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80 Years Ago

Archives 08-09-2000

North County Lines by Bob

An Award Winning Column

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Those who support gun control are right. American citizens shouldn't be allowed to own firearms. Criminals should be free to rob and rape and kill without the risk of being shot by potential victims. The Second Amendment should be eliminated from the Bill of Rights.

Getting rid of the First Amendment is a good idea also. Freedom of speech is bad. Allowing people to say what they think creates problems. For an orderly society to exist, people must express the same views, must behave the same, must be the same. Any deviation from the norm must be dealt with harshly.

Freedom of the press is bad. The government should control the news, should distort the truth to avoid upsetting the public with disturbing reports about unpleasant events, such as politicians accepting bribes from foreign sources for details about how to build nuclear weapons.

Prohibiting the government from establishing a religion is bad. A national religion should be instituted. Members of all other religions should be rounded up and herded into concentration camps.

Those who continue to cause problems by worshipping in a non-government approved manner should be thrown into gas chambers, their remains turned into soap. That will teach them to believe in a loving creator.

Eliminating the Third Amendment is also necessary. Government troops should be allowed to break into your home and throw you out. Why shouldn't they eat your food and sleep in your bed?

The Fourth Amendment has to go too. The police shouldn't be prohibited from entering your home without a warrant and searching through your personal items. Expecting the right to privacy in your own home is unreasonable. Citizens in Cuba and Communist China have no such expectations.

We don't need the Fifth Amendment either. Defendants should be forced to testify against themselves. Burn them with a blow torch. Poke out their eyes. Cut off their fingers and toes one at a time. Do whatever is necessary to make them talk. Guilt or innocence isn't important. Getting a confession is.

The Sixth Amendment must be eliminated too. A defendant shouldn't be entitled to a speedy trial and representation by an attorney. Witnesses shouldn't be allowed to testify in a defendant's behalf. Doing away with those rights will increase the number of convictions. Convictions are important. Guilt or innocence isn't.

The Seventh Amendment must be disposed of also. Defendants don't deserve a jury trial. Jury trials slow things down. After being arrested, defendants should be tortured until they confess, then thrown into prison. Sadaam Hussein controls Iraq by using such tactics. That type of justice will work just as well in this country.

Eliminating the Eighth Amendment is also a must. Who defines the meaning of cruel and unjust punishment? Would a ten-year prison sentence for making an illegal left turn be cruel and unjust? Some would say it is, even though it's not.

After being released from prison, those convicted of turning incorrectly would go around the block and return from the other direction before illegally turning left again. Serving ten years in prison to learn the importance of proper turning would be time well spent.

The need to do away with the Ninth Amendment is obviously clear. What difference does it make if a law infringes on the constitutional rights of the people?

This country has an abundance of gun control laws that violate the Constitution, that infringe on the rights of the people. More laws are needed like that.

The Tenth Amendment must go too. The federal government must eliminate the rights of every state. The federal government must maintain control with an iron fist. A centralized government police force must be created to enforce its will on the people. Members of this police force would wear tall black boots, brown shirts, and arm bands embossed with crossed Z's. Members of this police force would be high-stepping in every city, town, and community in the United States.

Members of this police force would encourage neighbors to spy on neighbors by offering large rewards for reports of suspicious activities. Those who didn't conform, who didn't follow the rules, would be transported to government compounds for reprogramming. The ashes of those who couldn't be controlled by psychotropic drugs and electroshock would be packaged as fertilizer.

Those who support gun control are right. American citizens shouldn't be allowed to own guns. The Second Amendment should be eliminated. The Bill of Rights isn't important. We need a centralized government that controls the actions and thoughts of its citizens with force and fear.

Those who support gun control have every right to be proud of what they're doing, of what they're trying to accomplish, of what they represent. They should wear crossed silver Z's on their lapels to signify their true identity.




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