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80 Years Ago

Archives 03-29-2000

80 Years Ago


March 25 1920 to March 31, 1920
80 Years Ago In Overton County
(from the files of the Overton County Library)


Jim Ray bought a fine pair of mules last Saturday.

Will Jones and family have the flu.

Mrs. Letha Stewart is visiting her mother at Watertown.

John Henry Cowan is better.

Soldier Murdered
While the 28 Infantry Band was at Cookeville two weeks ago one of the men disappeared.
Monday his body was found about 1 1/2 miles west of Cookeville. His throat was cut and two bullet holes were in his face and his head crushed with a club. Three men were arrested immediately after the body was found, but we have not learned the results. It is reported the soldier was in the habit of associating with boot leggers to buy whiskey, and it is a theory that he was murdered by these parties.

Ellison Burrows and wife are very low with the flu.

Albert Eldridge has moved back to Overton near Crawford's Mill.

The last of the five culverts between the public square and the Chapin place is finished and the grading will be done as soon as the concrete has time to dry.

J. & P. Coats of thread 150 yds. to the spool at 5. Overton Supply Co.

Mrs. Dewy Judd of Rickman visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Clark part of last week.

A New York physician has discovered that kissing is not dangerous in the evening because the sun sterilizes the lips. How about ten p.m.?

Women politicians have already set some high standards in factional wrangling. This looks like elevating politics downward.

A school building, costing $25,000, will be begun in Alpine at once.

There is another great war ranging in our country today. It is economy vs. wastefulness. Wastefulness has large forces and has been gaining success, and if economy doesn't muster strong forces and fight to the finish wastefulness will win.

Health in Rickman is good.

The United States Department of Agriculture advocates hog wallowing as a sanitary type of disease prevention for hogs. The report says it is as natural for hogs to wallow as it is for a small boy to scurry to a swimming hole.



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