls, cafeteria manager; Wanda Thurman, assistant manager; Bobbie Thurman, Rose Mayer, Carolyn Maxfield, Rita Qualls, Linda Gilpatrick, Becky Hammock, and Julia Wright, cooks; and Bee Nivens and Jean Tayse, part-time cooks.

Livingston Middle School - Loretta Raines, secretary; Joann Winningham, attendance/secretary; Bess Street, bookkeeper; Cindy Robbins, CDA Special Ed. aide; Margaret Collins and Kay Savage, Special Ed. aides; Elizabeth Sells, Wanda Gore, and Dean Boles, custodians; Billie Rooker, cafeteria manager; Evelyn Sidwell, assistant manager; Deanna Linder, Jimmie Masters, and Brenda King, cooks; and Rillie Hill and Louise Matthews, part-time cooks.

Rickman Elementary - Cindy Bailey, bookkeeper; Heidi Brown, secretary/attendance; Barbara Gilliam, secretary; Anita Lacy, Sharon Larner, and Tammy Smith, Special Ed. aides; Anita Norrod, aide; James Livingston, custodian/bus driver; Reba Phipps, Floid Vaughn, and Sharon Sevier, custodians; Allean Andrews, cafeteria manager; Treva Wilson, assistant manager; Eunice Bilbrey, Betty Mackie, Faye McCowan, Karen Prichard, and Pam Bowman, cooks; and Judy Nave and Ellie Woolbright, part-time cooks.

Wilson Elementary - Anna Bowman, secretary/bookkeeper; Terry Morgan, secretary/attendance; Janet Miller, regular aide; Carolyn Burchfield, pre-school aide; Marlene Harris, Nancy Tinch, and Jennifer Harris, Special Ed. aides; Robert Judd and Ray Norrod, custodians; Cornetta Brown, cafeteria manager; and Judy Bowman, Wanda Hoover, and Drenia Wilson, cooks.

Early Childhood - Vickie Windle, Lisa Franklin, Barbara Harris, and Carol Bilbrey, aides; and Teresa Carr, part-time custodian.

Maintenance - Ed Walker, Rick Hinson, and Bennie Sells.

Mechanics - Scott Stover and Noah Hinson.

Bus Drivers - Paul Burgess, Jack Choate, Pat Coleman, Nancy Cooper, Rithia Winningham, Lonnie D. Ford, James Gambrell, Randy Smith, Baxter Hughes, Larry Smith, Ina G. Hunter, Dale King, Kenneth Laycock, Robin Livingston, Dewey Masters, Randy McCowan, William P. Norrod, Grady Phillips, Brenda Ramsey, Helen Reeser, Amanda White, Billy O. Smith, Grady Speck, Donald Staggs, Chesley E. Stephens, Curtis W. Taylor, Paul White, Keven Vaughn, Barbara Winningham, Roger Wright, Jerry Carmack, Daryl Hoover, Jason Guffey, Charlotte Dillon, Randall Dial, Melanie Staggs, Janice Brown, Mark Carmack, James Livingston, Randy Brewer, and Herman Sullivan. Hired as educational assistants in Adult Education were Lois Brown and Carolyn Looper.

Hired as school psychologists for the 2000-2001 school year were Delores Turnbull and Tim Copeland.

Libby Allen was hired as art instructor for the 2000-2001 school year.

Randall Dial was hired as supervisor of Adult Basic Education.

Tenured teachers hired for the 2000-2001 school year are:

A.H. Roberts - Janie Byers, Janie Carter, Linda Clouse, Tamara Crowder, Brenda Davis, Marshia Deck, Barbara Dodson, Janie Dycus, Jennifer Eilander, Trena Farmer, Faye Franklin, Bobby Gore, Joe Gore, Gail Leibreich (half-time), Judy Long, Gail Martin, Nancy McCormick, Patricia McDonald, Maura Medley, Judy Moore, Carol Nivens, Carolyn Officer, Lesa Parsons, Amelia Peavyhouse, June Puckett, Donna Qualls, Cheryl Savage, Cindy Smith, Gena Smith, Micki Smith, Samantha Stephens, Martha K. Thomas, Stephanie West, James White, Barbara Winningham, and Sandra Young.

