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80 Years Ago

Archives 03-29-2000


Yard Sale Season Has Begun
New County Industrial Park Considered Near Rickman
Public Library Receives Computers


Yard Sale Season Has Begun
By April D. Blevins

A length of twine stretched across the lawn with a sign telling everyone not to enter until exactly noon. Men and women of all ages line up along the perimeter checking out the loot.

"I wonder how much that shelf is," one woman mused.

"I want that picture," another stated.

It was only 11:30 and already a crowd of more than 50 had gathered.

Cars lined the small residential street blocking traffic for hours.

Finally noon arrived and the twine was cut. A mad dash ensued and it was all out war to grab goods before someone else did. This yard sale was out of control.

Yard sales are a great place to get anything from appliances to stuffed zebras at affordable prices.

"We've made about $800 in the past 45 minutes," Donna Qualls said, a Livingston resident who had a yard sale last week.

Everyone acquires things they never use or even think about again. Yard sales are a way to find homes for these forgotten items and get back some of the money put into them.

Kenny Kilgore, of Cookeville, said "People are always looking for bargains and if you find something you really like and don't have to pay much for it, you get kind of a high - Yard Sale Fever."

Angie Holloway, of Cookeville, explained the craze, "You can find a lot of good quality clothes that look new. I like to look for dresses to wear to church. If you buy them in the store there is no telling how much you will pay, but you can find great stuff at yard sales for three or four dollars."

Every Saturday morning thousands of Middle Tennesseans roll out of bed at the crack of dawn to go treasure hunting.

"I like to look for things that I can use in craft-making, collectibles, and stuff for my kichen," one woman said. "I can find them a lot cheaper at yard sales than in stores."

Childrens clothes and toys are always hot items.

"I buy things for my grandchildren. I especially like to find different kinds of dolls," one Cookevillian said. Some people aren't looking for bargains at all; these souls are hoping for a trip down memory lane.

"I just love to go reminisce over things that I haven't seen in a long time. There are items that can be found in yard sales that aren't in stores anymore. one woman replied.

Yard saling is a lot of fun, but one must keep in mind the rules of yard sale etiquette.

Do not switch the price tags.

Do not snatch from other people - if someone already has an item that you want in their hands then it is theirs.

Do not show up at a yard sale until the specified time of opening.

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New County Industrial Park Considered Near Rickman
By April D. Blevins

Plans for a third industrial park in Overton County are in the works, according to John Roberts, executive director of the Livingston-Overton County Chamber of Commerce.

Roberts said the lands being considered for the park are near Rickman on Highway 111 near the Putnam County line.

The exact location of the park and when it can be expected to be a reality is still in the decision- making stages.

"This has been talked about enough and it is time to start doing something to get this going," Roberts said.

A discussion on the idea was held by the Overton Industrial Development Board on March 16 at the Chamber of Commerce.

The location currently being considered is being tested to see if it is environmentally suitable.

The county plans to buy the property needed for the site once the time comes; however, owners could be forced to sell by county government under imminent domain for the public good.

"The county wants to focus on lands that owners are willing to sell," Roberts said.

"The county commission has admonished the board not to force people to sell."

Roberts expects the park to be in a high state of development 5 to 10 years after it is completed.

The other two industrial parks are almost completely full and employ about 2,200 people total.

"It is important to recognize that new jobs in Overton County will benefit the surrounding counties as well, Roberts said.

According to Roberts, Putnam County has shown an interest in the development of this park.

"Putnam County has shown enough interest to talk about helping with cost and in helping recruit businesses. Their recruiting capabilities would help this project a lot," Roberts said.

Roberts hopes to recruit businesses that hire smaller numbers, but pay higher wages. "We'd rather have 50 jobs that pay $20 an hour than 200 jobs that pay $6 an hour."

According to Roberts, the unemployment rate in Overton County is less than four percent.

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Public Library Receives Computers
By Dewain E. Peek

Approximately 30 people checked out the Overton County Public Library's new computers during an open house held Thursday, March 16. The computers were donated to the library through the Bill and Malinda Gates' Foundation. Checking out one of the four new Gateway computers is State Representative. John Mark Windle, seated, and standing clockwise, are, Charles Maynord, of First National Bank of the Cumberlands, Sue Eldridge, Library board chairman, Larry Eldridge, and Reba Maynard, of FNB. Children as well as adults are invited to visit the library and utilize the programs including, games, books learning activities, reference, and Internet programs.




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