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80 Years Ago

Archives 11-17-99

80 Years Ago

November 13,1919 to November 19, 1919
80 Years Ago In Overton County
(from the files of the Overton County Library)


Burks Drug
Company Popularity Contest

$350 - Given Away In Prizes - $350

First Prize, one Mahagany Cabinet Talking Machine, $185.00. Second Prize, one Mahagany Cabinet Talking Machine, $100.00. Third Prize, Gold Bracelet (Elgin) Watch, $35.00. Fourth Prize, Pyralin Ivory Set, Mirror, Comb, and Brush, $13.00. Fifth Prize, Manicure Set In Leather Case, $10.00. Sixth Prize, Gold Handled Silk Parasel, $7.00.

Total Value Given Away, $350.

Standing of Contestants

Carter Jones 7001
Arta Winningham 3773
Johnnie B. Howard 3519
Jessie Lee Dale 3496
Mai Bennett 3468
Gladys Allen 2060
Nina Farley 2041
Alvie Brown 1785
Eleta White 1740
Alva D. Speck 1731
Uldeen Zachary 1682
Montie Maynord 1573
Lilly Speakman 1511
Edith Huddleston 1066



In 1714 a patent for a typewriter was taken out in England by Henry Mill. His machine was very clumsy, and it was not until more than a century later (1820) that anything further was attempted. Then the first American typewriter, called a "typegrapher" was patented by W.A. Burt.



Honor Roll For Livingston Academy
Richard Poteet, Lurline Carter, Pauline Gilpatrick, Robbie Lee Gunnels, Pearl Webb, Robbie Lee Goolsby, Ira Speck, Marjorie Copeland, Eva Poor, Anna McCormick, Forrest May, Earl Bullock, Ozmond McCormick, Roy Eubank, E.J. Bell, Charlie Spurrier, Ellie Gore, Bessie Renaeu, Nola Smith, Bernice Parks, Kathleen Bussell, Edna Poor, Robert Lea, Halsey Bowmer, Douglas White, Gladys Bowmer, Nola Roberts, Wilma Willis, Agnes Sparkman, Francis Officer, Marie Stonecipher, Lucile Bell, Melba Wheat, Gladys Winningham, Elmo Williams, Abi Gore, Charles Barnes, Nannie Cole, Lucille Jackson, George Smith, Effie Bell, Ethel Reneau, Warder McDonald, Margie Poteet, Clemmie Freeman, Gladys Dalton, Ada Hankins, Pauline Smith, Ardith Winningham, Willie Maynord, Annie West, Minnie Qualls, Kathleen Vaughn, Harian Bilbrey, Noreen Little, Cordell Ledbetter, Olien Bell, Linnie Carr, Wayne Willis, Ruth Lee Mitchell, Grace Bullock, John Meadows, Coy Zachry, Ethel Little, Eva Reagan, Christine Saddler, Dimple McCormack, Maurine Gilpatrick, Odeli Clark, Arley Poston, Helen Qualls, Teola Echols, Jessie Echols, Lucian Copeland.

The conditions: Must make an average grade of ninety or higher, must not be absent more than one day in the month, must make A on Deportment, must not be tardy at class.

First grade students are not included in list.

All named wear the blue buttons for excellency in school work.


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