Allons Elementary - Patty Dale, Margaret P. Daniels, Eula Garrett, Beverly Heath, Marcia Johnson, Linda Langford, Margaret Leach, Christy Lee, Gail Leibreich (halt-time), Amelia Melton, Gail McCormick, Shirley McCormick, Rebecca McDonald, Melissa Palk, Deanna Savage, Melissa Savage, William Sells, and Louise Smith (half-time).

Hilham School - Gary Boles, Brenda Capshaw, Patricia Clark, Tammy Dailey, Vickie Eldridge, Pat Gilpatrick, Sherry Hall, Pearl Masters, Carolyn Needham, Cassius C. Parsons, Cathy Parsons, Debra Parsons, Mascle Phillips, Willie B. Phillips Jr., Kathy Sells, and Barbara Louise Smith (half-time).

Livingston Academy - Rick Moles, Lynn Ashburn, Pat Austin, Sara Bilbrey, Martha Kay Bowers, Jacob Carwile, James Cobble, Janet Daley, Dolphus Dial, Judy Dillon, Loy Dorminey, Mike Elder, Matt Eldridge, Diane Evans, Terry Webb, Richard Flowers, Robin Gaw, Jan Gilbert, Ben Gilpatrick, Kelly Grimes, Mac Johnson, Jean Jolley, Pat Krantz, Mark Lee, Sherrill Lewis, Eddie Linder, Ester Maynord, Gerald Maynard, Danny McCoin, Danny McCormick, Sue Ellen McDonald, Howard Miller, Julie Miller, Elizabeth S. Preston, Shane Qualls, Marjorie Rios, Mike Savage, Deborah Sells, Rick Sells, Cindy Smith, Merl Smith, Roger Smith, Bonnie Stapp, Betsy Stockton, Debbie Strong, Mala Terry, Pat Trevathan, Scott Trevathan, and Susan Upton.

Livingston Middle School - Robert Jolley, Gwen Smith, Billie Akers, Linda Buford-Arney, Gary Beaty, Nickey Franklin, Barbara Garrett, Judy Garrett, Elaine Grimes, Lisa Langford, Kim McDonald, Peggy Melton, Melanie Norrod, Carolyn OÕBrien, David Peterman, Debbie Peterman, Marjorie Phillips, Pat Sells, Melissa Smith, Judy Story, Linda Terry, Barbara Vaughn, and Harold Watson.

Rickman School - Brenda Choate, Patsy Cumby, Marsha Dodson, Gayron Franklin, Gayle Hastings, Lisa Huitt, Leneda Linder, Sandy Looper, Betty Massengille, Gail McCowan, Vickie Moore, Lynda Nelson, Penny Peek, Sharon Peterman, Diann Poston,Julia Poston, Christy Qualls, Kathy Ray, Sharon Sevier, Tammy Smith, Carolyn Vaughn, and Betty Wells.

Wilson Elementary - Whitney Cobb, Lisa Miller, Wanda Phillips, Nancy Eldridge, Roxie Phillips, Rhonda Delk, Ann Seiffert, David Harris, Doug Smith, Barry Moody, Sheila Bush, and Mike Gilpatrick.

Adult Basic Education - Edith Key, teacher and coordinator; Sharon Curtis, Overton County Adult High School; and Shirley Phillips, half-time teacher at Overton County Adult High School and half-time teacher at Families First.

The meeting adjourned.

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Man Killed When Vehicle Crashes Into House, Burns

A 36 year-old Livingston man died in a fiery crash around 12:15 a.m. Sunday, May 14. According to reports, Timothy Allen Carr, was driving a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am west on Willow Grove Highway when he apparently lost control of the car in a curve, went off the road on the westbound side, traveled 110 feet until it struck a tree, then veered off into an unoccupied old house, belonging to Lloyd Seber. The car and the house became engulfed in flames, with Carr inside. THP Tony Choate investigated the wreck.

Overton County deputies arrived on the scene soon after the crash, having just caught a vehicle they had been in pursuit of. The pursuit never crossed paths with the Carr vehicle, according to the Overton County SheriffÕs Department. Deputies were in the area after a pursuit that began on Highway 111 North. A tan 1995 Chevrolet Silverado pickup had been clocked at 71 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. The truck turned on Willow Grove Highway at Big Springs. The pursuit ended toward the end of Cravens Lane. Taken into custody was James Edward Walker, 25, of Rickman. He faces charges of speeding, evading arrest, and aggravated assault on a police officer. Two passengers were not charged.

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