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80 Years Ago

Archives 6-16-99

80 Years Ago

June 12, 1919 to June 18, 1919
80 Years Ago In Overton County
(from the files of the Overton County Library)

Must Be Eighteen Parties contemplating marriage will please bear in mind that the age limit was raised from 16 to 18 by the last general assembly, and that no license can be secured for either boy or girl who is under 18, except by written consent of parents or guardians.

Parents wanting to know how to control thier fifteen-year-old is asking for infromation about fifteen years too late.

It only takes a girl about eight weeks after she gets married to find out she has wasted a lot of time reading love stories.

Character is an atmosphere rather than a sum of qualities.

The Chancery Court of Davidson county has declared the Act of legislature, giving women the right to vote in presidential and municipal elections, to be unconstitutional. Birthday Dinner Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Copeland living near Oak Grove gave a birthday dinner at their home last Sunday in honor of their son, Ira Copeland. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Almonrode, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Copeland , Mrs. E.A. Winton; Misses Maude Beasley, Estelle Copeland, Jewel Almonrode, Earl Copeland, Earl Copeland and Jessie Beasley. Everyone enjoyed a lovely dinner.

Men and boys work shoes $1.90 up

Men and boys work shorts 75

Boys overalls 65 up

Mens Pants $150 up

Straw Hats 15 up

Mens Fancy shirts 85 up

13 lb. can Tomatoes 15

Ladies Vests 15

Ladies (black & white) Hose 15

Boys Shirts & Drawers 28 ea.

Boys Union Suits 40 ea.

Perry H. Windle, of Monroe, ir reported to have taken an interest in the Arnold Hardware Co. It is also reported that J.A. Hargrove will resign as manager of the firm. The two new members, Windle and Petit, together with Mr. Arnold will be in charge.

Cato Taylor has resigned his position with Fleming anf Myers and accepted a traveling position with Anderson Dulin, Varnell Co., Knoxville.

Sgt. York is entitled to a goodly share of the credit on winning the war, but not to destroying the entire German army. It would have been safe to have withdrawn the Allied Army and left the battle front to the powers of hero York. Beside the polilitician and the war-hero are ill-matched partners. they have nothing in common. E.D. White

John Epperson died in Algood yesterday. He rose early and went his farm, and at 10 o'clock was found dead.


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