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80 Years Ago

Archives 7-21-99


Men's League
Little League
Girls Softball

Pepsi Overtakes Johnson
By Will Sells

The Overton County Men's Softball League regular season concluded last week with rain-outs started Monday, July 12.

The first game was a 20-8 victory for Pepsi over Kelly Williams/DeKalb Health Foods.

Pepsi was led by Shane Qualls, Robbie Burgess, Eric Mitchell, Jason Wyatt, Barry Webb, and Dusty Buchannon with 2 hits each. Barry Webb also hit 2 home runs for Pepsi, while Eric Mitchell, John Reagan, Jason Wyatt, Dusty Buchannon, and Matt Swallows each hit a home run.

KW/DHF was led by Scott Barlow and Steve Boles with 3 hits each. Steve Boles and Mark Meadows each hit a home run.

Ciphertek won the second game by forfeit when TranSouth could not field enough players.

Monday night's third game saw Johnson Paving go 15-0 with a 21-9 victory over Berkline.

Johnson Paving was led by Johnny Painter and Burt Jolley with 4 hits each, while Steve Arms, Mark Neely, and Matt Jolly added 3 hits each. Steve Arms and Johnny Painter hit 2 home runs each.

Berkline was led by Shane Nivens and Bruce Gore with 3 hits each. Randy Gore hit 2 home runs, and Shane Nivens hit a homer.

Tuesday's rain-out first game was won by Berkline over TranSouth 17-12.

Berkline was led by Billy Witt and Wayne Dishman with 3 hits each. Billy Witt, Randy Gore, Jeff Hamilton, and Terry Conner each hit a home run.

TranSouth was led by Jim Barlow, Leon Harris, and T.J. Miller with 3 hits each. Bill Phipps hit a home run for TranSouth.

Tuesday's second game was a 29-11 victory for Pepsi over Huckeby Construction.

Pepsi was led by John Reagan, Barry Webb, and Jason Trent with 4 hits each. Barry Webb had 3 home runs, while John Reagan hit 2 home runs and drove in 13 runs.

Huckeby Construction was led by Roger Huckeby and Chris Story with 2 hits each, while Greg Parsons had a home run.

The third game was a 22-6 victory for Johnson Paving over KW/DHF.

Johnson Paving was led by Jeff Flowers with 4 hits, while Andy Parsons, Steve Arms, and Johnny Painter added 3 hits each. Jeff Flowers, Steve Arms, Johnny Painter, and Mark Neely each hit a home run for Johnson's.

KW/DHF was led by David Moore, Steve Boles, and Mark "The Hammer" Lee with 2 hits each. Mark Thrasher and David Moore each hit a home run.

Wednesday night's first rain-out game saw Huckeby Construction defeat KW/DHF 18-13.

Huckeby Construction was led by Waylon Ledbetter who was 4 for 4, while Roger Huckeby and Chris Story added 3 hits each. Waylon Ledbetter hit 2 home runs, while Tracey Welch and Chris Story each hit a homer.

KW/DHF was led by Mark Thrasher and Mark Meadows with 3 hits each. David Moore and Mark Thrasher each hit a home run.

The second rain-out game of Wednesday night saw Pepsi give Johnson Paving its first defeat of the year with a 19-6 victory. The game put both teams at 16-1 on the season and set up the following night's rain-out between the team's as the deciding game for the season championship.

Pepsi was led by Jeff Arms, Eric Mitchell, and Barry Webb with 4 hits each. Eric Mitchell hit 2 home runs, and Jeff Arms hit a home run.

Johnson Paving was led by Johnny Painter and Kenny Tayes with 3 hits each. Andy Parsons hit a home run for Johnson's.

The third game of Wednesday night's rain-out make-up games was an 8-3 victory for Ciphertek over Berkline.

Ciphertek was led by Mike Sidwell with 3 hits, while Michael Melton, Chris Ledbetter, and Derek McDonald added 2 hits each.

Berkline was led by Shane Nivens, Jeff Hammock, and Eddie Johnson with 2 hits each. Billy Witt hit a home run for Berkline.

Thursday night's rain-out games were somewhat of an oddity in that the same teams that played each other Wednesday night played each other again although the games were originally scheduled a month apart. The games would also decide first, second, third, and fourth place in the league.

The first game saw Huckeby Construction defeat KW/DHF for the second straight night 12-2. Both teams finished with 9 wins and 9 losses. Since Huckeby's won two of the three games in head-to-head competition with KW/DHF, they finished third while KW/DHF finished fourth.

Huckeby's was led by Roger Huckeby and Greg Parsons with 2 hits each. Jimmie Lewis, Chris Story, Waylon Ledbetter, and Greg Parsons each hit a home run for Huckeby Construction.

KW/DHF was held to 5 hits as Eddie Dailey, David Moore, Mark Thrasher, Roger Ledbetter, and Hammer Lee provided the offense with a hit each.

