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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-03-2000



Cruisers Hold Car Show
Aldermen Meeting Held Monday
Reagan Appears In Court To Face Murder Charge
Candidates Announce



Cruisers Hold Car Show

Andy and Anna Yoder of Cookeville are hard at work making sure their 1935 Chevy is sparkling at the Standing Stone Cruisers Show and Cruise held Saturday, April 29 in the parking lot of Livingston Academy. The show was well attended, especially for a first time show. Almost 70 vehicles were entered in the show, and several interesting cars cruised by to check out the show.
(photo by Dewain E. Peek)

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Aldermen Meeting Held Monday
By Dewain E. Peek

The Livingston Board of Alderman and Mayor Hosea Winningham held their regular monthly meeting Monday, May 1 with all members present.

Alderman Robert Jolley again brought up allowing city employees to run for alderman. Alderman Jolley said he understood a document written by City Attorney Kelly Williams to say that an ordinance could be drawn up to allow city employees to hold elected city office.

"We can pass that at a called meeting or an open meeting before election time and it will go into our city charter,Ó Alderman Jolley said.

He asked Williams if he was correct in his assumption and she indicated he was.

Of city employees holding city office, Williams later said, "They normally canÕt unless itÕs provided in your own charter, which an ordinance, see, changes your charter. It puts that right in there. And you donÕt have to go to the legislature to have it passed, or anything like that.Ó

Alderman Jolley made a motion to direct City Attorney Williams to write an ordinance to allow any or all city employees the right to qualify and to seek election to the Board of Aldermen while they are still employees of the city.

Mayor Winningham disagreed with Williams interpretation of the law, and said, "IÕm against it.Ó

When put to a vote, Aldermen Bill Winningham and Johnny Halfacre voted against the motion, but it passed with Aldermen Jolley, Thurman Langford, and two current aldermen affected by the motion, Harold Watson and Johnny Stover voting for the motion.

Before voting, Alderman Stover said, "Before I vote on it, thereÕs a little thing here IÕve got to read.Ó

He read a legal statement saying he has a conflict of interest because he is an employee of the city, but he is voting because of conscience and obligation to his constituents.

Alderman Watson said, "IÕm not voting for it because, myself, I donÕt have to work, but IÕm voting for all of the people within the city limits. ThatÕs how I feel. I think anybody in the city limits should be able to run for alderman, if they work for the city.Ó

In other business, an ordinance regulating banner style signs was approved. The Board voted to give a variance for a Livingston Regional Hospital sponsored sign at Livingston Academy.

An employee was approved for the sanitation, and two employee recommendations were approved for the Livingston Police Department. A list of kids to work summer jobs at city facilities was also approved.

The Board voted to donate $500 to the Pioneer Days Committee to help with the festival expenses.

The Board voted to purchase a tractor at a cost of $6,500 with exchange.

The Board adjourned.

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Reagan Appears In Court To Face Murder Charge
By Dewain E. Peek

A fully operational methamphetamine laboratory was discovered by the Overton County Sheriff's Department on Monday, April 17.

According to reports, officers from the Overton County Sheriff's Department, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the 13th District Judicial Task Force executed a search warrant at a residence on Little Jay Bird Lane. The residence searched was a camper trailer reportedly belonging to Ronald Looper.

During the search , a fully operational meth lab was allegedly discovered. Also allegedly found was a jar containing chemicals with a blasting cap submerged in the chemicals, believed to be a booby trap to blow up the trailer if the lab was discovered.

A bomb disposal unit from Fort Campbell was called in to dispose of the blasting cap and chemicals. The Monroe Volunteer Fire Department was also involved because of the danger of explosion or fire in disposing of the chemicals.

Seven people were arrested at the residence, according to the Overton County Sheriff's Dept. Arrested at the scene were Ronald Looper of Monroe, Curtis Edwards of Monroe, Chris L. Smith of Garrett Town Road, Julia Reed of Crawford, Kevin Pritchard of Byrdstown, Brenda Thompson of Cookeville, and Jennifer Crouch of Albany, KY.

The government no longer is paying for the cleanup of meth labs, so the county will have to pay for the $8,000 to $10,000 cleanup expense.

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Candidates Announce

Johnny Stover Announces Candidacy
Johnny Stover has informed the NEWS he plans to run for re-election to the office of Alderman in Ward I in the upcoming Wednesday, June 7 City Municipal Election. His statement is as follows:

"I, Johnny Stover, announce my candidacy for re-election for Alderman representing Ward I in the upcoming City Municipal Election.

"I have worked for the city of Livingston for 24 years. I am a member of Eagle Creek Lodge #530. I have two kids, Jamie Michelle Stover and John Michael Stover.

"I would like to take this opportunity to ask the residents in Ward I for your support and your vote on Wednesday, June 7, 2000. However, I would encourage everyone to go out and vote in this election for the candidate of their choice."


Winningham Announces Candidacy
Hosea Winningham has informed the NEWS he plans to run for re-election to the office of Mayor for the Town of Livingston in the Municipal Election to be held on June 7. His statement is as follows:

"I deeply appreciate the opportunity which the citizens of Livingston have given me to serve as their Mayor. During my time in office, I have continued to work hard and be a full-time Mayor for the town. I believe that our town has made significant progress of which I am very proud. I have made every effort to keep taxes as low as possible and will continue to do so in the future.

"I pledge to the citizens that I will continue to be a hard working Mayor and will continue my efforts for progress in our town. I am proud to be your Mayor, and I ask for your vote and support."

Winningham is the son of the late Lester and Ruby Winningham. He is married to Ann Winningingham, daughter of the late Otley and Ethel Smith. They have two daughters, Angela, who is employed with USDA, Office of Rural Development, and Amy, who is married to Donny Buttram.

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