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80 Years Ago

Archives 11-3-99


Breeding Sentenced In Bank Robbery Cases
Monroe Man Killed In Truck Wreck
Alderman Meeting Held Monday
Checkpoints Scheduled For This Friday




Breeding Sentenced In Bank Robbery Cases
By Robert Forsman

Jerry W. Breeding, 49, was sentenced to 30 years in prison last week by Criminal Court Judge Leon Burns.

An Overton County jury found Breeding guilty in July of aggravated robbery in connection with the theft of more than $17,000 from the Rickman Union Bank May 3, 1996.

Two white males wearing stocking masks entered the bank shortly before noon on May 3. One man held a gun on the tellers while the other stuffed money into a sack. The men then fled the scene in a car.

One week after the robbery, Breeding passed a $10 bill, which was described as part of the "bait moneyÓ, at a service station in Gainesboro, not far from Breeding's residence.

Breeding was later arrested following his release from a halfway house in Nashville, where he was serving time for a parole violation. Breeding was placed on parole upon his release from prison. Breeding was sentenced to prison in 1980 after being convicted of robbing a Putnam County bank in 1978.

While out on bond for charges connected to the May 3, 1996 bank robbery, Breeding was arrested and charged with bank robbery following the July 20, 1998 robbery of the Union Bank in Rickman. Lonnie Arlis Greenwood was also arrested and charged with bank robbery.

After two men wearing stocking masks robbed the bank at gunpoint, Greg Phillips, the captain of the Overton County Sheriff's Department during the Loftis administration, captured Breeding and Greenwood following a high-speed chase that ended when the getaway car turned onto a dead-end road.

Breeding pled guilty to the July 20, 1998 bank robbery charge in Federal Court on August 3 of this year.

Breeding was scheduled to be sentenced October 29 in federal court for the July 1998 bank robbery. The federal sentence will run concurrently with the 30-year sentence.


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Monroe Man Killed In Truck Wreck
By Dewain E. Peek

A Monroe man died Tuesday, Oct. 26 in a truck wreck in Cumberland County.

According to reports, Glen E. Paul, 45, was driving a 1998 Kenworth tractor-trailer hauling a load of wood chips on Highway 127 South when around 8:40 p.m. the truck left the road and overturned in a curve near the intersection of the road leading to Bear Trace golf course. The truck became engulfed in flames.

The thick smoke and heat from burning diesel fuel reportedly kept those on the scene from being able to free Paul from the truck. According to Michael R. Moser of the Crossville Chronicle, witnesses believed Paul died from smoke inhalation before the fire overtook the truck cab.

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Aldermen Meeting Held Monday
By Dewain E. Peek

The Livingston mayor and Board of Aldermen held the regular monthly meeting Monday, Nov. 1 with all aldermen present.

The Board chose to keep the town's large sanitation truck instead of trading for a newer model.

Mayor Hosea Winningham announced that the city has taken possession of four new police cars.

A resolution on airport zoning was deemed unnecessary because it will be included in the airport plan being drawn up.

Action on an ordinance on junkyards, storage and abandonment of vehicles and overgrown lots was delayed until two separate ordinances can be drawn up.

Mayor Winningham suggested giving the old D.A.R.E. station wagon to the Livingston Airport for airport use. No one objected.

Public hearings were set for discussion of the required 20-year growth plan. The Livingston growth plan will be discussed at 1 p.m. November 16 at Livingston City Hall, with the Overton County plan up for discussion at 1:15 p.m. and the steering committee combined plan discussed at 1:30. The Livingston plan will again be discussed at 5 p.m. at the Overton County Courthouse Annex, with the county plan discussed at 5:15 and the combined plan discussed at 5:30 p.m.

Bids will be opened on a water tank at 1:30 p.m. November 18. The city will auction confiscated vehicles and used city vehicles and equipment at 1 p.m. November 17.

The low bid of Sessions Sealing Co. at $32,372.77 was approved for repairing the runway at Livingston Airport. The state will pay 90 percent of the cost with the town and county splitting the remainder of the cost. The Board approved purchase of land below the city dam.

The Board approved removing speed bumps at 7th and Hi-Tech Drive as requested by a petition. Alderman Bill Winningham passed on the vote.

The Board approved purchasing a new heating and cooling unit for the sewer plant. Police Department recommendations were approved. The first recommendation set the speed limit on Fraiser Street at 15 miles per hour.

The second recommendation allowed the Livingston D.A.R.E. officer to provide classes in Clay County as requested by Clay Sheriff Jerry Rhoten. Grant money is available to compensate the D.A.R.E. officer's salary.

The third recommendation was for door repairs at the Public Safety Building. The Board agreed to have the door replaced with a wooden door if it is allowed in the fire code, if not the door will be replaced at a cost of $2,600 by Cumberland Distributing Inc., the low bidder.

The fourth recommendation was sponsoring Capt. Tim Emerton to attend Leadership Overton at $160 with the remaining $40 to be paid by Emerton.

The meeting adjourned.


Checkpoints Scheduled For This Friday

Checkpoint Tennessee will be held during the weekend of Friday, Nov.r 5 and again on the weekend of December 17. During the blitz, sobriety checkpoints are held simultaneously in each of Tennessee's 95 counties. An earlier Checkpoint Tennessee netted 51 drunk driving arrests.

Safety Commissioner Mike Greene said, "Some people may feel sobriety checkpoints are an inconvenience, but frankly our foremost concern is saving lives."

More than 11,000 vehicles passed through the roadblocks during an October 1 series of roadblocks. A total of 891 citations were issued and 78 people were placed under arrest, 11 of them on felony charges.

THP Col. Jerry W. Scott said, "These roadblocks lasted a maximum of two hours, and as you can see there was a great deal of activity taking place in a short time. When you consider that the average number of DUI arrests made statewide by our officers is about 10 arrests per nighttime shift, then 51 arrests for drunk driving within a two-hour period is just phenomenal."

Checkpoint Tennessee was implemented in 1994 and funded by a federal grant. Since 1994, Tennessee has seen a continuing decline in the percentage of traffic deaths which were alcohol-related.

"The DUI arrests and other drug and alcohol-related charges which took place on October 1 tells us Checkpoint Tennessee is doing what it was meant to do; it's getting impaired drivers off the road," Scott said. "As long as this program continues working, we'll continue holding sobriety checkpoints in Tennessee."



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