The second game for the first place spot in the league saw Johnson Paving jump out to an early lead only to see Pepsi come from behind to win the league with a 24-17 victory.

Pepsi was led by Jeff Arms with 5 hits, while Barry Webb and John Reagan added 4 hits each. Jason Wyatt and Eric Mitchell hit 2 home runs each, while Jeff Arms, Barry Webb, and James Robbins each hit a home run.

Johnson Paving was led by Steve Arms with 4 hits, while Burt Jolley and Kenny Tayes added 3 hits each. Kenny Tayes hit 3 home runs, Steve Arms hit 2 home runs, and Burt Jolley, Johnny Painter, and Matt Jolley each hit a home run.

The last game of the season saw Ciphertek defeat Berkline 19-15.

Ciphertek was led by Jeremy McDonald with 4 hits, while Brad Carr, Michael Melton, and Jim Thompson added 3 hits each. Jim Thompson, Mike Sidwell, and Jeremy McDonald each hit a home run.

Berkline was led by Stacy Cole with 4 hits, while Billy Witt and Bruce Gore added 3 hits each. Wayne Dishman and Randy Gore each hit a home run for Berkline.

Final Standings W L
Pepsi 17 1
Johnson Paving 16 2
Huckeby Construction 9 9
Kelly Williams/DeKalb Health 9 9
Berkline 7 11
Ciphertek 5 13
TranSouth 0 18

Top 10 Batting Avg. (40 or more at-bats) J
Jeff Arms, Pepsi .846
E ric Mitchell, Pepsi .746
Robbie Burgess, Pepsi .678
David Moore, KW/DHF .672
Steve Arms, Johnson .667
Jason Wyatt, Pepsi .667
Mark Thrasher, KW/DHF .652
Jason Trent, Pepsi .651
Barry Webb, Pepsi .647
John Reagan, Pepsi .647

Home Run Leaders (10 or more)
Eric Mitchell, Pepsi 29
Jeff Arms, Pepsi 20
Johnny Painter, Johnson 15
John Reagan, Pepsi 15
Waylon Ledbetter, Huckeby 14
Steve Arms, Johnson 14
Gerald Clark, Johnson 14
Barry Webb, Pepsi 13
Kenny Tayes, Johnson 11
Chris Story, Huckeby 11
Mark Thrasher, KW/DHF 11
Greg Parsons, Huckeby 10
J ames Robbins, Pepsi 10


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Little League
Plants By Gantt Wins County Series

Plants By Gantt recently won the Overton County Little League 11-12 year-old World Series. Team members are, kneeling, Kyle Matthews, Casey Ferrell, John Fetterolf, John Maynord, Josh Lee, standing from left, Tyson Stover, Rusty Allen, Brian Colson, Johnny Cyrus, Kenny Allen, Josh Nolan, back row, coaches Gerald Maynord and Johnny Cyrus. Team member Bo Massengille is not pictured.

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Girls Softball
Big Dogs State Tourney Runner-Up

Big Dogs team members are,Ashley Rush, Jasmine Dishman, Daniella Smith, Holli Daily, Trista Nelson, Jiranda Dishman, Liz Christensen, Kayla Ferrell, coach Kathy Carr, Betsy Wright, Kassie Hunley, Blair Hill, Chelsea Carr, Amber Stansberry, Savannah Baker, assistant coaches Leslie Christensen and Melinda Dishman.

A local girls softball team, Big Dogs, competed in the 10 and under state tournament held July 16-17 in Cleveland. The team is made up of girls from the Overton County Girls 10-Under Softball League.

After drawing a first round bye, the Big Dogs second round opponent was the Lady Stars, a team from Knoxville. After falling behind 9-1, the Dogs rallied with a six-run third and a six-run fifth, then held off a late Lady Stars rally to win 17-13. With the victory, the Dogs advanced to the winner's bracket final against the Li'l Hustlers, a team from Seymour.

The game was close throughout, but the Hustlers made a few more defensive plays than the Dogs were able to make and the Hustlers came out on top 17-14. The loss put the Dogs in the loser's bracket, setting up a rematch with Knoxville Lady Stars.

The Dogs used their best defensive effort of the tournament combined with a solid hitting performance to oust the Lady Stars by the 12-run rule. The final score was 13-1. This put the Dogs back against the Seymour Li'l Hustlers, having to defeat the Hustlers twice in order to win the tournament.

The Dogs dug themselves an early hole by playing poor defense, but never gave up and rallied for six runs in the bottom of the sixth inning before the game ended on a controversial out-safe call at third base. The Li'l Hustlers got the win 14-10, making them the tournament champions and the Big Dogs the tournament runner-up.

The Big Dogs were organized and coached by Kathy Carr, with Leslie Christensen and Melinda Dishman serving as assistant coaches.


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