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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-10-2000

North County Lines by Bob

Award Winning Column

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Ghosts surround you. Ghosts are watching you, waiting for you to hear their voices, quiet, soft, almost beyond perception, like footprints in the twilight, like whispers beside a crashing surf.

You carry your ghosts with you. You can shut yourself in a closet or hide in the woods. But ghosts will be there beside you, in front of you, behind you, above you. Wherever you go, ghosts follow.

Some of these ghosts have followed you, been with you, from lifetime to lifetime. In Atlantis, in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, during lives spent in the Dark Ages, during lives spent as beggars and kings, during lives as merchants and barefoot vagrant saints, from the beginning of time, throughout history, these ghosts have remained with you.

Ghosts watch over you, when you're awake, while you're sleeping.

Ghosts visit your dreams. They talk with you. They walk with you. They help you solve problems encountered in the physical realm. They guide you through worlds beyond a world you only think is real. They provide insight. They point you in the right direction.

When a voice within says, "Be careful," a ghost is speaking to you. When your intuition tells you to beware of something or someone, a ghost is sending a message.

Whether you heed the warning or not is a choice you have to make. Ghosts don't interfere with free will.

Throughout the ages, human beings, inhabitants of the physical world, have tried to communicate with ghosts, inhabitants of the spiritual world.

A bridge between these two worlds does exist. Crossing it, however, requires letting go of imposed thoughts and beliefs.

When we're born into this world, a process to erase the memories of the place from where we came begins. Social conditioning through religion and other archaic means is a primary part of this brainwashing process.

Memories of our divine nature, however, are never completely eliminated. These memories seek refuge in a spiritual river that dwells within. These memories slumber in the depths.

Communicating with ghosts requires an awakening of these memories, requires the return of these memories to the surface, requires replacing the illusions of the temporal physical world with the realities of the eternal spiritual world.

From automatic writing to Ouija boards to Tarot cards, many methods of communicating with ghosts exist. Whatever method is chosen, meditation beforehand is necessary to prevent the intrusion of spirits from the netherworld.

Unlike ghosts, these spirits haven't chosen to be where they are. They've been sentenced to a world of neither here nor there for misdeeds committed while they inhabited human form.

Many of the activities attributed to ghosts, haunting houses and such, are the work of these spirits. In many Native American cultures, these beings are called tricksters. These beings are also known as poltergeist.

Visualizing an encompassing wall of white light while deep in meditation prevents the channeling of these spirits. Ghosts are drawn toward white light and can pass through it. Spirits from the netherworld can't.

Each method of communicating with ghosts has advantages and disadvantages.

Something to write with and on are all that's required for automatic writing. But ghosts like to write in script, with long and flourishing strokes. Several ghosts, each with different handwriting, might take control during an automatic writing session. Reading such a document can be difficult to say the least.

Ouija boards have printed letters for ghosts to use. But operating a Ouija board requires at least two people. Three if someone writes what the ghost says as it's being said. A tape recorder can be used to record the message. But ghosts aren't fond of electronic devices.

Tarot cards are my favorite way of communicating with ghosts, even though they are more complicated than any other method. Understanding the meaning of the symbols on each card requires years of training and experience.

Understanding the meanings behind the meanings of the symbols within the symbols requires many more years of training and experience.

Although ghosts do communicate with words, they prefer symbols. A single symbol, when correctly understood, can express more than a thousand words. One Tarot card, when correctly interpreted, can express more that a thousand pages of words.

Whether we believe in them or not, we are connected to the land of ghosts. Each time we're born into this world, we begin a journey toward death. Whether we run or trudge, death is waiting at the end of the road. We all die. The great reality. No escape.

At the moment of death, our energy explodes. We are transformed into ghosts. We become the watchers instead of the watched. We become those who wait, those who whisper. We become dwellers on the threshold, until we reenter the physical world.

Another arrival. Another departure. The trip around the Karmic Wheel continues.


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